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Humble yourself America

Prophecy 14:
'Devil beware, if MY People who are called by MY NAME (Christian) will humble themselves, fall on their faces, before their Father YAHUVEH, I will heal their land.'

Prophecy 15:
Thus saith YAHUVEH, unless this nation humbles itself before ME and all of Heaven and earth, this nation, America that was set apart to bring ME Praise, Honor and Glory, will never win another war again. It's been only by MY grace thus far, this country has remained free. But now your leaders have gone awhoring after other gods, they have called themselves MINE, yet mock all that is Holy. They don't even lie like evil Pharaoh did.

Prophecy 31:
How can you cry dictator when you have your own dictators? America I have decreed this from Heaven unless you fall on your knees and acknowledge your sins as I have cried out the warning before through this Handmaiden I will speak it again through her as well as through other Prophets." America REPENT for you shall never win another war again!" You shall reap what you are sowing. The measure of destruction you are pouring out and the measure of death you are pouring out you shall drink from MY cup of wrath until there is no more. America, you once were a nation that was trusted and respected but now you're a mockery of all that is Holy. Your people once stood for morality and your leaders also, but now your people and your leaders are known around the world as immoral and untrustworthy. You defend the wrong and you seek to silence the right.

You bomb a country that at least worships a God. Even a heathen God is better then none for even a heathen nation acknowledges they are not supreme. America I have this against you. You serve no God. You bow your knee to no God although your currency says, "In God We Trust" you trust in no God. You America, have a form of Godliness but no Godliness within. America you shall reap what you're sowing.  

You send missionaries to other countries and I bless these missionaries with MY anointing and heathen lands come to know YAHUSHUA as Lord and Savior. Yet your own country mocks the same message. Not all do this for I do have a people. I have a remnant that will not be moved. They will not bow their knee to satan and the doctrines of the anti-christ but oh so few. Oh I weep, so many are going astray. Multitudes listening to strange fire teachings, demonstating strange fire in their churches and even praying strange fire prayers. Come out from among them. Listen to the voice of MY RUACH ha KODESH you know the voice of your Good Shepherd. Test every action with the word of YAHUVEH. Test the Spirit that speaks. In this time and season the false prophets look so good. They speak words saying, "All is well and only blessings are ahead." Yes, for MY children I will protect.

Protest, speak out against this war. America, you have brought this upon yourselves through your pride and your domineering spirit. You have brought what is to come to a nation I have personally protected with MY hand thus far. War has not come to your shores but will. For the sake of MY Beloved ones I will stave the hand of the executioner for yet a little while but oh so little of a while. You send war to other nations. You shall taste of war in your nation for acting in arrogance. You speak against another nation and yet you do not hear the echo of what you say come back to your own ears. For it is the words you accuse others of that your leaders themselves do in secret. Every American should shudder at what is being done. Your leaders both politically and spiritually had better repent and turn away from what they're doing. If MY People who call themselves by MY NAME will humble themselves and fall on their knees and repent, I will heal their land. I will forgive them. Oh but they are stiff necked and obstinate, saying they are not sinning and yet the whole world sees the sin but American politicians and those that follow after the evil ones who do these things.  

Prophecy 34:
Now I speak about this coming earthquake that is prophesied to come that will devastate this earth like never before. I now release this prophet to speak what I told her days ago. What shall I do stomp both MY feet now at the wickedness of this world and allow the man made evil to go ahead of MY schedule? What shall I do? I have seen the fasting and heard the prayers to postpone what I was going to allow. But does not MY Word say "If MY people will humble themselves and fall on their faces I will head their land?" Not very many are doing this and this grieves ME but what should I do with the few who grieve over wars and grieve over the wickedness of this land? What should I do? If I allow this, then MY people who trust that I will not do this and it happens will think their prayers and fasting have been in vain. Even satanic followers and worshippers, those bowing their knee to Baal know there is power in fasting in unity, how much more power when MY people who are called by MY Name do so. D o not MY Holy Scriptures say some things only change by fasting and prayer.  

