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America (911)

Prophecy 58:
Just like now you have not heard of MY Glory for I protected so many that would have died from the act of terrorism but only the horror you hear, the miracles you are yet to hear. You will even hear how those who serve and put YAHUSHUA first loving HIM and I, YAHUVEH saw and heard angels that protected MY Children who called upon MY NAME and that of YAHUSHUA. If you could have seen the myriads of angels that were dispatched from Heaven that are MY Children's inheritance, to guard and protect, you would have been amazed and still be praising ME.

Prophecy 59:
How dare New York, after I poured forth MY mercy and MY love. I spared untold uncounted souls from Sept. 11, 2001 from many days hence as they unburied those that they thought were dead. As I had MY angels chase them out before the buildings collapsed and now they dare to defy what is Holy, they dare to profane the name 'marriage,' that which I have given as a symbol for the Bride and the Bridegroom. It is not man- man. It is not Adam and Steve, it is Adam and Eve. MY anger and MY rage will burn New York if they continue on. I have warned them and I have warned them that Sept. 11 was only a sample. How dare them and every state including Canada and the Providences that follow who dare to do the same. I remind you what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Their fate shall be the same.

Prophecy 61:
Elisabeth, I give you this responsibility to speak forth these words now. That this ministry is going to speak forth this warning now. Even as Elisabeth slept, I spoke to her to tell her what to say, even as her flesh now desires still to sleep. Even as her eyes are still closed, I speak forth these words. It is September 11th, 2002 and as I look over mankind to see what they have done with their allotted time, the extra time that I have given earth, what is it that I see? What is it that MY eyes behold? For I answer the prayers of the righteous ones who call out in MY NAME, in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, MY Son. They call out to ME and say, "Give us more time to reach the lost souls" and so I have done this.

This is what MY eyes behold. Man lying with man, woman lying with woman, babies murdered in the wombs, man bent on being more evil each day. It is no different than in the time of Noah when I destroyed the earth. But I spared the righteous ones, the obedient ones, Noah and his family. So again I say and I warn, "I will only spare the righteous ones." September 11, 2001, is spoken of all over this world, but only of the tragedy, only of the destruction. How few give ME the Glory, for I saved lives that did not even merit saving. But instead of remembering this day to bring ME Glory for the miracles that I have done, instead I hear MY NAME slandered of, "How could God have done this?"

So instead on this September 11th, of accusing your Creator or listening to those that accuse your Creator, hang your heads in shame, for the created one that I formed from dust, just a lump of direct in a hand, and I breathed into it and created man, has no right nor place to judge the Almighty GOD YAHUVEH, the Creator. Judgment's going to rain down again. Judgment has already begun. First it began at the House of the Lord, those that are called by YAHUSHUA's NAME, and if I do not spare MY own house, how much more will I judge the heathen for the stench of their sins.