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Stop giving land away

Prophecy 31:
I have a message to MY Beloved wayward daughter Israel. Beloved Israel you are not to give what I have not given you to give. You have given far too much away I promised you a land of milk and honey. I the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob promised to bless your land with beauty and prosperity, have I not done so? Yet the leaders of this land are as weak women cowering in a corner at the hands of an abusive mate. Israel believes the lies of a bully. Israel prays to the GOD 'I AM' and asks for deliverance yet shows with their actions they do not believe 'I AM' can and will protect a land where one day very soon MY Son YAHUSHUA, shall put HIS feet upon Mount of Olives. Israel refuses to believe the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has already proven MY love for them by sending them their MESSIAH their DELIVERER, YAHUSHUA is HIS NAME!

MY Beloved Jewish People, I sent MY Son as one of your own, he is not a Savior only to the Gentiles but to you beloved also. MY desire is both Jew and Gentile become as one in YAHUSHUA. Why do you wait for another Savior? When I have given you MY best. Satan seeks to deceive you with his best. I send MY Prophets and I am sending them again to tell you oh beautiful and wayward daughter of MINE, listen to your own scriptures. Look with new eyes of discernment to your own Feasts and celebrations. Do not just love half of ME love all of ME. You who say you belong to the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and I have a remnant that do, just like in other parts of the world, but you must accept all of ME.

For YAHUSHUA is MY Beloved Son that was slain as a perfect unblemished sacrificial lamb for all who will accept the Saving Blood shed at Calvary for the remission of sins. HIS Blood drenched the soil on Calvary but as it poured forth unto the ground it also covered Jerusalem with mercy. 'Father forgive them they know not what they do is for you also.' I have had more patience with you beloved wayward child that seeks to please ME and yet turns away MY Gift at Calvary. The only way to Heaven is through YAHUSHUA; there is no other name that can save but HIS.

I sought to make you jealous and gave this understanding to the Gentiles, those not even looking for a MESSIAH. Now I come back to you through this Prophet and others I am sending and say cast not YAHUSHUA away. HE is not a MESSIAH only to the Gentiles but he was first sent to the Jewish people whom I love with a love that you cannot begin to comprehend. Was not YAHUSHUA, born from the loins of a Jewish Handmaiden? You Israel must not fear the giants in the land. Why do you forget that I have promised to protect those that are set apart and redeemed? You Israel must not give away any more land that I have not given you to give away. I gave this to you through your forefathers. This land cannot be taken but you can and have been bullied into thinking the giants will possess the land and they cannot take what you do not give them. MY People cry out for a Passover from evil Pharaoh once again. MY People, 'I AM' is instructing the RUACH ha KODESH to have those who believe 'I AM' is a GOD that does not change and remains the same and will protect all that say what is MINE is thine, what is thine is MINE. Just don't bow to another god, Israel. Israel, don't bow to the heathen men who are not a god but merely dust to be trodden under your feet.

Don't listen to the soothing words of the enemies saying just give us a little more land, then we will go away and leave you in peace. I have instructed MY Children in the Holy Scriptures to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. Today, through this Prophet, I speak these words again. Do not trust the ones coming like giants intimidating a little child. You are not a little child, Israel. I have poured forth MY anointing on your land. Use it for 'I AM's' Glory. Your tear stained Temple Wall is ever before ME. Your cries echo in MY ears. Oh, I long to put MY arms around you and comfort you and I shall. But turn not away any longer from MY Gift I gave you at Calvary, HIS NAME is YAHUSHUA. HE alone is your Salvation.

Prophecy 32:
'I AM"' is MY NAME and I share MY Glory with no one or nothing. You have loved ME, yet not MY Son YAHUSHUA, who was born on earth on your soil from the loins of your own flesh. Yet you still despise the only Savior you will ever know. Yet this is changing and MY RUACH ha KODESH is sweeping over Israel and the enemy cannot stop it. Oh ISRAEL, do not give up what I have told you not to surrender. Oh Israel, do not give in to the intimidation of war or rumors of war or destruction. Believe that 'I AM' will save and deliver you from the hands of the enemy and from the hands of strange children. Believe I will deliver you and all MY Children in all nations from the hands of strange fire. Do not be deceived. Chase the sorcerers out of your churches and temples. Chase the golden idol worshippers away from MY Children. Leaders REPENT today for not taking a stand against unholiness.