Prophecy 35:
MY Bride knows one another, a stranger they know not. This is a ministry sent to minister and prepare MY Bride. Those who scoff beware, for your scoffing and rebuke shall return unto your own ears. Who are you to say what "I AM" can do and not do? I send MY Prophets to warn of doom before it comes. Does not MY Word say, "If MY people which are called by MY Name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek MY face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and forgive them of their sin and will HEAL THEIR LAND." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Prophecy 36:
To MY shame you have made excuses for lukewarm love toward ME. You have made excuses for lack of desire to obey ME or to live holy or to learn of ME or to serve ME. I accept NO excuses! I have told you that you are not to have fellowship with darkness again and again in MY Word. You are to be an example of MY holiness and yet so many now shrug their shoulders and no longer care of the evil in the land.

Prophecy 49:
I will allow satan to inflict such wounds on you, if you don't cease this prideful, arrogant attitude. This attitude, that this nation is perfect and has done no harm, or wrong. Your pride is a stench to Heaven and causes ME such shame, as all of Hell rejoices and you cause satan to mock ME reminding ME how much MY grace and blessings have been poured out on America. For doing this beware for the price you will pay if you continue will be that of Babylon, and you will not rise up again. Truly Babylon will fall but it need not be now. Satan seeks to go ahead of MY time and I am waiting for true repentance America.

America, Yes I have wrapped MY hand of protection around you again. See what happens when I loose MY grip? See how fast your nation is attacked by others jealous for the blessings I have given America. If the truth be known America you have no friends. They are all enemies in disguise and if possible would plunder all you have. 'I AM' is your only true friend and 'I AM' is your Creator and Father. Why are you ashamed of who 'I AM' is and what 'I AM' stands for and that is Holiness, and what 'I AM' stands against and that is all that is unholy. Repent America before it is too late. Oh America, so young and so foolish. Do you think I am impressed with prayers said to other foreign gods that are mere men and the devil in disguise? Your day of prayer and remembrance did little to honor ME; I only spared your nation again because of the fervent prayers of the righteous does availeth much. Do you know satan asked MY permission to crush you on that day? I refused for the fervent prayers of the righteous ones availeth much.

America, think long and hard before you become involved in another war. What nation will you fight? You have no one nation to fight. You are so small compared to the larger nations. You are like the youngest trying to defeat the oldest. The only reason you have won the wars in the past is because this nation for the most part turned to 'I AM' and MY Son YAHUSHUA and knew without US on your side you would have lost every war. Even your initials were given to you by 'I AM'. US, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA is the US and A is for Almighty. This nation was to stand for United States of Almighty. For you once served the Almighty Living GOD 'I AM' and YAHUSHUA. It was 'I AM's grace, love, mercy and wisdom I gave to your political and spiritual leaders.

Who will listen now? What spirit speaks forth to your leaders? Pray for them. Your White House has been defiled and never cleansed of spirits of divination, adultery, murder, suicide, whoredom, fornication, greed, jealousy, antichrist spirits, abortion, homosexuality, pride, atheism, unlove, hatred, selfishness, bribery, lying and deceiving spirits, satanism, insanity, treason, necromancy, need I go on? What spirit is in your White House now where your leaders make decisions? Where is the Blood of YAHUSHUA that should be used to cleanse your houses of government? Where is the repentance like I called for in Washington DC? From your leaders that are responsible for passing laws of unholiness? People stand in the gap for your political leaders around the world.

Remember the Roman Empire and what it did. Words to the wise in YAHUVEH, pray now, for the times to come, come upon you so quickly for now is the time to get right with ME, I speak this to the whole world, for America, you can set the example, as Israel can, if only MY two children would listen then this world would not have to drink of the cup of MY wrath. Ah, but it has been foretold and already predestined, yet don't rush MY timing. There is yet time if only all who claim they know 'I AM' will not remain silent any longer. This World War can be delayed longer; there will be no other, after this will be a war against Heaven itself. Pray that you will be on Heavens side and not the side of the anti-messiah.

Prophecy 50:
MY Children, MY Children, MY Children, do not blame ME for what you are doing, for I have given you a free will. It is you who chose these leaders. It is you who put them in office. It is you. You did not seek what spirit they were of, you who did not care whether or not they prayed and which god they prayed to. It is you, who did not care whether they keep the Commandments and the Torah. It is you, who did not care whether they loved Yisrael.

