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America’s sins

Prophecy 31:
I have this against you America. Your leader is not only a whore monger but a war monger. Your streets do not flow with enough perversion and enough blood shed now you must take it to other nations. The unborn you slaughter with less mercy than your animals you put to death for food. You take more regard and compassion on the creatures than you do the babies that are tore apart and burned alive daily.

I have this against you America. You were a nation set apart by MY divine hand to glorify the Lord GOD ALMIGHTY whose NAME is 'I AM.' You who once stood for Godliness are nothing more than an empty shell. You pour your wrath out on a nation you have no right to pour forth your judgments on. 'I AM' the only one that has this right for vengeance is MINE sayeth the Lord. How can you pull splinters out of their eyes when you have a plank in your own eyes? First get the plank out of your own eyes then help someone with a splinter.  

How can you cry dictator when you have your own dictators? America I have decreed this from Heaven unless you fall on your knees and acknowledge your sins as I have cried out the warning before through this Handmaiden I will speak it again through her as well as through other Prophets." America REPENT for you shall never win another war again!" You shall reap what you are sowing. The measure of destruction you are pouring out and the measure of death you are pouring out you shall drink from MY cup of wrath until there is no more. America, you once were a nation that was trusted and respected but now you're a mockery of all that is Holy. Your people once stood for morality and your leaders also, but now your people and your leaders are known around the world as immoral and untrustworthy. You defend the wrong and you seek to silence the right.  

You bomb a country that at least worships a God. Even a heathen God is better then none for even a heathen nation acknowledges they are not supreme. America I have this against you. You serve no God. You bow your knee to no God although your currency says, "In God We Trust" you trust in no God. You America, have a form of Godliness but no Godliness within. America you shall reap what you're sowing.  

Prophecy 32:
I charge you with this, spiritual leaders and all those remaining silent you are no different than those that remained silent during the Holocaust. I charge you with this, political leaders who remain silent knowing what is being done is wrong, yet daring not to rock the boat in fear. You shall have your boat rocked but it will be by the hand of 'I AM's wrath. I will not only rock it, I will turn your lives upside down and hold you under.

REPENT TODAY! Speak up today. Hate not the one delivering this message; she is only obeying MY will. Someone must speak forth and be like a Moses and say, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" When it comes time and you see Israel surrounded by troops will you then speak up? When you hear the threats of your own nation threatening MY Daughter Jerusalem will you then speak up? When the missiles point in their direction by your own nation, will you then speak up? You spiritual leaders who cower in the corner in fear with your mouths muzzled for you have taken the bribe of gold covered in your gold dust, lukewarm with a form of Godliness and no Godliness within.

Woe be unto the nations and the people who take part in defending the workers of evil and who kill those who worship ME. Woe be unto any nation that does not do everything possible to protect Jerusalem.  

Prophecy 36:
The nations that want to butcher the unborn, selling body parts to the highest bidder BEWARE!

You will one day very soon answer to the God of Creation. You sell your pills and give your surgical skills I gave to save life and instead take innocent lives. You physicians will pay for using the gifts of knowledge I have given you to murder innocent lives. The babies' souls who are unwanted return back to their Creator and back into MY arms but it is you that shall pay for what you are doing. It is the nations that do these things I shall cover MY ears in the time they are butchered. But again MY anger will not touch those who belong to ME those who weep for the atrocities done in disregard of what is right and wrong.

As in the time of LOT, I am about to destroy a nation that puffs itself up with arrogance, sin, disobedience, murder, thievery, perversion, debauchery and pride. Many laws created now in America are set up to honor the anti-christ not YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ). You know it not but America is as gaseous fumes to MY nostrils. So are your political leaders. The political leaders who try to do right, end up being silenced or intimidated and end up doing wrong that is NOT a leader All of Heaven holds it nose at the stench of your sin that satan flaunts in MY face daily. Your forefathers watch and know what I am going to do to this country that as a child soils its pants and I must change them and yet I will smear the soil in your faces for you have angered ME.

Prophecy 44:
Parents who call themselves MINE and don't repent and warn others, know this: because of your rebellion I, YAHUVEH, will turn a deaf ear when you pray, and dare to face ME after I have warned you and when you come weeping to ME and I will say, "You were warned" and now you shall feed on MY wrath and you won't like the taste of it. All of Heaven watches and you are surrounded with a cloud of witnesses. How many after this prophetic warning will care enough and warn others. You are held accountable for what you know. Don't say you don't know, for even before I spoke out of this apostle of mine, you know I demand you protect your children and how can you say this is protecting your children. America, where is your repentance before ME? Why do you keep heaping judgments upon your head? I hear prayers going forth in YAHUSHUA's Name, yet where is the turning away of sin?

Prophecy 49:
Woe be unto MY Churches and Temples, not leading the people to pray against war in America, this World War III will affect every nation in the world. If you're not doing this don't call yourself a church. Don't call yourself MY Pastor, Prophet, Apostle, Teacher, for you're not hearing from MY anointing if you can't hear this now. Spiritual leaders, you will answer to 'I AM', YAHUVEH for not leading the people to pray against ID cards and other invasions of privacy. You will be held accountable for not speaking out against your freedom and privacy being taken. Freely you are giving it away. Doesn't America realize what price they had to pay to get this freedom, to keep this freedom? For you will not see it returned again until YAHUSHUA comes again after the Tribulation.

