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If YAH says get out of America… LEAVE!!

Prophecy 21:
Did I not provide a safe place for Lot who fled? Only Lot's wife who looked back was destroyed. For she wanted the life style she was fleeing. So I gave her the same reward. Destruction!

Prophecy 24 part 1: I shall put America to open shame before the entire world. Your leaders will weep openly for what I am going to do. But not MY Children you will know what to do when the time comes. The reason you don't know yet it is not time. I am never too early or too late, I your Lord GOD is always on time, you just think I am late. MY timing is prefect. You can't go ahead of ME or behind ME but must stay right by MY side. All MY Children, those who belong to YAHUSHUA long for HIS coming again around this world, hear ME, the voice of your Creator, the great GOD 'I AM.' I will, for your sakes, send miracles like you have never seen thus far.  

Prophecy 26:
MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect when I say FLEE it will be as when I open the Red Sea and I will show you the way. DO NOT FEAR, JUST FLEE as Lot fled, DO NOT NOT LOOK BACK!

In 1999, the words 'Fear of Flying' will take on a new meaning. MY Babies and Bride will not fear. Rumors of war will no longer be rumors and will be more than one country at a time. I see and hear MY Babies, MY Children, I feel your pain as you listen and run in terror in every direction or you are overwhelmed and paralyzed, as if in shock and your faith draining daily at the world's news reports. Many of MY Little Ones are in a panic for they say, "I cannot hear YAHUVEH's voice." They weep and wail in fear and pray, "Please YAHUVEH, tell me where to go and what to do." MY Children, hear ME, you have not heard what to do or where to go for it is not yet time. Tarry a while longer, I will speak and confirm to your Spirit in many different ways. I have not forsaken MY Beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen ones or Elect. Nor will I. Your names are engraved on MY Palms.

Prophecy 28:
Travel will become increasingly difficult to get from one country to another without permission from that country. But I tell you I have MY People already working in these fields and MY People shall escape when the time comes to flee. I have planes, pilots, and stewardesses. I have MY plan in force. I am a GOD that cannot be surprised no matter what the enemy thinks. I have a plan and MY plan for you is for good not for your evil. MY plan for MY Beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect are for blessings, so many blessings you will not be able to name them all. MY plans for MY enemies are for curses, so many they will not be able to name them all. Get ready enemies, the curses are coming to you. Natural disasters they shall call them, but there is nothing natural in the disasters that come from the hand of an ANGRY YAHUVEH! You boast of your surpluses but there shall be no surplus because of MY wrath that will fall undiluted, but will not harm MY People. I will protect MY People as I did in the time of Noah, as in the time of Lot, as in the time of Moses.

The enemy will gnash their teeth in anger and rage for they will see nothing can stop nor hinder those that obey and trust in YAHUSHUA as their Good Shepherd. No wolves can surprise MY Sheep. I go before the wolves and speak words to MY Prophets and Apostles warning ahead where and when the wolves will attack. You see these wolves are not merely wolves with sharp fangs, they are rabid and when they bite once, their bite is deadly. So it is not merely a bite but your very soul and life is at stake. The snakes sent to surround you are not only one, but many. The snakes will try and surround you and their bite is not only a snake bite but there are cobras which inject venom into your Spirit telling you that YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA can't take care of their sheep, it is hopeless, they will inject you with a lying venom saying, "Trust the government not your GOD." Then they will use boa constrictor snakes to try and squeeze you everyway they can financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally the government will squeeze you like a boa constrictor at the same time using the cobra to inject the poisonous venom of lies to cause even the strongest in faith to quiver in fear.

But I am speaking forth out of this Handmaiden now to tell you MY Beloved you need not fear the wolves or snakes. I have told you I have always had a people that worship, serve, and obey the Great GOD 'I AM' and always will. I, YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA quietly watch and survey what the enemy is doing and we report it through our Prophets and they in turn not only warn you but encourage you like now, to let you know in MY timing I will tell you when to leave, what to do, how to avoid the boa constrictors, and the deadly cobras. Merely wait on ME, for I the Lord your GOD am never too early or too late. I will rescue MY People in such a way you will find miraculous. Yes, there will be those that will be and are being martyred but their blood falls into the ground and only raises up others to speak forth and do greater works in MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME. Grieve not for the ones I allow to be killed for MY sake but rather grieve for the one that did the killing and torturing. They will have eternity to suffer for what they have done, for what they have done to MY Children who laid their lives down for ME. They will be tortured the same way in Hell for eternity. Those who are martyred suffered in life but for eternity shall never suffer again. Their rewards are GREAT in Heaven.