Oh America, you only think you know grief. You should have to walk in the shoes that Yisrael has walked in. They fight and they struggle for each breath since I have decreed her a nation. Since this baby was born, this baby has been tried again and again. They have tried to kill her. But, I have breathed life in her each time, as I've done it again and again. For all those that seek her destruction know that 'I AM' will do it again. They hunger and they thirst after righteousness and they know not why; but if only they would accept the fresh manna and the Bread of Life and the New Wine. They would live and not die. But they will, I tell you, they will. For I have a remnant that will come out of Yisrael and live and Yisrael shall stand, but she will not be defended by man.  

Prophecy 51:
Leave America Alone, Leave Israel Alone, Leave MY children the freedom to worship and serve ME in truth and anointed power. I set America apart to be the land of the free and blessed her with no war coming to her shores since the years gone by. America, don't so freely give away what I have blessed you with simply because of fear. Speak up and remain the silent majority no more. Let your voices be heard. Remember when one loses the freedom of religion and even the wrong are censored; then all are in danger of losing their freedom of religion. Then all are in danger of losing their freedom of religion. My children know this is not about a religion being taken away; this is about a relationship with YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA being changed to a form of religion with a form of godliness, but having no godliness within.

Prophecy 56:
Entitle this Elisabeth, Warn Them! Those that mock you and say, "Oh you've been warning of judgment every day. Warn Them! Just as in the days of Noah, how few paid attention 'til the flood came. Just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. No one paid attention 'til it was too late. Warn Them! America, you think you're flying so high. But you don't understand, for only one purpose have I protected you, America, and that is because of those who call out in MY Name and pray, "Spare America, give America more time!" But where is the repentance, America? Where is the covering of your face in shame? For the atrocities still go on and MY Son's Name is damned.

Why does America think it's better than any nation on earth? I'll tell you this, Prayer Intercessors. Those who fervently pray had better get in touch with you from these five states [California, Nevada, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri], for those who will be raised up from other places around the world, you know your calling. It is for a Prayer Intercessor. Come forth now! Contact this Apostle before it's too late. For America, you're getting ready to celebrate another birthday and because of MY mercy and love, I have shown you compassion and I now send again an Apostle to warn them. Pray once again MY judgment on America will be delayed.

Prophecy 57:
Oh America, I weep for you as you get ready to celebrate another birthday. You forget it was I, YAHUVEH that set you apart for MY and YAHUSHUA's glory. Only a tiny infant yet you shake your fists in MY face, you deny the one that created you. This warning is not for MY Children who worship ME in truth and love and try to obey. This warning is for those who set themselves up as MY enemies. Beware America! You are as a Trojan Horse. Israel has been your friend, now you treat her as a despised enemy. Your leaders go to shake one hand and stab a blood soaked dagger in Israel's back with the other hand. You slander Israel. You do not report the truth. You make MY Hebrew People in Israel look like the terrorists. You trample on their backs and on their economy.

Canada, I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA give you this warning. Do not follow in your sisters footsteps. You call yourself North America now you carry the name that I despise, if you do not repent and turn away from the sins of America the fate of America will be yours. You shall share in the grief; you shall share in MY wrath if you do not follow in YAHUVEH's and YAHUSHUA's footsteps. Come set yourself apart now Canada and Canadian Christians, start praying for Canada for your political leaders have sold your providences to the highest bidders. In the USA there are states that have tried to come apart in America for the shame that they have felt and there is a providence that tried to come apart from Canada (Quebec) for the shame they have felt. I, YAHUVEH will acknowledge those that try to come apart and I, YAHUVEH will set them apart on that day and the full wrath will not fall upon them on that day.