America, you sicken ME with your songs of GOD Bless America. What GOD are you singing this too? I heard your day of remembrance and prayer, I witnessed the silence, and all of Heaven watched in silence, as I heard a nation rise up against I YAHUVEH as you assembled in prayers, Churches, Temples, Mosques, homes, and streets, but how many were praying to the GOD of your creation. How many were praying in the NAME of YAHUSHUA the GOD of your Salvation. WOE be unto you. I heard your leader say just pray to whatever god you worship. I saw your government leaders even pray in the name of a foreign god. Which is a mere man, the devil comes in many disguise. The audacity! It is because of the prayers of MY People begging for mercy on America, I did not lift MY hand of protection off you again on that day. It is because of the very few in your house of government I spared America again, on that very day, when this wickedness was raising up, I heard the prayers of the fervent righteous fill MY ears louder than the ones trying to appease every religion.

America, stop testing ME. Woe be unto an infant that shakes their fist in the face of the Almighty Living GOD YAHUVEH, there is no other. 'I AM' who 'I AM' and there is no other GOD. America, if you don't stop waving that red, white, and blue flag in 'I AM's face and start living Godly, raising up the bible, obeying the Torah, which is a Godly standard against the evil in this world, as well as the evil that comes against your nation. 'I AM' is going to release MY hold again on you and allow satan to give you a beating, where the tears will not stop, nor the wails of this nation that will be heard around the world. A satanic nation will beat you and make your bodies look like they were whipped red, white, and blue.

Your nation should not take pride in a flag made of colored cloth, for the most part made by your own enemy's hands, that seek your destruction, and it is sewed by your enemy's hands. For when the nation that makes your flags, sew them, you know it not they put their curses on your flag, and all it stands for, and pray to their gods for America's destruction. Oh America, how I grieve for MY young child of a nation. So spoiled, have I given you too many blessings? For truly I have blessed you where the world is envious. Oh America, I gave you more than the rest, and you behave like a spoiled child only seeking more, and asking ME to expect less of you. Repent before it is too late. Turn back to ME; don't pledge allegiance only to a mere flag, pledge allegiance to the GOD of your Creation and Salvation, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are OUR NAMES.

Oh America, Come let us make peace with one another. You sing 'GOD Bless America', but do you not know that Buddhists say, "This is their god you sing too in America in that song," as well as the Moslems say, "That is their god" and satanists say, "That is their god." NAME what GOD you serve and NAME the NAME of the only one who is your Creator, and your Savior! NAME the NAME YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH also called by some Jesus Christ. These are our NAMES and they should be everywhere on every airwave. Are you so ashamed to call upon YAHUVEH that you have censored MY NAME from your schools, to your courthouses? Why is every other name found in America, even those that serve foreign gods?  

Strangers that come to America, and yet they are not ashamed to mention the name of the ones that are mere men, the devil in disguise, and yet called gods. And yet you who are set apart for MY Glory are ashamed to say the NAME above all NAMES. Then you dare to call upon ME for mercy for America. Oh if it were not for the intercessory prayers of MY True Children I would have allowed America to be removed from the face of the earth already. For the sake of MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones, and Elect, in America as well as those crying out for her in other nations I would have wiped you from MY memory by now. This is how much you have angered ME and yet as angry as I am is how much I weep for you, and ask you to repent, for I don't want anyone to perish and go to a place created not for humans, but instead for satan and demons. This was created for the fallen angels.

America, Yes I have wrapped MY hand of protection around you again. See what happens when I loose MY grip? See how fast your nation is attacked by others jealous for the blessings I have given America. If the truth be known America you have no friends. They are all enemies in disguise and if possible would plunder all you have. 'I AM' is your only true friend and 'I AM' is your Creator and Father. Why are you ashamed of who 'I AM' is and what 'I AM' stands for and that is Holiness, and what 'I AM' stands against and that is all that is unholy. Repent America before it is too late. Oh America, so young and so foolish. Do you think I am impressed with prayers said to other foreign gods that are mere men and the devil in disguise? Your day of prayer and remembrance did little to honor ME; I only spared your nation again because of the fervent prayers of the righteous does availeth much. Do you know satan asked MY permission to crush you on that day? I refused for the fervent prayers of the righteous ones availeth much.

Beware America, for the next World War III will be the beginning of the end for you and many other nations shall fall when you do like dominoes in a row, like a house of cards. Beware and think hard on this, for how can I bless you to win a war when this nation no longer stands for Holiness. You leaders are more interested in pleasing all the people than pleasing and fearing the GOD of Salvation. MY Son's NAME is YAHUSHUA and whether you call him by his sacred NAME or the name in America more commonly called Jesus he is the same MESSIAH for eternity and there is no other. YAHUSHUA is the only way to come to 'I AM', there is no other GOD but the Holy Trinity for all three are one.