Prophecy 37:
The land Israel has been dividing are like MY garments, gambled and sold to the highest bidder. But I, YAHUSHUA, will give back to Israel what has been stolen and her enemies shall flee in seven different directions! Oh woe to you who lift your hand to the apple of MY eye although in this nation the Name of YAHUSHUA is now despised, I shall turn them back to their first love, and then they will realize through their suffering they and YAHUSHUA are My Beloved and My Beloved is MINE!

Prophecy 42:
What country, what nation have the loyalty, what state, what province, what island have the love and the loyalty Israel shows forth as they battle to keep the land, the Great Elohim "I AM" YAHUVEH gave to their forefathers long ago? I speak to the spiritual leaders, remember David and Goliath? David did not run from Goliath, but ran toward Goliath, knowing the battle is MINE. The enemy now brings strange gods into your land oh Israel, and yet they are no god at all. The women and men of the enemies bring their strange doctrines and would try to entangle the people of Israel in a form of bondage that I have not decreed. Israel, I speak forth out of this handmaiden, remember you are the land of milk and honey, you are the land Abraham blessed, you have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

Precede every battle as it was done in the past with musicians, songs of praise, worship, and prayers. Do you not believe the words in the Torah? Israel, you are the nation the world does not understand, so envied and abused, so hated without cause. For you desire peace and yet you have never known peace. You give away land and homes that I have not told you to give away, merely to keep peace. Do you not know the more you give, the more they will demand? Do you not know, you cannot satisfy the spirit of greed? Look to ME oh Israel, once again for the Great Elohim "I AM" YAHUVEH is your deliverer.

Prophecy 48:
This man that has worshippers worshipping him broke HaShem ADONAI's law just as surely as it was a golden calf like that Aaron had made to worship. Thou shall have no other ELOHIMS before ME. The word should not say, 'Before ME,' it should say, 'thou shall have NO other ELOHIMS but ME!' 'I AM' who needs no other name. For 'I AM who 'I AM' and there is no other! Beware of the spiritual leaders who come from the Roman Empire. Yisrael, you are being sold to the highest bidder and you don't even realize it. But Yisrael, no one can sell what hasn't been given to them. For Yisrael belongs to HaShem ADONAI. I made a promise to your forefather Abraham and I am not a man that I lie.

I ascended to Heaven from Jerusalem and I will come again to Jerusalem. I YAHUSHUA, will not plant MY feet atop any mountains other than Mount Olives. I, YAHUSHUA, will rule and reign from Jerusalem defeating the evil ones, on the soil of Yisrael. Yisrael, Oh Yisrael do you not understand how much love HaShem ADONAI and I YAHUSHUA, have for you? We are even raising up Apostles and Prophets around the world to remind you of how much WE love you. How long will you try our patience? How much blood must flow before you turn back to Holiness and forsake the prince of darkness? We are all knowing and already know what it will take, and so it must come to pass. For we know how long will it take before you get back and forsake the modern day way of worship merely with your lips praying, reciting words with your mouth and not with your heart, or Spirit?

Ask yourselves, 'How long before you believe what your forefathers like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Noah, Daniel, Joseph, Joshua and Elijah, do I have to name them all? You know the Torah and Tanakh, then why do you only recite it and not believe in faith as the ELOHIM of your creation delivered Yisrael before 'I AM' can and will do it again. Oh Yisrael, you are and have been as a disobedient child, full of rebellion, doing things your way and not 'I AM's way. You know the Torah, and Tanakh, how long before you believe what you teach and recite? How long before you fall on your knees and ask HaShem ADONAI to intervene in your wars? When will you admit that the enemies are too great for you and humble yourself before HaShem ADONAI so I will take vengeance for you? Stop trying to take vengeance yourself. Get back to praying to the ELOHIM of your forefathers. Get back to praising ME in Psalms before you go into battle.