Prophecy 58:
I, YAHUVEH say, "People you must repent, stand in the gap, weep, fast and pray for America before judgment falls on her again." Please post a prayer for America. I, YAHUVEH instruct you to post all Prophecies pertaining to America. Don't be afraid of offending America, but if you don't obey be afraid of offending ME. I, YAHUVEH say to you President Bush, "You must call a national day of fasting, mourning, day of repentance, and you must fall on your face before ME, before the world, you must humble yourself, repent, weep, fast and pray so MY hand of judgment will be lifted off of America." Christians and Jews, listen to the scriptures "If MY People who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, and pray and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chron 7:14)  

I weep for America; Oh I don't want to hurt you. You are like a wayward child that has gone astray to a life of sin. You are like the Prodigal son that took the inheritance of his father and squandered the wealth away, on foolishness. 'I AM' that Holy Father there is no other. All you have I have given you. I have been patient with you. Allowing you to make your choices, but now I warn you come back out of the stinking pigpens of this world. Stop eating the swine food of this world. Come back to ME and I will put MY Son YAHUSHUA's robes of righteousness on you. I will put MY own Promise Ring upon you that makes you one with MY Son YAHUSHUA and I, YAHUVEH for you will be married to truth, righteousness, and Holiness, if you will but obey ME. Get back to Holiness.

America you were to be an example to this world. You are under MY judgment now and this is only the beginning. America, you must repent and every man, woman and child that calls themselves an American, you must repent for the anger you have aroused in your Creator the Great GOD 'I AM'. There is no other creator, YAHUSHUA is the only Blood Covering I will accept. The RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) is the only Spirit that will break yokes and bondages off of you as you are delivered from the hands of the evil ones. Ninevah repented and I gave her more time. True in time she went back to her sinful ways and angered ME greatly and I destroyed Ninevah.

But despite what I told Jonah, I gave her a chance as I spared Ninevah and I shall spare you America, if you will but once again follow MY Laws and stop passing laws that try and change MY Laws that was written with MY own finger in a tablet of stone. I have sent these out with the warnings of Jonah and how few listen until I allowed the horror that befell America today. MY Children tell ME this, as you sit transfixed to your televisions and radio's and watch in horror and shock. Wondering why this is happening? What is the difference between America suffering the impact of terrorism and Israel suffering terrorism or Kosovo or Africa, and many other places around the world?  

You casually read it in your newspapers, hear it on your radio's and televisions, or watch the headlines appear on your computers, and yet no country feels the pain until I allow you to feel it hit your own countries, until the death toll is your race, kindred, tongue and your nations. Hypocrites! You weep and wail now only because it is your own nation. Now will you take seriously when others suffer from wars? America, repent and get back to the country I set apart for MY Praise, Honor and Glory, be an example once again of Godliness. Have you so quickly forgotten the depression and the miracles I did? That is why your economy was blessed. I don't want to take you back there again to learn that lesson. Judgment was delayed far too long.

Just like now you have not heard of MY Glory for I protected so many that would have died from the act of terrorism but only the horror you hear, the miracles you are yet to hear. You will even hear how those who serve and put YAHUSHUA first loving HIM and I, YAHUVEH saw and heard angels that protected MY Children who called upon MY NAME and that of YAHUSHUA. If you could have seen the myriads of angels that were dispatched from Heaven that are MY Children's inheritance, to guard and protect, you would have been amazed and still be praising ME.

Prophecy 59:
What would you say if I didn't hold it back anymore? Then will you believe MY Apostles and Prophets? Is this what you really want? I have held it back for the sake of those that shudder in fear and tears. MY Little Ones, MY Babies that I cradle in MY arms. I hold it back thus far, not for the sake of a glorified America who have made themselves a god in their own eyes. But I have held back MY wrath, for MY Little Ones who, like a little child, looks up with trust and love to their Father with their eyes. But America, you shall burn. I know this Prophet that speaks forth, her voice is not going to want to be heard. It goes against The Prophecy Club's messages, those that speak of abundance and prosperity, and those that speak of protection though it's undeserved.   

There have always been Prophets that will speak forth only words that others want to hear. But I use this Apostle Handmaiden to speak forth the truth so that people will repent and fall on their faces and humble themselves before ME. Turn from their wicked ways and not be caught by surprise. MY Son comes as a thief in the night, but MY Bride already knows to start preparing herself. What Bride doesn't prepare herself when the Bridegroom is coming to take her down that aisle? She makes sure her dress is without spot or wrinkle; she makes sure she is perfumed with MY anointing. She makes sure that her light shines bright in her eyes so all can behold MY Glory.