Beware for the WTC towers are likened to the Pillars that Samson shook. America this is where you put your faith, your trust, your hope, these were towers made up of many languages and nations, and you build this tower lofty, and if you could have it would have reached the heights of the tower of Babylon. Just like the tower of Babylon fell before the world, I allowed these towers to be knocked to the ground. Now the land is soaked with blood of the fallen that lie underneath the towers as a reminder of the sin of pride in those towers. No one speaks of the sin that was in those towers, the sins that the entire world worshipped, the sin of greed, theft, blood money, in many different forms, sin in more forms than I can name. The whole world drank from that cup of Babylon, when I loosened MY grip on you that day; the enemy came in and attacked.

Prophecy 56:
Entitle this Elisabeth, Warn Them! Those that mock you and say, "Oh you've been warning of judgment every day. Warn Them! Just as in the days of Noah, how few paid attention 'til the flood came. Just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. No one paid attention 'til it was too late. Warn Them! America, you think you're flying so high. But you don't understand, for only one purpose have I protected you, America, and that is because of those who call out in MY Name and pray, "Spare America, give America more time!" But where is the repentance, America? Where is the covering of your face in shame? For the atrocities still go on and MY Son's Name is damned.

Prophecy 57:
MY Children, you ask ME to have mercy on America, but I YAHUVEH ask, "When will MY Children have mercy on ME?" I have said before, "Beware of the Trojan Horse." Again and again I have told this daughter now prophesying "Beware of the Trojan Horse". America you are that Trojan Horse. You come as a blessing to Israel, you come as a helping hand to Israel but behind your back you carry a blood soaked dagger to put into the back of the Israel leaders.

I am angry MY Children, for you cry out for mercy on America but the leader of America puffs himself up like a god, he is not a god. I hear the cries of MY People in Israel, yes even those who do not acknowledge MY Son YAHUSHUA but they cry out to ME MY Children, they honor MY Sabbath Days, they keep MY Jewish Feasts and obey MY Torah. Israel carries the blood of YAHUSHUA and Jerusalem carries the blood of YAHUSHUA, though they receive it not. Beware America you are a Trojan Horse. I, YAHUVEH remind you of what happens to a Trojan Horse. I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA now prophesy through MY Handmaiden, I, YAHUVEH will strike down that Trojan Horse and when I strike it down it shall never raise again. I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA will cut off the horses head. I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA will cut off the horse's hooves. You America will not be able to move anymore and the merchants shall cry from afar off, as they will see America burn from afar off. (Rev. 18)

Oh America, I weep for you as you get ready to celebrate another birthday. You forget it was I, YAHUVEH that set you apart for MY and YAHUSHUA's glory. Only a tiny infant yet you shake your fists in MY face, you deny the one that created you. This warning is not for MY Children who worship ME in truth and love and try to obey. This warning is for those who set themselves up as MY enemies. Beware America! You are as a Trojan Horse. Israel has been your friend, now you treat her as a despised enemy. Your leaders go to shake one hand and stab a blood soaked dagger in Israel's back with the other hand. You slander Israel. You do not report the truth. You make MY Hebrew People in Israel look like the terrorists. You trample on their backs and on their economy.

You send fear among the world and say, "Stay out of Israel, it is too dangerous to visit" and yet the Palestine enemies who despise MY NAME, to the world you lift them up as heroes and this you loudly proclaim. Oh America, you make this promise to the Palestine's, you falsely say, "I, America will give back Israel especially Jerusalem to the enemies of I, YAHUVEH." The Palestine's have set themselves up as YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's enemies. The Palestine's have killed MY Hebrew Children. The Palestine's are trying to steal the apple of MY eye. So America, for helping them you have incurred MY wrath and America even your name, I YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA now despise. I have had mercy thus far, for the cries of MY True Children who cry out. But MY True Children must know this, the longer I have held back MY wrath the angrier I YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA became and America you will pay for this.

So this is a message to MY Beloved Children, anoint your houses once again, cry out for mercy on your own house and I, YAHUVEH will hear you MY Children once again. Repent MY Children for your own house for you cannot repent for the sins of America. For the stench of the sins reach Heaven and all of Heaven holds their nose for no nation has done what America has done and yet no nation was blessed like America was blessed. You want to strike out 'One Nation Under GOD' then you will have 'One Nation Under MY Feet.' I YAHUVEH will stomp you, for you just struck out your mercy; you just struck out MY favor. You want to strike out 'In GOD we Trust' from your currency then all you have is 'In (America) we Trust.'

I'll show you what happens to a nation that is not under GOD YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's protection, it will not be a pretty sight. You will find out America, just how puny you are in your strength and might. You want to strike out 'In GOD We Trust' then America all you have left is 'In We Trust.' For right there you have stated that I YAHUVEH the GOD that set you apart has just struck out MY mercy, you have just struck out MY protection for you rely only on yourself and so America let the world see what happens when it is only in you that you trust.