MY son YAHUSHUA is a Jew and didn't wear the label Christian. Love YAHUSHUA, the way you love ME. Acknowledge him as your MESSIAH, don't be concerned about losing your family's respect, rather be concerned of the ELOHIM of your Creation disowning you. You have Heaven to gain and Hell to shun, it is your choice. Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, you are an apple in MY eye, but right now there are worms in it. Discern the worms and expose them. Beware you shall be regarded as a scapegoat and blamed world wide for destroying what you have tolerated thus far. The enemy seeks to destroy you so much, they will destroy what they know they can rebuild. For man's hands built that dome and the enemies know that mans' hands can and will build that Temple again. But the Temple that cannot be built by mans hands is within you. I HaShem ADONAI will raise up and defend Yisrael, when it seems all nations are against you. When you admit, your help only comes from Heaven and no other place. When you call upon HaShem ADONAI's NAME in the NAME of YAHUSHUA, I will come and deliver you.

Prophecy 50:
Every time you face the Western Wall, look up, for MY Son will come in the eastern sky. Be deceived no longer by these lies. I have counted every teardrop that has been shed on that Western Wall. This is the very place Abraham thought he had to slay Isaac. This is the very place Jacob saw a ladder to Heaven. This is truly Holy, sanctified ground. For those who cry out in YAHUVEH's NAME, the miracles I did once I will for you Yisrael, do again. Don't do as the world does. Trust not any weapon or man; instead turn to the great ELOHIM YAHUVEH the one that is called the GREAT ELOHIM, 'I AM'. See Oh Yisrael, one day you should behold very soon the weapons of man pointed at you but you must fast, and you must weep, and you must wail in the NAME of YAHUVEH, in the NAME YAHUSHUA. I will hear and I will deliver your land.

Prophecy 58:
But I speak to Israel for although you say you are Jewish so many of you are not for you have denied the laws of Abraham. You have sold yourself and your land to the highest bidder and those that I never wanted to own that land, now own it and what I gave to your forefathers, you have no right to give away. You even give away your water. Knowing not where the new water will come from. Wake up MY Jewish People. Those who call upon HaShem Adonai, wake up. Do you really want to return to 'I AM' or do you want to suffer the fate of Ninevah and Sodom and Gomorrah? You are no better Israel; you are a whore in MY eyes.

Prophecy 80:
Yisrael, you will return to your Creator and love and obey ME once again. Yisrael, remember King David of old and remember what he did to win the battles that he won. He humbled himself before I, YAHUVEH and praise and worship is what brought the victories to the Yisraelites of old. Bride of YAHUSHUA, you must pray that Yisrael again desires Holy rulers that love and obey I, YAHUVEH. When Yisrael again loves and obeys I, YAHUVEH as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did, then I will return what has been stolen from Yisrael, then I shall redeem Yisrael from the hands of the enemies. Yisrael is a cup of trembling terror to the entire world, for it is where the end time battle will be fought, good against evil. Satan will send his son to rule the world from this one nation because satan mocks ME and counterfeits all I, YAHUVEH do.

Prophecy 81:
Oh Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, that which is an apple in MY eye, that has a worm in it, I rebuke you! I, YAHUVEH the one that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob worships and they obeyed I, YAHUVEH rebuke you. You say why are we forced to give up the land our forefathers gave us? I ask you this question: Are you walking in Torah? Are you living in Torah? As your forefathers did?

Prophecy 87:
Oh, Israel and Jerusalem, where is the fear, obedience, reverence and Holy awe your forefathers Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David and Joshua had? Need I go on? Oh, men of Israel, why do you think your military strength make you men of valor? Do you not understand it is your righteousness through MY Son YAHUSHUA that will cause ME to fight your battles and you will win?

