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Flesh crucified

Prophecy 13:

Only those that deny the flesh and live and walk in the RUACH ha KODESH will I spare.  

Prophecy 27:

Never think of yourselves more than what you are. You are a beloved vessel of clay, I have poured forth MY grace and mercy and gifts of the RUACH ha KODESH. You are a willing vessel that does not fight against the Potter's hands. You have allowed ME and will continue to allow ME to mold you the way I want you to be and not the way you choose to be. Everything you have you must put upon the altar and allow ME to remove what I do not want you to have, and give back what I do want you to have. Hold nothing back and trust ME, I will give it back and not only what you sacrifice but give back more than what I am offered. Test ME and see if I will not do as I say. MY Apostle, say unto ME if thou will bring him, put all you have on this altar including this ministry, watch what I will do. Be willing for ME to remove anything or anyone in your lives that does not help you, but instead hinders you from being and doing all I command to be done in MY NAME. Do this with everything, even your children. As Abraham, you must believe that I am a good GOD and I will give back all that is meant to be a blessing, and take away anything satan put in front of you to be a stumbling block. Do you dare do this MY Children?

Finances included, do not hold anything back for it is MINE anyway. What is thine is MINE, what is MINE is thine. Give it to ME so I can give it back in a greater way. Tell MY People. Write this, not only for your partners to join you, but also to MY People for the same commandment goes forth in these end-times. Tell them, "LAY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ON MY SACRIFICIAL ALTAR." Say, "DARE TO TRUST YOUR FATHER YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH!" Dare to be willing for ME to prune what should not be in your lives. Dare to trust that I will multiply the blessings I give back. Do this now, before I have to take it without your permission. Do this, be it husband, wife, children, finances, home, car, ministries the list goes on. Do this with anything you value business, partnership, churches. You will know what it is.

Anything that you know I do not approve of, your cigarettes or any other vice you use to bring you peace, when instead, it is just a counterfeit, for I am the Prince of Peace. You need nothing else. Give it to ME, sacrifice to ME and if it is meant to bless you, I will return it. If it is not meant to bless you, I will REMOVE IT! Because you, that call yourselves MINE, I have the right to take away what I have given you, as well as what was given to you by satan or by yourself, anything that hinders your walk with ME. Do you want ME to save you in the coming days ahead? Then OBEY ME and do this. Pray if you don't know the meaning to this. Even lay your marriages on this Altar of Sacrifice. The Godly will stand. In fact, I will bless you in a way you dare not have believed.