Prophecy 31:
The 'Passover' is your promise. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the great GOD 'I AM' will deliver you once again in ways you think not if only you can believe. Where your faith is that is where your Passover is. Those who live in America and I have prophesied the wrath to come, this is true but those that believe 'I AM' the Passover and like Moses, I will provide a way of escape for you, you shall not be ashamed that you believed. I will prove the great GOD 'I AM' cannot and will not lie to you. Where your faith is there will be your 'Passover.'  

There is always a way of escape for MY Beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones, and Elect. I will provide a way when there seems to be none. Just because you know it not now, it is like a man with a ticket to ride, they don't need the ticket until it is time to leave. You don't need the wisdom now for if I were to tell MY Prophets of MY ways of escape then beloved, the enemy would know also. I have MY 'Hidden ones' that is all you need to know at this time. Not all will be told to flee. If you don't hear ME speak it and confirm and witness it in your Spirit, then I will protect you where you are. If I don't tell you where to flee now, then I will tell you when the time comes for you to leave.  

Prophecy 33:
There is coming great devastation. The earth will shake and quake in fear. Can the sun outshine MY brilliance as I come closer to the earth? The lava will run, it cannot contain the anger of YAHUVEH anymore. Oh but you will see MY angels encamp about those who love ME, you need not fear. Those of you who hear MY voice need not fear when it is time to go you will know. Did I not open the Red Sea? I did it then, so I will do it again. Just as the evil pharaoh and his troops chased MY children of Israel who just wanted to be free to live Holy and worship ME.  

Prophecy 36:
When you hear accusations of hoarding and governments that never rationed start rationing, when even the water is doled out as though it were a gift from man, then know this is the beginning of what I have prophesied above. When war is on all sides, and your country is ambushed know that I have forewarned those that were to FLEE and told them where to FLEE and if they obey they are under MY umbrella of safety, if they do not obey then although I love them and grieve for them they shall suffer in ways that would not have been necessary Have one fear and that fear is not hearing MY voice.  

As Lot was refused entrance by the angel warning him not to enter so too when I say flee from whatever country you're in, then OBEY! I shall send you angels disguised as men and women and they shall speak forth MY Words but be deceived not. If it doesn't line up with the word of "I AM," if the is not found in them, then do not listen to anyone that is not worshipping, serving, loving, putting ME first in all ways! For the enemy will send those that look holy and talk holy and yet listen close to the words they speak. Are they encouraging you to stay in faith, to remain living holy, to follow MY laws of old? Which have never become outdated for MY laws, MY Torah is ageless. Are they preaching another gospel that says there is another way to Heaven and you don't need the Blood of MY Son YAHUSHUA to get there? If they are telling you to follow man's laws and throw away MY laws then I tell you this, I have not sent them to guide you or mentor you in anyway.

Prophecy 43:
When I tell MY children where to walk, you walk. When I tell you where to run, you run. When I tell you what to speak, you speak. When I tell you to be silent, you be silent. When I tell you to stand still, don't move. When you don't know what to do, do nothing, until you have peace that "I AM" has spoken.

Prophecy 51:
Pray and intercede for your loved ones, but when I tell you to move, and yet do not tell you to take your unsaved loved ones with you, it will be a test of your love for YAHUVEH. Will you forsake all for ME, like when Lot was told to flee? He had no choice to divide from his wife; I turned her into a pillar of salt. I had to show him and his daughters the hard way. I demand obedience, especially when I send an angel to warn to "Get out, flee, this place is about to be destroyed." Lot's wife fled, but turned her head to look back, and grieve for all her possessions, home, and friends in the city. This is a lesson; when I tell you to flee, no matter what, obey or Lot's wife's fate will be even MY children's fate.

