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Man’s ways will fall

Prophecy 51:
I shall prove to MY children once again, if you listen to MY voice and walk in MY footsteps, you will outwit the enemies that seek to destroy you and all MY children that are seeking to hear MY every word and who obey ME, or at least strive too and knowing that when they do sin they have YAHUSHUA's blood for the remission of sins. I your Father, YAHUVEH, shall confound them with the evil ones' own technology. I will confound them with their own inventions. For no earthly or scientific reason the traps set for MY children will instead only entrap and boomerang back upon the evil ones that seek the followers of YAHUSHUA's destruction. What I did once before with the evil pharaoh I will do again. By YAHUVEH's hand alone the Goliaths of this world shall forever fall.

The ones I call evil secret keepers, who seek to use the secrets of the occult, demonism, scientific, political knowledge, and man made laws to destroy MY children, and take the freedoms I have given to MY children away. I, YAHUVEH will have a surprise in store for them; it will confound these evil ones that think themselves wise. They seek to harm MY children. I, YAHUVEH, and MY Son YAHUSHUA, vow to protect those that are called forth, and anointed for this hour.

Trust ME and know that the plans I have for you are for good and not for evil. I laugh as I hear the plots of the enemies, saying all Christians and Jews will die. Do not the enemies yet understand though they try hard to exterminate MY people such as the Roman Empire and Hitler did, the more they sacrificed the more were raised up? The blood of the saints who are sacrificed only will bring more saints to the Kingdom of Heaven. Sauls will become Pauls. The enemies are so foolish. Do they not think Heaven itself will rail against these demonic enemies and the skies themselves will pour forth MY wrath upon MY enemies that seek to use a machine that plays God? I am even now confounding the enemies in ways you know not. Beware oh enemies of MINE, for I shall turn your own creations against you and your loved ones. MY children will be spared.

How many times already not only in America, but Israel, I have spared these nations in this last month alone. But yeah not only that, but I say even the world would have destroyed itself, as one nation plays deadly war games against another nation, and for what revenge, greed, power, hungry for more control and power. I, YAHUVEH alone promotes and disposes. When MY people cry in MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME and cry out for mercy for the nation they live in, as well as those that don't live in it. How can I deafen MY ears, even if I wanted too. You are reading this now because I have extended time for one reason, for the sake of the intercessory prayers that have gone forth covering this world in MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME. Your ark of safety thus far is the fervent prayers of the righteous.

I am YAHUVEH and there is no other like ME. The standard I raise against the evil ones that use their weapons to manipulate the brains of MY children will find that not only will their weapons malfunction, but instead I shall turn every invention, every machine, every weapon, every disease, all biological weapons and all germ warfare against themselves. Even their own loved ones will be ashamed of them and the evil ones own bodies will refuse to live out their years. This is MY revenge against those that seek the destruction of YAHUVEH's believers and followers of YAHUSHUA. I love you. Yes, even those that hate YAHUVEH. I alone created you and it will be YAHUVEH's hand alone sent from Heaven that will destroy both your body and your soul, sending it into the Lake of Fire if you don't repent in prayer, asking forgiveness in YAHUSHUA's NAME.

Beware enemies of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA; your very weapons of mass destructions will come back upon yourselves. You will send it out one way and the angels in heaven will turn it another way. I shall protect MY children as a mother lion protects her cubs. Beware enemies of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, for you see, I hear MY children cry out in fear and wonderment, for I have taught them to be peacemakers and not warmongers and this causes them astonishment at the level of wickedness of man's inhumanity to men, women, boys and girls. I hear MY children's cries of fear, for they realize in the natural realm they cannot protect themselves, now you see why I call them MY sheep and lambs. What lamb or sheep can protect themselves? Does a lamb or a sheep have sharp claws, or sharp teeth, like I have given to other animals? No! A sheep only depends on the Good Shepherd to lead them to green pastures and clear water. MY true sheep and lambs have no shortage of manna, or Living Water. MY True Sheep trust I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA as the Good Shepherd. MY NAME is YAHUVEH. MY Sheep will come only to the voice of "I AM," and MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, and will only hear our still small voice by the RUACH ha KODESH. (Holy Spirit)

Prophecy 52:
I, YAHUVEH am even able to change your DNA. Did you know that? Yes, if I so choose. I, YAHUVEH can even change the color of your skin and your eyes. Marvel not. I YAHUVEH am the Creator, remember? I, YAHUVEH am able to make you invisible, if I, YAHUVEH so choose. You have no idea what standard I shall raise up against the evil ones. The very bondages, diseases, and plagues that the evil ones, who are called satan's children, seek to loose upon you, shall confound them. Multitudes of MY children will not be harmed. Instead, the evil one's own families shall come down with the diseases and the plagues, and they will have no answer as to the reason why. All they will have to admit is that I, YAHUVEH did it.