Oh America, I know your plots and your schemes, your political leaders seek to replace Arafat. Arafat is the lesser of two evils. The Palestine leader to come will make Arafat look like a schoolboy. He will be a traitor, he will be a Judas, he will be as like unto a Judas. He will betray his own people. It is only a matter of time that Arafat will be removed. But woe be unto those who applaud the removal of Arafat for a greater evil will come. To those who rejoice they will mourn. Those that laugh now will be scorned. What a great price America's political leaders will pay as they try to sell Israel to the highest bidder, all for their own motivations, all for their own greed.

A greater evil is coming, more than you can ever dream or even conceive. Woe be unto America for you played right into satan's hands, you play right into the anti-messiahs schemes, you play right into the blue print that has been laid by the anti-messiah that is to come. It is you America that I charge now. You are the Trojan Horse and for this you shall pay. America enjoy your prosperity, enjoy your luxuries, enjoy your greed, enjoy your fame and enjoy your fortune, for it shall be short lived. MY True Beloved Children who live in America, you must repent that you call yourself Americans, do not let the blood of America be found on your hands.  

Prophecy 58:
Your President Bush must remember who put him in office. It was MY hand the hand of YAHUVEH. Judgment has come for the unholy laws that have been passed, causing the people to sin, condoning sin, murdering children while yet in the womb, experimenting, torturing and playing creator; but you are not a creator you are a murderer. You think I am going to bless you with healing you of your diseases, sickness and infirmities, by murdering the unborn children. You think I will bless your doctors and your scientists? I tell you a worse plague will befall you for doing these atrocities and calling it medical progress and cures for what ails you.

I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA do not wink at sin. I am not amused as you test ME further and further. Now even blasphemy is to be on your airwaves in prime time where the babes will be led astray. I am YAHUVEH and your Creator. I warned you but would you listen? Come let us reason this together, I am the same yesterday, today, and forever and I, YAHUVEH do not change. Just because you change your definition of sin, you change MY Commandments, you change your definition of Holiness 'I AM' has not changed. What is sin on earth is sin in Heaven and there is no sin allowed in Heaven. Just because you learned to become tolerant of sin and close your eyes and ears as MY NAME is mocked and damned and what I have written in the Holy Scriptures disobeyed, mocked and twisted to mean what I did not say. Do you think I would go against MY own laws, MY own words that are made flesh?  

Prophecy 59:
You must urgently get these messages out. Be not so concerned in the order right now. Instead be concerned with the urgency. For indeed I gave Elisabeth that vision when one who speaks for others with itching ears and makes promises I have not said. I showed her that vision of the American flag and as MY NAME is struck out and as MY NAME is off the currency, although it is only generic for although I am GOD, you know MY NAME and as it is struck out of the currency, so too will the protection of America. And as I showed her the flag, it will burn from the bottom right corner, to the top left corner. Until this flag is consumed with MY anger and MY rage.

So this is MY message this day, as you see the name 'GOD' struck out of the Pledge of Allegiance. As you see the word 'GOD' struck off your currency. The vision I have given MY Daughter this day, you will see the American flag burn and the merchants shall cry from afar off and the world shall weep and lament but will they learn a lesson from her? Oh how few listen their ears are full of wax, their eyes are blind, they only want to see from their own eyes and they don't want to see through MINE.

Prophecy 60:
Judgment has come, away with your hypocritical prayers and praise. How few of you have bowed your knee to ME to repent for this, for the sins, the sins of the countries you live in. I speak to the world, not just to America, but to the farthest corners and the recesses of this earth. Sin is no respecter of a person. The sin is in all the nations, from the smallest country, providences, cities and towns. Some so small they don't even have names and yet the sin remains the same.

Prophecy 67:
Even the Heathen you rage against in other nations submit to the laws and statures of the god they serve. America, who is your GOD you serve and trust? America, what will it take for you to repent for the treason and adultery you have committed against YAHUVEH, who set your nation apart and blessed it because you were a friend to Israel and defended her. America, the day you lift a hand against Israel is the day I lift MY hand of blessings and protection off of America.

You call other nations war mongers, but what are you, America? Do you not think I hear the screams of the innocent ones that have been maimed and killed in wars that were not of the people's making? I not only admonish and rebuke America but all nations who have taken part in wars not in MY will. I ask this world, do you not think I hear the screams of babies that are tortured in the mother's womb because that mother in her selfishness thinks only of her own life and not of the unborn. Do you think I value one life over another? Your laws no longer protect the innocent but protect the guilty.

Your man-made laws now seek to take away your GOD-GIVEN freedoms I gave America for what you call Home Security. There is no security when people will be treated as criminals, arrested without evidence, judged guilty and executed without even a trial or jury of their peers. Parts of this world already are doing this and America, you shake your head and fingers, and now you are writing laws to do the same? What is the price of privacy? What is the price of freedom to worship? Ask Israel that question for she pays a great price and so have the Christians around the world.

