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YAH grieves for your land

Prophecy 49:
Remember the Roman Empire and what it did. Words to the wise in YAHUVEH, pray now, for the times to come, come upon you so quickly for now is the time to get right with ME, I speak this to the whole world, for America, you can set the example, as Israel can, if only MY two children would listen then this world would not have to drink of the cup of MY wrath. Ah, but it has been foretold and already predestined, yet don't rush MY timing. There is yet time if only all who claim they know 'I AM' will not remain silent any longer. This World War can be delayed longer; there will be no other, after this will be a war against Heaven itself. Pray that you will be on Heavens side and not the side of the anti-messiah.

Prophecy 50:
OH NO! NO! NO! NO! .... (Deep weeping)

OH, I AM HEARTBROKEN, I AM HEARTBROKEN, I AM HEARTBROKEN. Think that your ELOHIM YAHUVEH cannot be heartbroken? OH, I AM HEARTBROKEN. OH, I weep, I give man a choice, I give them free will and what do they do? I give them knowledge. Do you not know why I told you not to eat of the fruit of good and evil? It's because I knew that man would choose to eat of the fruit of good and evil. It's because I knew that man would choose to eat of the fruit of the bad knowledge. I give them knowledge and what do they do? They make weapons of warfare to annihilate the human race. Each one wants to be greater than the other. Each one is not satisfied with what I have given them and so they want to be just like Cain who slew Abel and kill their own brother.

Look around you, Oh Yisrael, you see not a friend. Look around Yisrael, what you depended on once you will never depend on again. Now will you listen as I speak through this Handmaiden this day? Now will you cry out in the NAME of YAHUVEH and accept the gift of YAHUSHUA that I give you and the NAME that I've given you so you will be saved. You should welcome the Messianic Christians, the ones that are called by MY NAME, for this is your protection, Oh Yisrael. Quit casting them away. They cry out to ME, to the ELOHIM YAHUVEH. They cry out to ME in the NAME of YAHUSHUA. Stop casting them away, listen to MY Prophets, listen to MY Apostles, and listen to those that I send for they come with MY heart, MY heart of love for you, Oh Yisrael.

Prophecy 58:
But I speak to Israel for although you say you are Jewish so many of you are not for you have denied the laws of Abraham. You have sold yourself and your land to the highest bidder and those that I never wanted to own that land, now own it and what I gave to your forefathers, you have no right to give away. You even give away your water. Knowing not where the new water will come from. Wake up MY Jewish People. Those who call upon HaShem Adonai, wake up. Do you really want to return to 'I AM' or do you want to suffer the fate of Ninevah and Sodom and Gomorrah? You are no better Israel; you are a whore in MY eyes.

You also kill the innocent babes and change MY Laws, just because America and others around the world do it. Israel, 'I AM' ashamed of you. Yes, you too Jerusalem! 'I AM' ashamed of the land that is to stand for Holiness and yet you put Pharisee's into office that don't even have a form of godliness and certainly no godliness within. You listen to evil rabbi's that don't even know ME. They know the laws and don't even obey them. You lift them up to be Holy and yet no Holiness is within them. Not all MY Rabbi's but you know which ones have MY RUACH ha KODESH and which ones do not.

Israel, you are watching and waiting in anticipation for you know your judgment is not afar off. I have told you again and again to return to the Creator of your Forefathers. But do you listen? Do you return back to Holiness? Do you Praise ME for all I have done? Not all of Israel is the apple of MY eye. Only those that seek 'I AM' and who follow after Holiness and dare to speak out against all that is unholy is the apple of MY eye. Only those that accept the gift I gave to Israel and through them I blessed the world when I gave MY Son YAHUSHUA, but when you deny HIM you deny, I, YAHUVEH.

Prophecy 63:
Oh Israel, Oh how I weep, yes, I YAHUVEH, Creator of all, Creator of even time itself. I weep, for I have poured out MY love, poured out MY mercy, given MY very best, MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA. I, YAHUVEH, gave YAHUSHUA who even poured out HIS Blood to redeem the sins of Adam and Eve. Oh Israel, the Blood of YAHUSHUA still saturates your soil. Why do you think satan hates you? Why do you think he hates you more than any people or any nation? Because I, YAHUVEH, came to you in the flesh through MY Son YAHUSHUA, MY Beloved Son.