What I, YAHUVEH did for Israel in the time of Moses; I shall do it again. What I did for Lot; I, YAHUVEH shall do it again. What I did for Joseph and Mary; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. What I did for Noah; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. What I did for the three Hebrew children; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. What I did for Elijah of old; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. What I did for Enoch; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. What I did for Elisha; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. The gallows that Haman build; I, YAHUVEH will hang them on it. I have an Esther and just as in the times of old, I, YAHUVEH will deliver MY people again. I have a King David and shall use music and praises to defeat the enemies as Psalms are once again lifted up to ME in faith that I, YAHUVEH will deliver again.

Show ME in your Scriptures where I did not deliver MY people that followed MY commands and loved and put I, YAHUVEH first in their lives? I, YAHUVEH will deliver MY children from the snare of the fowler. All you have to do is pray and have faith and believe that I am greater than all these fearful things that try to come upon MY children! I, YAHUVEH will answer your prayers when you call to ME in the sacred NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Come boldly before MY throne, and give ME your petitions. I, YAHUVEH am not angry with MY beloved children. At times you go astray, disobey, and the wolf is ready to devour you, all because you do not obey. So like sheep, I am forced to break your leg, but then I lovingly carry you in MY arms until you mend and are able to walk again. Where does a Good Shepherd ever leave his sheep unattended? Where does a Good Shepherd beat the sheep and lambs? Never! But I do promise I will make the ones that seek to devour you regret the day they were born.

Prophecy 65:
Get ready, get ready, get ready, get prepared MY Children for the evil times are coming upon you. I am not sending forth this nation to go into war. If they want a war, they shall get a war but it will be MY weapons the weapons of Heaven the arsenal of the weather, the arsenal of the elements. I shall shake the nations up, those that dare to defy ME and boast in their own strength will see that their strength has come to naught, is void and is powerless. The leaders of this nation wrestle not against man. The leaders of the United Nations wrestle not against man; instead they wrestle against I YAHUVEH the Great GOD 'I AM'.

They say, "I will do it my way and not YAHUVEH's way." Those that hold the power in this world with their inventions think they can control the weather and the elements but I am about to confound them as I turn their own weapons against them, their own machines, their own inventions, their own poisons that they seek to give others they shall drink of themselves, not even their loved ones will be protected although they said that they will do it.

Prophecy 68:
It is I, YAHUVEH, I will have the last laugh. You have aroused MY ire, you have aroused MY wrath. You say, "I will play GOD" with the knowledge I have given you. You create man in man's own image, when MY Word says you were created in MY image. You play your games with the weather. Now I shall show you the creator of that weather. Your own clones shall turn against you. Your own inventions shall turn against you. Any weapon that you try and use against MY Children shall boomerang back upon you. For I am judging Sodom and Gomorrah again, I am looking over the face of this world. I know which ones MY angels have sealed and these things shall not befall them.

Prophecy 71:
I, YAHUVEH have a warning to all the political and spiritual leaders who refuse to speak out against and vote against what you know MY Holy Scriptures condemn as abominations and sin. You have compromised with satan. You betrayed I, YAHUVEH before the foundation of the earth and you betray I, YAHUVEH now. Take your comfort now in your wealth and possessions for truly that is the only comfort you will have for all eternity. Your next bed shall be in Hell and then the Lake of Fire where worms shall be your sheets and maggots your blankets.

Know this all of human creation, know that I, YAHUVEH and My Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, at OUR Thrones ALL shall bow and kneel. All souls were created and tested at the same time. Only the souls that were loyal and fought against Lucifer before the foundation of the world now carry the redemption seal. This is the truth I am using MY Daughter and Handmaiden to reveal, what satan has tried to hide and conceal. All those with spiritual ears to hear and spiritual eyes to see will hear I, YAHUVEH's voice for you are MY Sheep. You will no longer be blinded to the truth. All souls as once were rebels will be again and remain spiritually deaf and blind and continue to follow satan's path by swallowing satan's lies.