Prophecy 52:
Did I, YAHUVEH not warn Lot and block him with MY angels so he could not enter back into the city of sin? I protected him, and his family, except his wife, who chose to disobey ME, from the fire and brimstone, which was a form of tribulation for Lot and his family also. Did I, YAHUVEH not warn Joseph and Mary to flee with YAHUSHUA as a babe? In the times of old, that was a form of a great tribulation for the mothers with babies, for all the babies were to be killed, because the evil ones were seeking to find the true Messiah to kill HIM! I, YAHUVEH sent an angel to warn Joseph in a dream, and told him where to flee and told him when to come back. Do you think I, YAHUVEH will not do the same for you?

Prophecy 73:
Oh, you say that I wink at this sin or that sin, surely GOD doesn't care. If you know better and you continue making excuses, saying useless words I do not even hear, I will show you I AM a jealous GOD. Anything you put before ME you have made a GOD. Judgment, Judgment, Judgment even the very word Judge you will see your supreme court of America, sits up there on a hill so piously but I alone am the Judge and one by one they shall be taken down, for they shook their fists at Almighty Living YAHUVEH with no fear. I tell you this MY Children, the agenda of satan has started here. The antichrist system is set up just waiting for the right time and season for him to appear. You have been warned, MY Children, hide for a little while. When I tell you to move, do not question why. Do not procrastinate or you will not be kept safe and then you will come to ME and ask ME why.

Prophecy 83:
Oh, MY Beloved Ring Maiden, how much longer? I have allowed the Bride of YAHUSHUA to stand in the gap as Abraham stood in the gap for Lot. How much longer do you think I should wait? How I am mocked, how MY NAME is scorned, how MY Holy ones that represent ME are slandered. How they are killed for MY sake all over the world just because I have kept it from coming to America thus far, how much has been taken for granted. Now I tell you to say a new prayer for the end is nigh.

Prophecy 84:
[Personal note to readers: The next paragraph is referring to our 18-year-old son who lives with us and has always traveled wherever we have ministered. And now since we are being sent to various nations, he was contemplating remaining in Alaska when we were being told by YAHUSHUA to leave America. I knew if this would happen, I may never see my son again. I spent much time weeping and grieving over this and was in prayer over this when this unexpected prophecy came forth. But Praise YAHUSHUA, our beloved son chose to leave America with us and obey YAHUSHUA as he sacrificed his first great paying job to do this. He did put YAHUSHUA first in his life and love and proved it by obeying YAHUSHUA and making this sacrifice. Please pray blessings on him for his sacrifices and obedience. The reason I was told the below is spoken before the world, is everyone reading this is going to make choices, whether to leave when YAHUSHUA warns them to leave or remain for the sake of personal possessions, jobs or convenience or unsaved loved ones sake.]

Elisabeth, it is not MY will if your son stays behind. Again I say, I repeat it before the world, it is not MY will if your son chooses to be left behind in America. I will not cross his will. Wherever his priority is, is where he will stay. If he wants to stay for an illusion of a girl, who am I to stand in his way? I want to answer your prayers, Elisabeth. I want to answer your prayers, Elisabeth. I see the heart and grief of a mother. I want to gather your eagles with you. I want to take them and fly far away, but who am I to stand in the way of anyone who chooses to stay if they choose to believe this illusion, if they choose to believe lies.

That goes for all of you and I speak not only to America right now, for this prophet is sent to all the nations. The last thing I do is I've seasoned you America, now I, YAHUVEH rebuke you openly, oh America. You think you've been safe from the diseases. It is you who manufactures the biological lies. The chemical lies of chemical warfare. You poison MY skies. But I will not allow this Prophet to speak forth this word until she is safe.

Run, run, run, MY Little Ones run, run, run away, run from FEMA, and run from any bureaucracy that tells you to take away your faith in ME. Protest while you still have a voice, protest. Jam the capitol's lines, say, "You will not take away our provisions to give to you this city, you will not ration our food, you will not ration our water, you will not ration our emergency supplies." Can you not see if you stay silent, the illusion will win? Did I not warn you, how many prophecies ago, that the homosexuals were in the minority but now you believe the illusions lies. America, you are the fabricator of the illusion's lies. Now you've taken that lie across this world and you've spread it far and wide and yet it is a lie. Homosexuality is still in the minority and yet they pass laws and they change laws to approve of that which I said was an abomination. America, you will reap what you have sowed, just as surely as Sodom and Gomorrah did.

Prophecy 85:
You did not know this before, but I just showed this to you Elisabeth, in a vision. When you and your son stepped foot in Zurich Switzerland, I proved I was able to get you safely out of America. Although you never broke a law, satan didn't want you to leave there because he did not want this anointing to be released to the nations and you personally stepping foot on the lands. Satan does not want you to gather with the International Bride of YAHUSHUA.