Oh, Israel, how MY heart is grieved 'I AM' YAHUVEH, 'I AM' the ELOHIM of Israel although you have been as a defiant rebellious wife. You do opposite of what I have commanded your ancestors Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and Joshua who put MY will first to obey the commandments given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Your King David had victory in battles, so did Joshua for they knew it was not by their might, not by the number and strength of their warriors or weapons. The victory came because they put I, YAHUVEH's will first. They came to ME with repented hearts, fasting, anointed prayers, worship and praise. They knew the enemies were delivered into MY hands. They knew they were used to fight in the battles but it was I, YAHUVEH that won the wars for MY Praise, Honor and Glory alone!  

Oh, Israel, you have every right to defend yourself but to your shame, you no longer rely on MY arms of war. You will be surrounded on all sides because you rely on a Judas called America for your Arms. You must understand 'I AM' YAHUVEH and I will not be mocked even by Israel. Yes, I made a covenant with Abraham to protect and bless Israel but first you must be a blessing to ME. You must do your part and obey ME before you can walk in MY blessings of Deut. 28.

I, YAHUVEH bless those who are a blessing unto I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. I cannot bless the rebellious. I must chastise those that I love or I cannot say that I love you. I grieve for what I must do for only a remnant of Israel shall be saved. Oh Israel, you punish your enemies far more than I intended, for you forget that Abraham is before MY face reminding ME your enemies are also the seed of Abraham through Ishmael. You deny MY Son YAHUSHUA's Holy Saving Blood that drenches Jerusalem's soil, as they do.

Even thousands of years later one drop of YAHUSHUA's Saving Blood covers the world, yet you refuse to accept the gift I gave as your Blood Sacrifice, greater than any animal blood sacrifice. I not only allowed MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA to be crucified for the sins of this world and die and be buried in a tomb. I rose YAHUSHUA from the dead as a sign to Israel, not only is there life after death but I, YAHUVEH chose Jerusalem for YAHUSHUA to die and be buried on your soil and rise again. Oh Jerusalem, the time is at hand when the world shall say, "You shall surely die and never rise again" but when Israel REPENTS and OBEYS, I shall raise Israel up once again.

This is why you grieve as you see and you feel what is happening in Israel. Abraham is constantly before MY face and says, "What will you do with the children of Ishmael, do you not love the seed of my other son? Send your messenger to my seed and give them a chance to believe." This is why you weep for Lebanon for are they not the seed of Abraham? I have Spiritual Israel that sits in Lebanon that have accepted YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH.

Oh Israel, Oh Jerusalem, I weep and I wail over you. You have a form of godliness but where is the godliness within? You want the world to have mercy on you, but where is your mercy Oh, Israel? You have a right to defend yourself but you have crossed the line when you pick up the weapons of biological and chemical warfare. I am nowhere in these battles, you do not call on I, YAHUVEH for help, you try to do it by your own hand using the weapons of another land. When you use biological and chemical warfare you punish your enemies far more than I have ever allowed. Beware for you shall reap the whirlwind of I, YAHUVEH's wrath as what you send comes back in your face. The nations that give you these weapons shall reap the same fate.

Oh Israel, Oh Jerusalem, your people weep and wail, they run in confusion, I weep over all. It will only be when I, YAHUSHUA comes there will be peace between the Brothers, the peace on Abraham's seed. Until that time as it has always been you both will continue to try to wipe each other off the face of the earth. When the false peace comes the anger and the hatred will still be there. There is no peace until the PRINCE OF PEACE COMES (Isa 9:6) and it is I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!  

Prophecy 94:
All of you, all of you start studying the Scriptures I have released unto Elisabeth. Dig into each word. For I tell you there's a hidden gold mine that is yet to come and it's not far away. As you see these things happening in Israel, know that I am not easily mocked. I've already released a Prophecy and in it I stated, for I YAHUVEH say, you can't give away what I haven't given you to give away. Again put this notice before the world. For I have spoken. There are consequences that are going to be met. For I have commanded Israel to repent.