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Prophecy 8:

Pray you will be spared this, for the tribulation is not for MY Bride. Why would I beat up and abuse MY Loving Bride? Why would I kill MY Spouse, MY Bride that awaits her groom? MY Bride with all her jewels on and finely adorned, and who worships only ME, lives for only ME. I would not.

Prophecy 13:

My Children serve ME, and put ME first in their lives, live Holy for ME, and witness for ME, suffer for MY NAMESAKE. MY Children tithe, give offerings to support the work I have commanded other ministers to do, using Holy tithes and offerings.

For this reason I will spare them on the Day of Judgment. MY Children are not afraid to stand up for Holiness. They will speak out against homosexuality, abortion, pornography, and all manner of sin. Did I not love enough to even warn the Pharisee's? How much more should you? Did I not send Moses to warn the evil Pharaoh? How much more should you? MY Children know I have promised, the same reward this minister receives in Heaven for ministering to the people, bringing souls to ME, praying, teaching, setting captives free in MY NAME. Speaking out against unholiness and speaking forth MY Prophetic Messages. The same treasure is laid up for whoever supports, encourages, and prays for these Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers those that set the captives free for MY Glory. They will also receive the same rewards stored up for them in Heaven.

Prophecy 20:

Yet those that are MINE, not denying ME, standing up for Holiness, no matter how unpopular it may be, or what price you will have to pay, I say unto you, "Believe a Prophet and so shall ye prosper," and now again I say unto you, "Believe this Handmaiden of MINE and that it's MY RUACH ha KODESH that gives her these words to hear that I am speaking and because you have believed this, you shall be spared the horror that is yet to come."

For I tell you this, you know not which midnight hour I come, will it truly be 12:00 am or will it be 1:00 am and there are many hours before dawn cometh, so which hour will I come? Be watching and praying and let ME see you doing the work of your Heavenly Father, living Holy as your GOD is Holy unless I come and find you sleeping on the job. Unless I come and you who don't want ME to come back too soon, you have your own plans and agenda's. Don't worry; I won't be coming back for you.

Prophecy 24 part 1:

What you do now for MY Glory and what you have done for MY Glory alone will cause MY Son to spare you of the horror of MY wrath and Judgment to come.

As Noah was above the waters of MY wrath so believe and you also will be above MY wrath watching from Heaven safe from Tribulation. The ones that insist on testing ME and believing I will not rescue MY Bride before the Tribulation, believing I will not count anyone worthy to escape the hour of temptation, there is hope for you also. Believe I will protect you as I did LOT and Obey ME and you will also see Heaven.

Prophecy 25:

Keep your faith in YAHUSHUA. Let no one rob you of your BLESSED HOPE.

Be ready no matter when you think I may come. Let ME not find you slumbering and sinning, living a life of the Pharisee's. For MY Bride must stay pure and Holy before ME. MY Bride must be a virgin. There are requirements of MY Bride. I speak of virgin meaning not contaminated by man-made doctrines and religions. MY Bride must have no other love before ME.

MY Bride must not be putting her faith in any other god, but her Groom. MY Bride must believe I will protect her and I am coming to elope with MY Bride.

Prophecy 28:

Not all that call themselves MY Bride and that wait for ME will I take home with ME on that day. MY Son YAHUSHUA will only accept a Bride without spot or wrinkle. Are you living in careless ease in sin yet covering it in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA? Are you thinking you don't have to obey MY Commandments and demand for Holiness for it was done away at the cross of YAHUSHUA? If you are, then you are not MY Bride for MY Bride knows that to love ME is to obey ME. MY Bride does not test ME to see how far into Hell she can lean and still make Heaven. MY Bride does not wait to see if I punish to let them know they have sinned. They are convicted by MY RUACH ha KODESH and repent before I have to punish them.