Prophecy 72:
Foolish man to think you can use mathematics to calculate the date that I, YAHUVEH will use a planet in MY wrath to cause mass destruction to MY enemies. A word of prophetic warning to the rich and powerful who think they will be safe in the underground cities full of your treasures stored up, delicacies of food, etc. The underground cities you built and are still building will be your watery tombs and you shall die with your treasures of earth and I, YAHUVEH, have delayed that judgment for the prayers of the true believers in YAHUSHUA's NAME, those obedient, walking Holy before ME will be spared and I have had mercy thus far for the sake of MY Children that call out for more time to reach more souls for the Kingdom of Heaven.  

Judgment is delayed but not stopped and it is I, YAHUVEH, alone that will calculate the date when MY wrath hits the earth. I, YAHUVEH, have delayed the judgment to confound and shame those that built the underground cities thinking only of themselves, proving that I, YAHUVEH, alone is Judge over who will live and who will die and who will enter Heaven and who will go to Hell. Remember I, YAHUVEH, send forth MY Apostles and Prophets to warn before I send MY wrath. It is your choice whether you listen and obey but know this, all shall reap what they have sown good seed and bad seed alike."  

Prophecy 73:
How do they know where I store up the winds? Oh, they have there man-made machine they say can control the weather, but I am I and I alone will show what I do to this machine. I will break the very strings of their HAARP! I will confound those that think themselves wise. For am I not the author of all wisdom and you have created nothing, it is I that am the inventor. I alone am the Creator and I will show you what I do to the weapons of mass destruction, for you shall see destruction from Heaven just as surely as Sodom and Gomorrah and the seven cities did.  

Prophecy 74:
You who invent these diseases and plagues they shall come upon you and your own households. You will not be able to figure out why. But the RUACH ha KODESH and the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA is your anti-bodies that MY Children shall use and the plagues shall not come nigh their dwellings, all those that are found pleasing unto ME. This is MY promise to MY Beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect. So hide yourself MY Children for a little while, for again I say, "I, YAHUVEH have decreed war from Heaven on MY enemies, on those who mock ME, on those who rewrite MY Laws, for those who try and lead MY Sheep to slaughter." I, YAHVEH have decreed war from Heaven but you know not which time destruction shall fall. So many dead and no time to bury your politicians will wail. They shake their fist at ME, now I shake MY fist at them. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hand of the Almighty Living YAHUVEH for I am the beginning and I know no end. But you on the other hand oh enemies of MINE, you are just frail women and men.  

Prophecy 84:
For those with spiritual ears, you'll hear, for those of you who are Guests, don't guess, for those of you with spiritual eyes to see, it's you that I have blessed. It's you who will be protected; it's you who hear MY Words. It's you I call MY Holy ones. It's you who take this word and as this Ring Maiden has spoken it forth will ring it around this earth. For I'm about to show you who I, YAHUVEH is, I'm about to show you. Do you know how fragile your earth is? Do you know it's an illusion you're even standing still? Picture a top spinning so fast and all you have to do is just touch it, that's all I do is just touch it and it gets out of rotation ever so slightly, for I barely, barely can touch it or all of you would go flying off.

And look at your weather. Oh, I know you in the countries that have the weather machine. Oh, I know where you are. I laugh at your weather machine for I will show you who created the weather. I will show you who created the hail. I will show you who creates the earthquakes and the storms and tsunamis. I will show you the Creator of the tornadoes and the whirlwinds. I will put your machine to shame. What are you going to do, inhabitants of the earth when I kick the footstool, for I have barely touched it. What are you going to do when I kick it? I stomped one foot. What are you going to do when I, YAHUVEH stomp both feet?

You who think you're so rich and mighty and powerful, you who have your illusion of wealth, you who trample the poor under your foot. What will you do when I rip that wealth from your hands, when you are the poor and the poor is the one that I lift up. When you are the one that goes hungry and thirsty and without a home and all your valuable possessions are gone, when you are the ones who built your homes underground and I will flood it and all your treasures will be destroyed. You who built the underground cities and think that you're so safe. What are you going to do when I, YAHUVEH put an end to your illusion and bury you in them like graves.

Prophecy 85:
So you see MY Children, there was another reason I sent you to Europe and that is to prove, when I open up the Red Sea, the others also will pass through. Oh America, you put your security in something called the Homeland? I will show you Homeland Security, you are only fit for one thing and that is I, YAHUVEH's destruction. I, YAHUVEH speak this now. You try and hinder MY Children, you try and delay MY Children, nay I say. You were going to make them miss that plane. You wanted to rob from MY Children, you wanted to arrest MY Children and yet not even a parking ticket did you have against them and you could not go past the Blood shed for them at Calvary. You could not go past I, YAHUVEH because they put their security in YAHUSHUA and in ME. They obeyed ME and they fled before the days of destruction come.