Prophecy 71:
Woe to America. I warned through this Handmaiden in prophetic warnings in the past that America would burn if it did not repent. I, YAHUVEH am a GOD of Consuming Fire, (Deut. 4:24) MY breath is full of burning rage that keeps Hell an inferno, that fury has been pent up far too long (Rev.18:2-24). Alas the more mercy I show and the more time I give to repent, the more this world has become full of unholiness, perversions, abominations and unrepentance. Where are those that call themselves Holy? Where are the prayer intercessors and warriors? Why are not those who speak MY Words of old and new, protesting, rebuking and warning? I have a remnant who are but oh so very few. (Zeph 3:13) (Amos 5:15)

I, YAHUVEH first created Adam and Eve, as male and female and this is a mockery of marriage and I, YAHUVEH will not be mocked. All you people, pastors, spiritual and political leaders who remain silent or change MY laws will feel the wrath of YAHUVEH in a way you have not known before. Be not deceived same sex marriage I have not decreed. How long will you continue to mock I, YAHUVEH, America? Woe, Woe, Woe, be unto you America. You have done and will do what no nation on the face of this earth has yet done. Did I, YAHUVEH, not prophesy through this Handmaiden Elisabeth, America I, YAHUVEH save the worst for last, for you. California, do you not feel the heat of MY anger as I, YAHUVEH fanned the fires with MY breath and blew flames on you. Phoenix Arizona, did I, YAHUVEH not warn through MY Prophets you would burn, still how few repented.

Prophecy 73:
JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT! You who will not receive the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I speak to all those who mock ME. I speak to all those who blaspheme ME. I speak to all those who reject MY Son YAHUSHUA, you who will not receive the shed Blood that was shed for you, then I shall pour blood down your throats. I shall gorge you with your own blood. I shall gorge you for the sins that you have done in America alone. Think not the other nations of this world have not displeased ME. Because this Prophet is from America, so I say, I speak forth the judgments that shall come to America. If she were from Germany, I would speak forth the Judgment on Germany. If she were from Australia, I would speak forth the Judgment reserved for Australia. If she were from Canada, I would speak forth the Judgment reserved for Canada for there is not one nation on the face of this earth that I have not reserved Judgment for.

Blood shall flow in your streets. Blood shall come to your very shores. Diseases, sicknesses and infirmities that, which you have never even heard of before, shall come upon MY enemies, those who decreed they are MY enemies. So you want to take MY symbols of anything Holy out of your view, off of the seals, out of the pledges, off of the flags. You want to evict ME from your nations, I will show you, I will gorge you with your own blood.

Because you think there is nothing wrong with murdering a baby while they are yet in the mother's womb your own babies I shall kill, I shall slay them before you. By the hand of Almighty Living YAHUVEH I will show you, I am a GOD that is not mocked. Because you have mocked ME for MY mercies, very shortly now, you will see there is no more mercy. I will not apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah and the other cities besides. I will not apologize to Ninevah, for your sins are even greater still than all of them combined. The stench of your sins reach MY nostrils. How few humble themselves and fall on their face. Oh, if it were not for the Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, I would erase you all from the human race.

You want to start wars on those who have not instigated wars. You want to trample them underfoot just because you can. I have seen the weapons of man but they cannot compare with the weapons of Heaven. You mock at a movie called 'The Passion of Christ', now you mock yet another movie ('The Day After Tomorrow') that tells you ahead of time, for I put it in the mind of a heathen to show you the Judgment that is to come. And your politicians raise up and say, "Don't listen, this is preposterous, this will not happen" but who are they to say? How do they know where I store up the rain?

Because of the mercy of MY Son I have held MY rage back. When you see one nation under GOD, the last of the seals go, you will have truly evicted even the word, the generic word GOD from your nation. You let a select few, handpicked by satan to take one freedom after another away. You remain silent yet you come to ME and pray? The enemy does not stay silent, the enemy roars and makes itself known as satan goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. So for those who do not have their sins washed in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA, for those who have not made ME and MY Son first in their life and their love, you will see these calamities come.

Oh, you say that I wink at this sin or that sin, surely GOD doesn't care. If you know better and you continue making excuses, saying useless words I do not even hear, I will show you I AM a jealous GOD. Anything you put before ME you have made a GOD. Judgment, Judgment, Judgment even the very word Judge you will see your supreme court of America, sits up there on a hill so piously but I alone am the Judge and one by one they shall be taken down, for they shook their fists at Almighty Living YAHUVEH with no fear. I tell you this MY Children, the agenda of satan has started here. The antichrist system is set up just waiting for the right time and season for him to appear. You have been warned, MY Children, hide for a little while. When I tell you to move, do not question why. Do not procrastinate or you will not be kept safe and then you will come to ME and ask ME why.

America I have reserved the last judgment for you. You watch around this world as you take one nation after another but MY eye is upon you. I see your heart, the hearts of the politicians, the blood money that is exchanged, the death of the soldiers, the women and the men they die in vain, they suffer in vain, for they have pledged their allegiance to a country that does not represent ME. Oh, you other nations that listen to this word, think you're not better off, for again I say I reserve MY Judgments, and your own Prophets speak, for you are no better, it is just that America is bolder in their wickedness. For they have lost their fear of their Creator, the one that set them apart.