Prophecy 30:

Man's heart will faileth them with fear as they see what is coming upon this world in the year 2000 and beyond. Because those who mock them that warn, you shall taste of what is to come. Beware, for take not MY mercy for granted, trample not MY Son's Blood under your feet, making it unholy, sinning and saying, "Oh well, I am forgiven." For I say unto you there is no forgiveness for doing this. Beware for those that think I am a GOD to be mocked. Beware of those who take MY love and mercy and long suffering for granted. Beware of those who say, "Vengeance is not mine sayeth a God of balance, both love and war." This world shall reap what it has sowed. MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones, and Elect who live Holy as if this is the last days and honor ME on the True Sabbath and keep it Holy, watch for ME, I will return and find MY Bride has oil in her lamp, and awaiting her Bridegroom, her Savior. I shall take her away as MY Bride. But those that have only the lamp and not oil will find they have a form of godliness and no godliness within. They will go away and seek ME and I will not be found.

No one can say they have not been warned this day.

Prophecy 35:

To MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, "I AM" says, "Blessed I call you and will prove I reward those that diligently seek after ME and strive to obey MY laws. Blessed are those who strive to be Holy as "I AM" is Holy. Blessed are those who store up their treasures in Heaven and not on Earth. Who run towards the mark of the high calling. To become MY Bride is the highest calling of all." This is the greatest treasure of all. There are guests and there are Brides. Strive to become MY Bride. I do not call all, MY Bride, only those set apart for MY glory will be called MY Bride.

Prophecy 41:

As a wedding announcement is sent forth, and invitations are sent, I too send forth MY announcement by Gabriel blowing the shofar, and only those who are MY Bride will hear the announcement for MY Bride. It will be too late to think to get ready then, so be prepared for the coming announcement, you'll either do it yourself or through MY apostles and prophets. Heed MY warning! Heed the warning that says I am coming. It is an elopement, only because the Bridegroom knows for sure. Now go forth, be not ashamed and give the invitation. Be not amazed at how many will refuse it. But grieve not, for they did not fit or pass the question or the loyalty test, the love test, the sacrifice test nor the obedience test. Therefore, they are unfit to be called MY Bride. There will be those that will take the invitation and rip them up, they will be those that will take the invitation and put them on the shelf for a long time and never use it. Neither I will call MINE.

MY Bride has anxiously waited for ME and I'm coming to claim MY Bride. I never see race or religion. Doesn't matter what your race or what your religion is, I seek relationship with ME and I look for one thing, which is the color red which is MY shed Blood at Calvary. So I say again MY home in Heaven will shortly be your home. You will be caught up to meet ME in the air to be drawn by MY side while alive. MY feet shall not touch the ground of the wicked world as it is now, so get ready MY Bride to be caught up while you are alive. Let them scoff and mock, I'm standing at the door and I'll knock. All they have to do is to open the door of their heart and repent and invite ME in and I am faithful and I will forgive them of all of their sins.

Did I not tell you MY Children that you could not repent for America? Instead did I not warn you MY Children, again through this Handmaiden I say, "Repent for you own sins. Repent for your own houses, anoint your houses." Do not take this lightly. Even this Handmaiden's husband must repent for he has not done this. When I say anoint your houses, do not say, "But, Lord, you will protect me anyway." Anoint your houses, I don't care if you hear this message at night, if you want the Angel of Death to pass over, if you want the hedge of protection around your houses, your establishments, your businesses then do what I say for YAHUSHUA's is not coming for a disobedient Bride.

Prophecy 62:

Instead, MY True Children, instead MY True Bride build up their Heavenly treasures where moth and rust and thieves cannot corrupt. Thieves cannot steal your treasures in Heaven. So many go in lack, but they do it for MY sake, forsaking luxuries so souls can be saved. These are MY Beloved; these are MY True Treasures on earth. Those that cry out in MY Son's NAME, in the NAME of YAHUSHUA and pray so many times a day they cannot even begin to count, These are MY Children, these are the ones the KING is coming for.

Prophecy 64:

YAHUSHUA is coming back on a SABBATH. Will you be the 5 wise virgins or the 5 foolish ones? I am not coming for a disobedient Bride. There are qualifications to become MY Bride. OH, how I grieve and Oh, how I cry for those who think they are MINE and yet the RUACH ha KODESH the HOLY SPIRIT is not even inside. I look in these churches of Babylon and I see nothing but dried up bones.