Prophecy 88:
I'm just toying with you (enemy) to show you it is I, YAHUVEH that knows all things, so that I only give you enough rope to hang yourself. For you shall die on Haman's gallows. I've increased the covering, she has no ordinary husband. Oh, they cry out, they want to be 'ordinary' but there is nothing ordinary about these two because there is nothing ordinary about this ministry, there is nothing ordinary about the ones that I have ordained to protect and defend. So run, run, run! Some of you shall live and some of you shall die this night, but the message will be taken back, as your own tongue is heard across the airwaves. And I will give other Prophets the interpretation of this tongue, much to your horror.

Prophecy 91:
I am YAHUVEH and I will not be mocked. MY SON YAHUSHUA will not be mocked and MY sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet HOLY SPIRIT, like a MIGHTY WIND is going to chase the chaff out!!! And they're only fit to be burned! Didn't I warn you? Americans and MY Beloved Treasures, the few that I have that sparkle as an expensive gem… I look from MY Throne in Heaven and I see the feces of inhumanity for that's what satan's children look like to ME, piles of feces. The stench reaches to Heaven. Hollywood is nothing more than satan's playground and truly hell holds the 'Who's Who of Hollywood.' But you see I have these little sparkling gems all over the world that reminds ME, even in MY rage and fury, I can see them sparkling, hemmed in by the feces all around. But you sparkle because MY precious, precious, precious Beloved SPIRIT is within and you sparkle.  

Prophecy 94:
Beware of the thoughts that will come as you study these Scriptures that I've commanded Elisabeth this day to read and meditate on. When you hear a voice say, "YAHUVEH wouldn't do that," just know this, oh yes I will. Do not underestimate MY power. Do not underestimate MY anger for it's been building up as a raging inferno. It has caused hell to get so much hotter. They talk about global warming, the very flames of hell warm this earth. Combined with that which is buried and hidden in the coldest part of the earth. Combine all this with manmade pollution, chemicals in the air, for it is more than one.

The rich think only they're going to survive. They believe the lies that satan tells. But MY Word says, "The meek shall inherit this earth," the humble, not the proud and the haughty and the rich. You are rich through your faith in ME. You are rich through treasures that others can't see. I gave you a protection that no money can buy. I am the wings that under you hide. I am the one that encourages you. MY shed blood at Calvary is the only thing that saves you through MY Name, through MY Blood, you have the witnesss, you have the testimony. Even for those who on this earth their life is snuffed out, it's only a shell they're talking about. They cannot kill that which is meant to be eternal. To be absent from the body is to be present by MY side, for those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life.  

Prophecy 101:
In times of old the children of Israel sinned greatly against ME. They took their gold and silver that I gave them as a blessing and made a golden calf to worship and bow down too, it is no different now. This world takes the gold and silver and bows down to the wealthy and worships them, but I am showing you as I shake this world as if you were cooking popcorn on a stove and those who are so puffed up in pride the very wealthy who have said they are god, they need no other god, they scorn MY Holy Words, they scorn MY Holy Commandments, they defile all that is holy, and as overcooked popcorn you shall smell the stench as you see them scorched and burn.

Propehcy 107:
There are many ways to kill the children now, even poisoning their food, poisoning their toys. Be not deceived, the son's of satan call this population control. It's all part of their plan as even the air you breath is poisoned full of death and destruction and disease. But ask the new world order, those in their secret society and if they were to tell you their secrets they would tell you it's all about population control. Only the rich shall survive. The richest of the rich, but I am confounding the enemy. Those covered in MY Son's shed Blood at Calvary, those who call out to YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. That blood is their immunity. Keep praying, keep asking, keep reminding ME to take MY vengeance on those who spread the poison in the sky and MY vengeance shall come on those who created these formulas of death, disease and destruction (and) the politicians who allow it.

Prophecy 108:
For the Words I will speak will be of FIRE. Just know that you do sparkle before ME, all of those who walk in MY holiness and MY truth, who truly know what Purim represents, what it is about. Just know this, you sparkle before ME, you wear the finest garments for there can be no finer garment than the Robe of Righteousness that MY Son YAHUSHUA puts around you. Just know this, as the enemies plot the destruction of the holy, so I also know how I will destroy the unholy.