Despite whatever the enemy tried to do, all of Heaven cheered, the angels cheered, in Heaven the shofar horns sounded, for in America they say, "Nothing is stronger than Homeland Security." But I proved as I will prove to everyone who tests and believes in ME, who obey ME, who knows the power of MY Sacred Names. I, YAHUVEH make this solemn oath: Those that follow the truths that I have given and spoken forth in this Ministry shall have the same victory over Homeland Security or by whatever name in whatever nation it is called. For similar agencies are set up to entrap not only the criminals but the innocent.

Now I speak this forth. Shout it from the housetops, shout it to the world. I delivered you as a sign I will deliver others the same way. I sent you forth out of America, your exodus, never again to return. So to as I have spoken to you, so to I have spoken to others and they have not listened and they have not learned and yet they are called by MY NAME so many will have to learn the hard way. They believe the truths that you believe and yet they still have remained. But I sent you forth in this Messianic Jewish Last Chance Ministry to tell the people of America and Canada when I tell them to flee, they'd better flee. Otherwise don't come crying to ME. Remember there is always peace in the eye of the hurricane. Canada, I warned you not to follow in your sister America's footsteps through this Prophet years ago, but did you listen? No, your mocking only grew louder.

When these countries are boxed in as I showed you Elisabeth, this vision again and again. A big disposable red cup made out of a heavy plastic and a huge hand takes that cup, over a frightened little mouse, a little white mouse, and encases it with the pressure of the hand, and the mouse runs to and fro underneath the cup knowing there is no escape, that's you. Those who say they are Holy, those who cry out in MY NAME, and yet insisted they remain. I now prophesy this is you if you do not flee and do what I tell you to do when I tell you to flee, you must obey. Otherwise that is you, you are the frightened white mouse and your governments are the hand that will prevent you from fleeing.

When I tell you to sell what you have, escape while you can yet flee. Multitudes of you still question ME. Why do you think I told you to do Passover? Even if you have never done it before, I warned you to do it so the angel of death would pass over you and not touch your families or homes and the curses could not come upon you. How many of you listened when I spoke forth out of this Ring Maiden and gave you a mandate to do this. After the Passover comes an exodus. Elisabeth had no idea their exodus would come without a warning in advance. I have warned you though. They go before you.

Americans and Canadians run, flee while you can, if you know that you know I have told you so, obey. Remember, I told you that the countries who are called third world, although poorer, will be the safest from the corrupt, wealthy governments who will usher in the one called the antichrist, and yet I, YAHUVEH call him the son of satan, the son of perdition, who brings the Mark of the Beast. Do not trust any government to protect you in the coming days of darkness, for I am sending Amightywind to be used as a standard against the evil in this world and the evil coming to this world. Memorize the scriptures that will encourage you while you yet can freely read it. The time is coming when the word will have to be hidden in a different way.

But for those of you, who are to remain in America and Canada, I give MY peace that passes all understanding and I have MY Holy who are to remain, this is where your faith must remain strong. But you better know that you know that you know I told you to stay and not go. I thank you for allowing ME to use you as a blessed gift to this ministry. And as they walk in a greater anointing and are blessed and protected, so too are you anointed, blessed and protected. The chess pieces are on the board now, everything is in place. To MY enemies and the enemies of this ministry, now very shortly I, YAHUVEH will be saying, "CHECKMATE!"

Those who honor MY Sabbath Day, those that MY Torah they truly do obey, those that worship YAHUSHUA, I will answer you, I will deliver you. Those who have loved this Ministry, for only MY Words have been spoken forth, I will answer you, I will deliver you, if you will but just obey. If you stay back because you say, "Oh, but my husband isn't saved," if you stay back and say, "Oh, but my wife isn't saved," if you stay back and say, "Oh, but my children are not saved" need I remind you what happened to Lot's wife and so too it will be again.

Oh, but those whose names I have written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of this earth. Those who cry out to ME, those who cry out in the NAME of MY Son YAHUSHUA, just keep your faith and hold on tight and don't let go. Hang on tight to the hem of YAHUSHUA's garment and don't let go. No matter what happens, don't let go. If I told you to remain then I will protect you where you stay. But If I told you to flee, remember you are disobeying ME if you have not gone.