Prophecy 65:

MY Children, the churches teach a lie for only the most Holy are called MY Bride! There are requirements to be YAHUSHUA's Bride and one of them is, all though you are in this world you are not to behave like this world. You are to remain Holy and Pure before ME, washed in MY Sons Blood at Calvary. I have anointed you MY Daughter to speak forth from this ministry to help prepare the Bride for that Wedding Day, to help them get their lamps filled with MY Holy Oil and even have more left over to spare. I am using you MY Daughter as the truth is spoken forth. I am using this mighty ministry to separate the chaff from the wheat. Yes the attacks have been great. Oh, but the rewards are so much more. Remember MY Children I said "Go and hide for just a little while, while MY storm passes over." For as I've given you the dreams tornadoes shall come like has never been seen. The earth shall quake and shake as I take both of MY feet and stomp.

Prophecy 69:

For those who dare to mock and say Hell is not real, it is just a thing a figment of your imagination, they shall not only taste of Hell but they shall swim in the Lake of Fire. For those that dare to mock the 2nd coming of YAHUSHUA, I tell you once and I will tell you again, HE'S not coming for the Church. He is not coming for any organized Church. He is coming the next time for HIS Bride and not just anyone is called YAHUSHUA's Bride. Are they loyal, are they truthful, are they faithful? Will they choose to obey HIM? Do they walk Holy before ME? Is MY NAME on their lips daily? Are they crying out in the NAME of YAHUSHUA? Or are they throwing MY Ten Commandments down, trampling them underneath their feet till they crumble to pieces on the ground? Are they telling the people listen not to the ways of old for we do things a new way, we do things our way?

So MY Children as you enter into the year of 2003 those who truly I call MY Beloved Children, Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, you just keep looking up to ME. You just keep beholding MY Words. You just keep on obeying and believing and your faith shall not only make you whole, your faith as you continue to spiritually grow will be pleasing unto ME. Call upon MY NAME when you feel the earth quake and shake. Call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA (some call him JESUS) the only NAME that can save. Put ME in remembrance of Psalm 91 so plaques do not come nigh your dwelling; hide MY Word in your heart, so it is not merely a Book but your body a part. I love you MY Beloved ones. Bride get ready for your Bridegroom doth come. Those that have not felt they can pay the price of a Bride, instead only look upon her and cry. It is true MY Children there is but one Bride. Obedience is better even than Sacrifice.

Prophecy 76:

The Bride of YAHUSHUA will be the first fruits redeemed from this earth before the great day of YAHUVEH's wrath called the Great Tribulation. You who are the Bride of YAHUSHUA are eternally faithful and true to your MESSIAH and Groom. You the Bride of YAHUSHUA will also have the gift to translate anywhere in the world and will have no need of earthly transportation. Need I remind you of how some of MY Disciples of old did not have a glorified body and yet they could do the same? (Acts 8:27-40) The Bride of YAHUSHUA can have different appearances as I, YAHUSHUA did after MY resurrection. MY own Apostles did not recognize their Master.

Verily I say unto you that Enoch was a shadow of the Bride of YAHUSHUA. For Enoch was translated to Heaven, for he had this testimony, he did not die but was translated to Heaven, for he was found pleasing unto YAHUVEH. So also will you, the Bride of YAHUSHUA, be translated, for you will also have this testimony that you please YAHUVEH the Father of all Creation as well as I, YAHUSHUA HIS Son because you obeyed and keep yourself Holy without spot or wrinkle. This is why I told Elisabeth in a dream to memorize Hebrews 11:5. You, the Bride of YAHUSHUA, will bring YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH, also called by some the HOLY SPIRIT, no shame. MY Bride, you do not just obey the 10 commandments, for what challenge is there in that? I will release to you some of the major qualifications of how you will know if you are MY Bride or if you will be the honored Guests at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in this end time message for MY Bride and the honored Guests. This message is not for the heathen except to warn them.