Prophecy 74:
Oh, why do the masses stay silent? For even some of the heathen know that the laws now that are being passed are making them shudder and shake. 'I AM' YAHUVEH and the evil ones of this earth I do hate. I am the same yesterday and forever. I will not change just for the whim of a man. America, you say you need no God? When even the heathen nations bow to a foreign God. For they know by in themselves they are nothing, for they desire a higher power and although it be false, at least they acknowledge they are not a God. Oh, but you evil, evil, evil nation of America. I speak not of MY Children, MY Sheep and MY Lambs. I speak of you evil politicians and warmongers who go to try and conquer space as well as every nation in this land, around this world from sea to sea, America if you had your way you would say, "It belongs to me."

Oh, you decree war and you occupy on the seed of Ishmael, but you forget that is still Abraham's seed. MY Children, I alone am your shield. You who live in America weep and mourn, for I have decreed war on America. For she is the bully of all the nations, so puffed up with pride, no longer acknowledging that it is in GOD you have trusted. Even wanting to strip the word GOD and anything Holy out of the peoples view. Oh, but you other nations that listen from far and wide, you also are no better, for your politicians have led you astray. People, you have taken part in that which you do not know. Why do you not know? Why do you not believe that I, YAHUVEH have decreed war on this planet earth? Because you shake your fist at ME. Because you say from your laws I will be set free. Then you will taste of MY wrath. But not for MY Children, not for those that put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their love and their life. Not for those that cry out "We want to know YOU, show us your will, show us your way, show us how we can please YOU today." You are not MY enemy and I will shield you in this day.

I have instructed this Ring Maiden to start saying a prayer anew. Do not just assume that people are to be martyred for MY sake. Where are the prayers? Need I remind you of Shaul, the one you call Paul? Do you not know it was the prayers for intercession that was going on and that is the reason he was spared. I have instructed this Ring Maiden to start praying ahead of time for a force field that will encompass your bodies that will be a protection from the weapons of man and anyone that comes near you. Those of MY select few, those that are called the first fruits, for you are MY choice. It is as though you go through a vegetable bin; do you not choose the best ones? So to I have chosen MY Bride, MY Chosen Ones and MY Elect. There is a force field that will encompass you that man will not be able to see until the weapon is aimed at you literally. They seek to control your mind.

Foolish, Foolish, Foolish people of this world, what does it take for you to listen? For I speak to you in the weather, you just shake your head and say, "Isn't that strange?" I told you that I speak to you in the floods; you pay no attention even in the hurricanes. How many people must die before your eyes turn to ME? It just seems like if it is only buildings and casualties you do not even acknowledge ME. So you shall see your weather turn stranger. Man thinks he can control weather. Oh, you boast America you have the machine but you forget; who is the one who stores up the hail, who stores up the snow, who stores up the rain, who causes the volcano's to blow. You forget the one who shakes the earth and I need no machine.

Why is it that you think that only when your soldiers fall that I only see your loved ones tears. But in other countries, those that you deem your enemies, why is it you think oh America and those other nations too I speak, why is it that you think the tears that are shed for the dead, I do not see? The pain I do not feel. Woe be unto the Nations that are puffed up with pride. Oh America, you even dot your, I, with the word Pride.

Those that repent before ME, those that shed tears of remorse, those that turn to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, those who will obey and turn from their evil sins this day, I am faithful and I will forgive before it is too late. But I tell you this MY Children; it is only a small remnant of this human race. Oh, America and England and all those who are puffed up with pride. Need I remind you, pride cometh before a great fall and a great fall is coming and no one will be able to save you? So Children you have been warned. You will know what it means when you see the fire in the sky. So hide yourself MY Children for just a little while.  

Prophecy 80:
I, YAHUVEH have given you chances to repent, especially you, oh America, and yet your sins only increase each abomination worse than the last. I, YAHUVEH created you, oh Yisrael and America, to be set apart and Holy before ME, pouring blessings upon you and your land and people prospered and your weather I blessed for your crops sake. From this year on, I shall turn the weather against various parts of the earth using it as an enemy against MY enemies in a greater measure than 2005. Oh Yisrael and America, you are a nation that was created to be a leader. Now you lead other nations in rebellion and abominations.

Prophecy 81:
But you, oh America and the other nations that join you, who dare to touch that which I told you not to touch, to divide that which I told you not to divide, you shall suffer the fate of a Judas. You will rue the day that you threw the 30 pieces of silver Yisrael's way. For as you divide the land, as you bribe the one to divide the land, so too I shall divide you in every way. 2005 was just an example. You know not, nor even comprehend, the horror I have coming your way straight from Heaven, no man sent. Oh, Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, how long will you fight against ME? I know the very day when you relinquish your will to ME. Oh, but a bloody road you have to travel until MY Son YAHUSHUA comes and you will shout, "Blessed is he who comes in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH."  

Prophecy 84:
Oh America, how you grieve ME. If you could but see the bald eagle that you say represents your states, you would see the bald eagle weep. Oh, people of America, your government betrays you. They seek to ration what I have given you freely. For you will not only see your food rationed, you will not only see emergency supplies rationed, you will see water rationed, you will see the medicines needed rationed. They will say, "You have to come to us for permission to buy." Those with ears to hear, look at the vultures disguised as your politicians. Look at the demonic faces hidden behind the faces of flesh. And this does not just affect America. The nations who are too poor to do this, believe it or not, will be the safest; the nations who are the wealthiest will be the most dangerous.