And Israel, on this High Holy day, I, YAHUVEH, speak through this Jewish Handmaiden, Oh Israel, you who stoned, tortured, murdered the Apostles and Prophets, you who killed MY Children I sent to witness to you. Oh Israel, even the blood of the martyrs soak[s] your soil. Only I know, Oh Israel, how much of your own blood must flow before you accept the only Messiah that can save you. YAHUSHUA still weeps for you as HE did in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Prophecy 80:
Bride of YAHUSHUA, this year of 2006 you are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem in a way you have not done before. Realize as you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, you are praying for the Prince of Peace who is MY Son YAHUSHUA to hasten HIS return and rule this earth as King of Kings, removing all that is unholy from this earth for a set and appointed time. Bride of YAHUSHUA, realize as I, YAHUVEH command you to do this, realize that YAHUSHUA cannot return and rule and reign until Yisrael suffers greatly. Much lamentation, weeping, travailing, and blood will pour forth and only I, YAHUVEH, foreknew what it would take to get Yisrael to again walk in obedience to MY Torah Laws I gave them through Moses, and to love I, YAHUVEH where they no longer are afraid to speak forth MY Sacred NAME where there is anointed Power.

Prophecy 81:
Oh Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, that which is an apple in MY eye, that has a worm in it, I rebuke you! I, YAHUVEH the one that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob worships and they obeyed I, YAHUVEH rebuke you. You say why are we forced to give up the land our forefathers gave us? I ask you this question: Are you walking in Torah? Are you living in Torah? As your forefathers did?

Prophecy 87:
Hear Oh, Beloved Israel, Jerusalem and the rest of the World, can't you hear your Creator weep and travail at how far you have gone astray from MY Holiness? You cannot say you do not know right from wrong for Oh, Israel and Jerusalem, did I not write MY Torah on your hearts and did I not command you to teach the Torah laws to your children? Are you not the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Did you not learn anything from your King David and from Joshua? So what is your excuse?

Oh, Israel, how MY heart is grieved 'I AM' YAHUVEH, 'I AM' the ELOHIM of Israel although you have been as a defiant rebellious wife. You do opposite of what I have commanded your ancestors Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and Joshua who put MY will first to obey the commandments given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Your King David had victory in battles, so did Joshua for they knew it was not by their might, not by the number and strength of their warriors or weapons. The victory came because they put I, YAHUVEH's will first. They came to ME with repented hearts, fasting, anointed prayers, worship and praise. They knew the enemies were delivered into MY hands. They knew they were used to fight in the battles but it was I, YAHUVEH that won the wars for MY Praise, Honor and Glory alone!  

I, YAHUVEH bless those who are a blessing unto I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. I cannot bless the rebellious. I must chastise those that I love or I cannot say that I love you. I grieve for what I must do for only a remnant of Israel shall be saved. Oh Israel, you punish your enemies far more than I intended, for you forget that Abraham is before MY face reminding ME your enemies are also the seed of Abraham through Ishmael. You deny MY Son YAHUSHUA's Holy Saving Blood that drenches Jerusalem's soil, as they do.

Hear Oh, Israel, Jerusalem and the rest of the World, I, YAHUVEH did this for more than one reason. YAHUSHUA symbolizes your miracle birth as a nation as YAHUSHUA is set apart for MY Glory. Israel you also are meant to be set apart to bring I, YAHUVEH Glory especially in these end times. I poured Living Water through your Wailing Wall symbolized by YAHUSHUA's tears when HE was in the Garden of Gethsemane. HE wept for Jerusalem and Israel as I, YAHUVEH now do.

Oh Israel, Oh Jerusalem, I weep and I wail over you. You have a form of godliness but where is the godliness within? You want the world to have mercy on you, but where is your mercy Oh, Israel? You have a right to defend yourself but you have crossed the line when you pick up the weapons of biological and chemical warfare. I am nowhere in these battles, you do not call on I, YAHUVEH for help, you try to do it by your own hand using the weapons of another land. When you use biological and chemical warfare you punish your enemies far more than I have ever allowed. Beware for you shall reap the whirlwind of I, YAHUVEH's wrath as what you send comes back in your face. The nations that give you these weapons shall reap the same fate.

Oh Israel, Oh Jerusalem, your people weep and wail, they run in confusion, I weep over all. It will only be when I, YAHUSHUA comes there will be peace between the Brothers, the peace on Abraham's seed. Until that time as it has always been you both will continue to try to wipe each other off the face of the earth. When the false peace comes the anger and the hatred will still be there. There is no peace until the PRINCE OF PEACE COMES (Isa 9:6) and it is I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!