Verily I say unto you, anyone who says they worship and put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their lives and love and yet struggles to obey the Torah/Law which includes the 10 commandments, have a serious spiritual problem and had better realize that this is your soul at stake. Before you accepted ME as your MESSIAH and asked ME to come into your heart and take over your life, you had an excuse but now you have none. REPENT NOW before it is too late. Temptation is not sin but beware, for sin enters first through the mind and then through the actions of your body. MY Bride, you are Holy and living Holy as an example of your MESSIAH. You speak Holy and your mind is constantly on the Love of your life and that is ABBA YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA. MY Bride, you do not intentionally sin, for you do not want to grieve ME nor give satan a reason to accuse you or bring ME shame.

MY Beloved Bride, you consist of both male and female. You are called a virgin, for you have come out of the man-made doctrines and fled the churches of Babylon. MY Bride, you are not afraid to expose evil, even when it is in the churches and expose the compromising pastors of the churches and those who call themselves Rabbi's who are compromising too. This is evil in MY sight. You MY Bride, will not remain silent and the more the heathen and Pharisees as well as the lukewarm Christians and the 6 churches mentioned in Revelation try and muzzle you, the louder you yell. MY Beloved Bride, you who praise, worship, love and adore, desire above all else to put a smile on Abba YAHUVEH's face pleasing HIM as well as your MESSIAH and soon coming Groom. MY Bride, you know obedience to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA is love and you prove your love and loyalty by obeying YAH's commands.

I, YAHUSHUA am coming, make yourself ready, it is not enough to just be washed in MY Blood Shed for you at Calvary, for the Guests are washed in the atoning Blood at Calvary. But MY Bride is spotless, without spot or wrinkle on her robe, sparkling white, not bringing ME any shame. Arise MY Bride, listen for the Shofar Horn, let your light shine before all. Your Bridegroom doth come quickly. And the Spirit and the Bride say, "Come, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, come." Let anyone that hears say come. Let anyone who is thirsty come and let anyone that wishes take the water of life free of charge. And the one who testified to these things says, "Yes, I am coming soon." Amen, Selah.

Prophecy 79:
Do you want to know what sets you apart from being YAHUSHUA's Bride or a Guest? I tell you now; it is how much you desire it, how much you prove it by Holiness, love and obedience. How much are you willing to sacrifice to be YAHUSHUA's Bride, doing things HIS way and not yours. Glorifying HIM in all you do. The Bride knows she is to Keep MY Holy Days. The Bride knows she cannot compromise what she knows to be true; she is bold in speaking forth the truth. That is what sets her apart. Communion is also a reminder of the marriage covenant with YAHUSHUA. YAHUSHUA's Bride uses OUR Holy Sacred NAMES of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. It matters not the spelling for I know your hearts and they are not ashamed.

How much do you desire to be YAHUSHUA's Bride, How much passion do you have for YAHUSHUA? How do you prove that I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are first in your love and your life and in everything you do? That is what sets you apart as YAHUSHUA's Bride. For I tell you this secret: the passion and the depth of your love for YAHUSHUA is evidence for all to see. This is the Mark of YAHUSHUA's Bride. They feel they cannot do enough for ME. Now you know the secrets. You see, MY Darlings, this is nothing you can hide for I know who truly, truly desires to pay the price to be YAHUSHUA'S Bride for I will call no one YAHUSHUA's Bride if they do not have this desire. Each day YAHUSHUA's Bride prays, "Make me more Holy unto YOU." YAHUSHUA's Bride is humble and Holy before ME.

Prophecy 80:

Some reading this will say, "Who is the Bride of YAHUSHUA?" I tell you this; your actions speak louder than your words. The Bride of YAHUSHUA worships, loves and adores I and MY Son YAHUSHUA, loving us above all others, desiring our will in their lives and praying how to serve US and please US, how to put a smile on the face of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. They refuse to compromise; they refuse to believe satan's lies. The Bride of YAHUSHUA strives to obey MY Laws as outlined in the Holy Biblical Scriptures. The Bride of YAHUSHUA lives Holy lives because they are Holy. They embrace the Jewishness of YAHUSHUA as they keep and honor MY Sabbath and count the Holy Feasts as a blessing, and observe them and acknowledge YAHUSHUA MESSIAH their Bridegroom in all of them.