In the future days, prophecies will come forth for Europe and other nations. America, you refused to listen. Canada, you refused to listen. When MY Daughter left along with her husband and son, they shook the dust off their feet and I gave them their instructions. Do not enter in again, for that would be as Lot had entered back in to Sodom and Gomorrah when I told them to flee. I will remember favorably all who have been a blessing to this Ministry, all who helped make this way possible to gather with the International Bride. The more you have done, the more protection I will give you, the more mercy for you shall share the same blessings as this Ring Maiden that is speaking forth.

Oh, Elisabeth, you have pleased ME so much, for you walk by faith and not by sight. When I told you to leave, you didn't question ME, you but just obeyed. When I send you to a foreign land, you said, "But I don't speak their language," and yet you just obeyed. Oh, how much you please ME; do you really think I will let you starve? You said, "Oh, but the prices are so high here." Did I YAHUVEH go bankrupt and someone didn't tell ME? Do you not realize you have all of Heaven's gold and silver at your disposal, as I will it?

When I tell you to get a Holy gathering place and expect the others to come, I know you will obey. It is MY honor to bless you in this way and Great, Great, Great, shall the blessings be of the two women that went to great expense. Lydjusca and Richard, you share the same blessings, for you are one. Joainne, you are blessed for you met them with MY love in Europe. You embraced them and you kissed them and you know that it was I that was in those kisses and hugs. Before the whole world now, I thank you. I bless you because you obeyed.

Elisabeth, everything I have given you, you left behind for others. All you took was your suitcases and not even the vehicles I gave you. As you leave the gift of a vehicle of your dreams behind, oh, but I shall bless you. Not one good thing will I withhold from you. I shall speak to the Holy people's hearts and you who are reading and listening, it is you who know that you are called and you are chosen to stand together with this Ministry. You have been given the gift of helps. I have blessed you in your work. Together you are called to labor in this harvest field to take forth MY truths across the nations around this world. I speak the same blessings unto you. No good thing will I withhold and you shall be invisible to the enemies who seek your destruction.

Prophecy 91:
The days of earth are numbered. America, I've said that I've saved the worst of Judgment for last and it is for you. But you don't have a clue what I'm going to do for you, what I'm going to do to you. Combine every calamity in the entire world, multiply it times seven. You're doomed! For you have done through Arnold Schwarzenneger, you have done through the White House more atrocities than anyone even knows but they will find out; by that time, American people, it's too late! I've warned you through this Handmaiden. I've told you it was all an illusion.

Now those remnant who are MINE, when I tell you to, "Flee," you better leave while you still can get out for I prophesied through this Handmaiden again and again, you're going to be boxed in by land, by air and by sea - the American government will not let you leave. The changing of the guards is completed. Satan has all of them in place, all except one who has yet to reveal his face.

Prophecy 103:
Reread the Prophecies and you shall see, I warned you that the murder would start out with the unborn, daring not to call them a human. Where is their inalienable rights? Where is their right for the pursuit of happiness? Where is their right to live? Why have you taken it away? Why would you elect a president that even goes one more step in the abomination and did what no one has dared done before and said, "If the child survives abortion, it is the right of that mother to let it die, do not touch it, let it suffer in agony and let it die."

This is the heart of the one you elected president. What do you think will happen to you? Weep, oh, mourn, oh, America, for you've just elected your demise! For I know the fruit within Barack Hussein Obama and for those of you who weep and mourn who know this is not America's best hour, pray and ask ME what you are to do and where you are to go before the horror befalls America, for America, I know your fruit! By your fruit oh, America, I shall judge you! Just like the other nations of this world! This is the time when evil is spoken of as good and good is spoken of as evil.

Prophecy 105:
In 2009 I'm going to shake everything that can be shaken. If you are not built on the Solid Rock you are going to be built on sinking sand. It will be as is it is quicksand and you'll go under. I'm testing MY Bride. When I told you to go, you went, you did not say, "But why do we have to go?" you but just obeyed. I am the Commander in Chief, you are not to question MY orders. You are to go where I say go, you are to stay where I say stay, you are to walk when I say walk, you are to run when I say run, you are to speak when I say speak, you are to be silent when I say be silent, you are to war when I say war, you are to be at peace when I say peace.