Did I not tell you MY Children that you could not repent for America? Instead did I not warn you MY Children, again through this Handmaiden I say, "Repent for you own sins. Repent for your own houses, anoint your houses." Do not take this lightly. Even this Handmaiden's husband must repent for he has not done this. When I say anoint your houses, do not say, "But, Lord, you will protect me anyway." Anoint your houses, I don't care if you hear this message at night, if you want the Angel of Death to pass over, if you want the hedge of protection around your houses, your establishments, your businesses then do what I say for YAHUSHUA's is not coming for a disobedient Bride.

Prophecy 73:
Because you think there is nothing wrong with murdering a baby while they are yet in the mother's womb your own babies I shall kill, I shall slay them before you. By the hand of Almighty Living YAHUVEH I will show you, I am a GOD that is not mocked. Because you have mocked ME for MY mercies, very shortly now, you will see there is no more mercy. I will not apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah and the other cities besides. I will not apologize to Ninevah, for your sins are even greater still than all of them combined. The stench of your sins reach MY nostrils. How few humble themselves and fall on their face. Oh, if it were not for the Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, I would erase you all from the human race.

Prophecy 74:
Foolish, Foolish, Foolish people of this world, what does it take for you to listen? For I speak to you in the weather, you just shake your head and say, "Isn't that strange?" I told you that I speak to you in the floods; you pay no attention even in the hurricanes. How many people must die before your eyes turn to ME? It just seems like if it is only buildings and casualties you do not even acknowledge ME. So you shall see your weather turn stranger. Man thinks he can control weather. Oh, you boast America you have the machine but you forget; who is the one who stores up the hail, who stores up the snow, who stores up the rain, who causes the volcano's to blow. You forget the one who shakes the earth and I need no machine.

Why is it that you think that only when your soldiers fall that I only see your loved ones tears. But in other countries, those that you deem your enemies, why is it you think oh America and those other nations too I speak, why is it that you think the tears that are shed for the dead, I do not see? The pain I do not feel. Woe be unto the Nations that are puffed up with pride. Oh America, you even dot your, I, with the word Pride.

Those that repent before ME, those that shed tears of remorse, those that turn to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, those who will obey and turn from their evil sins this day, I am faithful and I will forgive before it is too late. But I tell you this MY Children; it is only a small remnant of this human race. Oh, America and England and all those who are puffed up with pride. Need I remind you, pride cometh before a great fall and a great fall is coming and no one will be able to save you? So Children you have been warned. You will know what it means when you see the fire in the sky. So hide yourself MY Children for just a little while.  

Prophecy 84:
Oh America, you who were created to be set apart and to be Holy, oh, how far you have fallen. If you could but see the bald eagle that represents you, you would see how many of your feathers have been plucked and yet you know it not, for you admit it not. Your nation is built upon an illusion. You're so puffed up in pride and say, "Look how wealthy I am." Oh, but if they could but see your feathers have been plucked. You can't even fly, it is but an illusion.

You used to criticize nations who would torture. Now look what your airwaves are full of. Should we not torture them before they torture us? Can you not see, oh America, those who truly are of ME? Can you not see how the changing of the guard has taken place? That which I prophesied from this Ring Maiden years ago has now taken place. There are a few of them, there are very few who are MY remnant who are still politicians who are still trying as they bang their heads against the wall of the bureaucracy, of the hypocrisy, but they quit, they give up, they compromise to the governments lies.

America, you fly alone. You think you have friends? They hate you behind your back. You bribe them like a bully on a playground, you have not a friend. Wait until the other nations see you are but an illusion. You are a vapor in the air. There's not even a fire there. You are but a puff of smoke. Wait until the other nations find out you are a plucked eagle. Why? Because you would not submit to MY authority. Why? Because you kicked ME out of your schools. You did not want the Ten Commandments to be seen in the courtyards, in the courts. The hypocrisy of the ones who call themselves the Supreme Court.