Prophecy 82:

Elisabeth, I show you a vision. Behold MY Bride. She stands there in sparkling white, Holy and undefiled. This is the Bride that I come for; she is in this world but not of this world. There is a difference between her and others who shun her Holiness. Others who are not of MY Spirit, others mock her Holiness, for she refuses to take part of the sins in this world. She is faithful, Holy to ME, she does not compromise with sin, she does not see how far she can lean over Hell before she falls in it. She wants no part of Hell. She wants no part of satan, she wants no part of satan's vices. The peace that she longs for, she only turns to ME, the Prince of Peace.

Now see this vision. It now changes. Now the enemy of your soul beholds MY Holy Bride and says, "I must defile her, she cannot stand there without spot or wrinkle." So he puts a cigarette in her mouth, so she has the stench of smoke. He puts the intoxicating beverages in her hands, so she staggers around like a drunk. Now behold MY Bride, where pornography has been put into her hands, the enemy says, "Don't worry, no one can see this secret, just hide." Now MY Bride, that once was so Holy, has been so defiled. So I turn away, for I cannot come for a Bride like this.

MY Bride does not have the stench of a cigarette. MY Bride does not stagger like a drunk. MY Bride does not read porn behind the doors. That is a false bride and I only accept the genuine. So I give you a choice, for the only fragrance anyone around you should smell is the fragrance of MY anointing oil, the perfume I have given you. Your garments cannot be without Holiness, the garments of MY righteousness clothe you, they cannot have even a spot or a wrinkle. They cannot have any reason for this world to accuse you of sin.

Foolishness, foolishness, foolishness, MY Bride will have no part in this foolishness. I said, "Be ye Holy as I am Holy." MY Bride will be Holy or I will have no part of her. You want to know who the foolish virgins are? You want to know why they didn't have enough oil in their lamps? They didn't have enough Holiness. They knew I was coming, but they did not prepare. It is not enough to just love ME, It is not enough to just serve ME, it is not enough just to preach MY Words. I DEMAND HOLINESS!

Away from ME, do not dare call yourself MY Bride, that doesn't mean you weren't called, it just means I will not accept you if you cannot stand before MY Father as an Esther, Holy and pure and obedient before ME and MY Father YAHUVEH. Can you picture MY Bride standing there before ME in sparkling white, every word that proceeds out of her mouth again is Holy with Praises on her lips for ME, every word full of adoration and love. Now picture that same one standing before ME with curses upon her lips, foul language that comes as though it comes from a sewer. Does not MY Word say, "Out of your heart your mouth does speak?" Do not make excuses why you curse. Every word that proceeds out of your mouth, every word that proceeds out of MY Bride's mouth must be Holy.

I will have a Bride, she is sealed already and the foolish look on making excuses to sin, but I do have a Bride. That is why I have told you and your husband again and again, I demand Holiness. This Ministry stands for Holiness. This Ring Maiden is to expect Holiness. This doesn't mean that I don't love the others but I have but one Bride. As I have told you Elisabeth and you have not been bold enough to speak it but now I shall.

How much you love ME you can gauge on how much of a desire for Holiness that you have, for that is what I look at. MY Bride will not prostitute herself before other Gods, but I and MY Father YAHUVEH will be number ONE. I and MY Father are ONE. Remember this when you want to know, 'YAHUSHUA, am I your Bride?' Answer it for yourself. I have a high standard for Holiness for MY Bride.

Study and read the prophetic messages I have already given you, and if it doesn't line up, throw it out. For you are MY Ring Maiden, and just as the crier cried out, "Prepare ye way the Bridegroom doth come," so too I will tell you, and the true Holy Angels will come. But you need no one to tell you the date. The Holy Angels will just show up and catch the enemy unaware. Now Elisabeth, you no longer have to carry the burden when people write you and say, "Am I the Bride?" Now they can hear this prophetic message coming straight from MY mouth and they themselves can know by what the words have said, 'Am I YAHUSHUA's Bride?' Beware the counterfeit Bride. Behold MY Genuine Bride. This is the Last Call for MY Bride.