You go from nation to nation to make war . Your boys and your girls laying their lives down, for I don't even call them men and women, I call them boys and girls playing like toy soldiers, forced to go into wars where I have not sent them. Oh, how many mothers weep. And these nations are forced to send their boys and their girls to fight against the bully that comes on the playground. Oh, but you've got a finger and you point to everyone else and you say, "You're the worst" and yet how many fingers are pointing back at you? Those that you call terrorists, I say, "Oh America, you are the terrorists."

The towers of cards are ready to fall. You built them up on the backs of the wealthy, so your illusion could stay in place. You have the lies, we are the nation of the free and the wise, come and bring your poor. But when the poor come, you're an illusion of a lie. What do you do to them? How do you treat them? They are treated less than human beings. They are scurried out like they are rats. They are put in your governmental traps. You label them immigrants, illegal's. Are you not the one who invited them here? What is your Statue of Liberty doing there? Come to the land of the free and the brave. I SPIT ON YOU, OH AMERICA!

You used to criticize nations who would torture. Now look what your airwaves are full of. Should we not torture them before they torture us? Can you not see, oh America, those who truly are of ME? Can you not see how the changing of the guard has taken place? That which I prophesied from this Ring Maiden years ago has now taken place. There are a few of them, there are very few who are MY remnant who are still politicians who are still trying as they bang their heads against the wall of the bureaucracy, of the hypocrisy, but they quit, they give up, they compromise to the governments lies.

America, you fly alone. You think you have friends? They hate you behind your back. You bribe them like a bully on a playground, you have not a friend. Wait until the other nations see you are but an illusion. You are a vapor in the air. There's not even a fire there. You are but a puff of smoke. Wait until the other nations find out you are a plucked eagle. Why? Because you would not submit to MY authority. Why? Because you kicked ME out of your schools. You did not want the Ten Commandments to be seen in the courtyards, in the courts. The hypocrisy of the ones who call themselves the Supreme Court.

That goes for all of you and I speak not only to America right now, for this prophet is sent to all the nations. The last thing I do is I've seasoned you America, now I, YAHUVEH rebuke you openly, oh America. You think you've been safe from the diseases. It is you who manufactures the biological lies. The chemical lies of chemical warfare. You poison MY skies. But I will not allow this Prophet to speak forth this word until she is safe.

Oh, but America, you who are the bureaucracy and hypocrisy, you who trample the little ones underneath your feet, the rich and the powerful that take the little that they have from the little ones and give it to these. What a price you will pay. You think your black schemes will work? You think you've been protected from that which you've done? You think you're going to kill the masses of the poor, and MY wrath will not touch you? Oh, you foolish scientists. Oh, you foolish physicians, I will confound you. For those who are truly of ME, YAHUVEH for those who truly put MY Son YAHUSHUA as Messiah and Lord of their life, for those who love US and obey and strive to be Holy each day. I have put what is a true vaccine in the air, I have put supernatural antibiotics there and it will be as the children of Israel and these plagues did not come nigh them.

Run, run, run, MY Little Ones run, run, run away, run from FEMA, and run from any bureaucracy that tells you to take away your faith in ME. Protest while you still have a voice, protest. Jam the capitol's lines, say, "You will not take away our provisions to give to you this city, you will not ration our food, you will not ration our water, you will not ration our emergency supplies." Can you not see if you stay silent, the illusion will win? Did I not warn you, how many prophecies ago, that the homosexuals were in the minority but now you believe the illusions lies. America, you are the fabricator of the illusion's lies. Now you've taken that lie across this world and you've spread it far and wide and yet it is a lie. Homosexuality is still in the minority and yet they pass laws and they change laws to approve of that which I said was an abomination. America, you will reap what you have sowed, just as surely as Sodom and Gomorrah did.

Prophecy 85:
So you see MY Children, there was another reason I sent you to Europe and that is to prove, when I open up the Red Sea, the others also will pass through. Oh America, you put your security in something called the Homeland? I will show you Homeland Security, you are only fit for one thing and that is I, YAHUVEH's destruction. I, YAHUVEH speak this now. You try and hinder MY Children, you try and delay MY Children, nay I say. You were going to make them miss that plane. You wanted to rob from MY Children, you wanted to arrest MY Children and yet not even a parking ticket did you have against them and you could not go past the Blood shed for them at Calvary. You could not go past I, YAHUVEH because they put their security in YAHUSHUA and in ME. They obeyed ME and they fled before the days of destruction come.

Canada, your fate is the same as America. When I look at America and I look at Canada, there is no difference. You are sin, you are stench, you are dung in MY eyes. Oh, I shall begin to prophesy to the other nations, but right now MY eye is upon the one that led so many astray. America, you will pay. Now this Prophet can speak forth the words of fire I stored up. In the coming days, as you approach the day of Pentecost, everyone who belongs to ME, everyone who calls upon MY Sacred NAME had better start quoting Psalm 91 again and again, because he has known MY NAME, he will call upon ME in trouble and I will answer him and I will deliver him, I will not lie.