Prophecy 86:

Do you know how many still smoke cigarettes? Do you know how many still get drunk behind closed doors? Do you know how many still read porn? Do you know how many have lust in their hearts and yet they say, "I want to be part of the Bride." Away from ME you disobedient so-called Bride! When I tell you to lay everything down, when I tell you to lay your finances down, when I tell you to join together with the others, to depart from the unbelievers, when I tell you that lightness and darkness do not go together. Instead you keep going trying to find a Prophet for your itching ears. Well, you're not going to find it here.

Each and everyone of you embrace ME with a love anew. These are MY Bride. Your desire to live Holy before ME only grows stronger each day. You say, "Speak to me my beloved, I want a glimpse of you" and I say, "I am here and I embrace you and I kiss you and I love you and I hug you and I hold you". These are MY Bride. They are not a disobedient so-called Bride.

I know MY beloved ones this is not even what you were praying on, but the words that were on MY heart [“Does not your entire body have to operate in unison?” i.e. does not the entire body of YAHUSHUA have to operate in unison?]—you can see what happens when there is disobedience from those who are called to be MY Bride. I don't care if you give a billion dollars. If you are disobedient I will say, "Away from ME, this doesn't impress ME." I don't care what sacrifice you lay down, if you are not obedient to YAHUVEH, if you are not obedient to ME, I will say, "Away from ME you are not MY Bride." The time is short, the time is seconds away from MY coming for MY Beloved Bride. No time to play games, no time for pew warmers, no time for the lukewarm. Truly I spew them out of MY mouth.

Prophecy 90:

Other times you are praying for judgment and vengeance of YAHUVEH on the servants of satan, and those fit for YAHUVEH's Winepress of Wrath. There is no distance in prayer. (1 Corinthians chapters 12, 13, 14) Study and show yourself approved. Did not MY SON YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH say, "John baptized you with water, but I baptize you with the Fire of the RUACH ha KODESH?" I AM also called the HOLY SPIRIT and HOLY GHOST. YAHUSHUA uses ME to fill up those that are Holy, to overflowing with MY anointing which is Holy signs, wonders and miracles for those that truly LOVE and put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their lives and love. This includes YAHUSHUA's Bride, who sacrifice all to follow and obey the Holy Mandates laid out in the Holy Manuscripts, and do it out of love for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and do their best to obey and live Holy. MY HOLY SPIRIT resides within their earthly Temple called a Body.

The Bride of YAHUSHUA seek to know the Holy Trinity more each day and obey each word we say, and YAHUSHUA's Glory shines forth from their faces and lives. They hold nothing back and give all to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH for HIS Praise, Honor and Glory. As it is written in Acts 2:37-47 the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will desire to do as in times of old and be one with you, and be a help to this Ministry and not a hindrance. They will do this for one purpose to Glorify YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!

Prophecy 98:

Sheree, you do not speak for ME! This Ministry is not for sale! Neither for fame nor fortune! For Elisabeth made a vow long ago, she would not be as a whore and sell ME out. There is no price on this Ministry other than the price one has to pay to pick up their cross and follow ME! Other than the price of living Holy before ME! Other than the price of being obedient to ME! You want to know who the Bride is? Do you fulfill these qualifications? This Ministry is not for everyone. It is either for the enemy's destruction or it is for the blessings of those whose names are written in the LAMB'S Book of Life. But not everyone will be blessed. There is a price to pay to be this Ringmaiden. There is a price to pay to be called, "The Five Wise". There is a price to pay to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! How many of you are willing to pay that price?!

Prophecy 106:

I told you that in 2009 anything and everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Do not stand amazed Elisabeth for you are going to see those that you call the YDS' shaken, we will see just how firmly they are of ME, we will see how many want to pay the price to be called MY Bride. We will see as you have seen what happens in New Zealand. It is easy, it is so easy when there is no testing, it is so easy to say, thy will be done oh YAHUVEH. When MY will though goes against your will, will you still say, thy will be done oh YAHUVEH?

Prophecy 109:

What kind of marriage would you [husbands and wives] have if you did not know one another were faithful? I do not have to be concerned that your eye would go for a false god because I know you are faithful. So you Thank ME for MY faithfulness. I Thank you for your faithfulness.