As you see the prices go up on the fuel in America, you will see a fear come upon the people that they have not yet known. For you see, the oil companies say, 'It's you that they own" and they are going to crush you. How do you think your finances are going to be crushed? As you see the prices in everything go up. Only what you have done for YAHUSHUA will stand, this is the only way I, YAHUVEH will multiply your financial blessings. To those who put your faith in something called oil, black liquid gold instead of putting your faith in I, YAHUVEH in MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH's NAME, you will know fear like you have never known it before. I am speaking to those who call themselves Christians. You should have been praying and asking ME for protection. Instead, you put your faith to protect you in something called Homeland Security instead of believing in GOD YAHUVEH I will trust. Now, oh America, now, oh Canada, now you're only fit for ME to crush.

Prophecy 87:
Oh, Israel, you have every right to defend yourself but to your shame, you no longer rely on MY arms of war. You will be surrounded on all sides because you rely on a Judas called America for your Arms. You must understand 'I AM' YAHUVEH and I will not be mocked even by Israel. Yes, I made a covenant with Abraham to protect and bless Israel but first you must be a blessing to ME. You must do your part and obey ME before you can walk in MY blessings of Deut. 28.

Prophecy 91:
The days of earth are numbered. America, I've said that I've saved the worst of Judgment for last and it is for you. But you don't have a clue what I'm going to do for you, what I'm going to do to you. Combine every calamity in the entire world, multiply it times seven. You're doomed! For you have done through Arnold Schwarzenneger, you have done through the White House more atrocities than anyone even knows but they will find out; by that time, American people, it's too late! I've warned you through this Handmaiden. I've told you it was all an illusion.

Prophecy 92:
Lawmakers, you think because you decree new laws, because of the stench that rises to heaven from your sins, because you change the laws of the land, it changes the laws in Heaven? You shall reap hell and the Lake of Fire for doing this. You cannot erase MY Name so easily or that of YAHUVEH. America and Europe, you embrace the heathen gods now because you have forsaken your one and true God YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA. Your hearts are full of every evil. Not enough Holy People rose up to protest against the abominations that became laws. Now it is a race to see which politician can speak the most abominable lies and pass the most abominable laws.

There is coming a day very soon when you will have to pray and discern, should you witness to this person or will it be a trap of the government? Any nation that loses their religious freedoms is because they allowed the governments to strip them away little by little until all that is left is a dictatorship and a work of the antichrist! America and Europe, how far you have fallen from MY grace and mercy.

Prophecy 103:
You cannot lean over hell as far as you can go and think you will not fall in! REPENT! REPENT! REPENT! All you who are in America, you are so puffed up in pride, you think that war will never come to your shores. You say, "I am the greatest nation!" But I look upon you, oh, America, I look upon the one you just elected president and it was not by MY hand but I allowed your choice because the one that you elected shows the spirit in America and it is nothing to be proud of! IT SHOWS THE AMOUNT OF THE STENCH OF SIN!

And America, you who once sent (Holy) missionaries abroad, you who once stood against the dictators of this world, now you, yourself, have just elected a dictator of dictators. You, yourself, have just elected a president who stands for everything I hate!

Enjoy your doom America. Weep and mourn, oh, America. Oh, you churches, who swallowed Oprah Winfrey's "gospel". The evil secrets, secret keepers, now will fill the White House. I prophesied out of this Ringmaiden. I warned you of the evil secret keepers. (Read Prophecy 51 about evil secret keepers) Go back and see for people came to her (Elisabeth) and said, "Who are the evil secret keepers? What evil secrets?" I do not tell her everything for this is prophesied way in advance before the secrets were even released. Remember the secrets are hell sent. There is only one way into Heaven. There is only one way through MY Son YAHUSHUA MASHIACH's Blood and Name. There is only one way, one Gospel, and anyone who tells you there are other ways, you had better run. (This is about Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of some false new gospel called "The Secret")

You had better hide because now the one that has just been elected president takes that false gospel into the White House and it shall be a stench and you shall see what happens when you elect an enemy of your soul and even those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life, you have taken part in this, knowing he's for infanticide, knowing he is pro abortion, knowing his agenda is homosexuality! And I could say so much more….

You will see what it is like to live under a dictatorship. In the last elections I told you that Bush was the lessor of two evils. I warned you what would happen if Gore got in. The death camps for the Christians would be filled but I gave America more time.

Prophecy 107:
You spawn of satan, who are you to call that which I call human, nothing more than garbage. Do you not know these that pass these laws and now America you compound your sins and say you will pay for the abortions of other nations. Is there not enough blood on your hands of the aborted babies in your own land?! Do you not know that these children are put on an altar of sacrifice to Molech?! (Psalm 106:38, Lev. 20:2) It is no different (than) in the biblical times of old and the same warning again I speak forth. Woe be unto those who sacrifice the babies to the false god Molech! Woe be unto those who do not protest against this, who wink at this sin!