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Remain humble so that YAHUSHUA can use you

Personal note, no one is worthy to serve YAH, but YAHUSHUA ha MASIACH, and HE works through us.

Prophecy 1:
I choose to use this vessel because she thinks she is the weakest of the lot, but I say once again, I will use the humble and meek, those who no one thinks I will use for MY power shows up best in weak people. Others know it is not of them and they don't boast. For they know it is only MY anointing that breaks every yoke, fetter, chain, shackle and bondage. It is not by your might nor power but by MY Spirit. Thus saith YAHUSHUA, "I chose to come as a babe, the weakest of all to prove, don't look on the outward, look on the inward. The anointing knows no gender, race, age." Thus saith YAHUSHUA, "I chose to come as a babe, the weakest of all to prove, don't look on the outward, look on the inward. The anointing knows no gender, race, age."

The RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) uses willing, obedient vessels of clay, not those that shout, "Use me because I am so beautiful, I am more holy than the rest." I will not use those who think they are gold; I use those that know they are broken vessels of clay but mighty warriors for YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. In 1997, I will launch out those who have had ministries that have remained humble or nonexistent to the mass majority.

I will use those who think they are not popular, beautiful, lack the education, those that know they can do nothing without MY anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit). Those that have been discarded, abused, ignored, told to give up, it's not worth it.

I am going to prove MY Word cannot return unto ME void. Beware who you discard as worthless. For it's the pastor who has the small flock, but insists that the RUACH ha KODESH have full control no matter how many of the sheep leave for churches where there is no signs, wonders, miracles, for there is no conviction of the RUACH ha KODESH either.

It will be the nobodies that I am raising up, the unknowns that I will work MY signs, wonders and miracles through, and a mouth piece for YAHUVEH. For they are not a nobody. Only in the eyes of the proud. They are a somebody to ME for I can and will use them mightily for MY Praise, Honor, and Glory. For they will not steal that from ME like others have tried to do.

Prophecy 5:
You will and are being used mightily to the ones you have already touched. Do not despise small beginnings for even a mighty oak tree started from a tiny seed. You are like a mighty oak tree of righteousness, MY righteousness.

Prophecy 11:
Does not MY Word say, "I choose the weak so MY power is manifested?"

All will know it is not you ministering but I ministering through anointed clay vessels. Sherrie (Elisabeth) cannot and does not take the credit for anything she does for ME, for she knows it is not of her but of ME. She knows now I am speaking forth through her to you.

Prophecy 12:
I use those that would say to me, "Oh no YAHUVEH, you really don't want me to speak that, or do that?"

Prophecy 22:
It's those that feel unworthy that make themselves worthy by knowing this. You know this; I am only reminding you of what you know. I choose not those filled with their own strength, but the weakest for then the weak are made strong through YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH alone. You can do anything in YAHUSHUA's NAME. I did not make a mistake when I chose you to speak in MY NAME, I am ALMIGHTY GOD and I don't make mistakes. How long must I say this to you? When will you listen to ME? I chose you and I knew what material you were made of and yes what transgressions would tempt you before you were even born.  

Prophecy 43:
But I say to both of you, "Of course you're not worthy by yourselves." I do not choose the vessels who boast of their worthiness or great value or beauty, nor do I choose those who think themselves more highly then they should, nor choose the vessels who think they are doing ME a favor to be used in such a way. I choose vessels who know by themselves they can do nothing and speak nothing of value unless it is under the anointing of MY RUACH ha KODESH. I do not choose you because you decide to promote yourself and think you're better than anyone else. I choose you because you know you're not the best and your wealth, nor lack of it, does not impress ME nor what you have or don't have, the only thing that impresses ME is the fact that you know with God all things are possible and I choose MY apostles and prophets from those that are least likely to be chosen in the world's eyes. I choose the least likely to confound those that think themselves wise.

Prophecy 90:
On that morning YAHUVEH woke you and said, "Beware, every ministry named after man shall fall, for when the shepherd falls the sheep scatter." {On February 21, 1988}

Pride enters in when a man or woman does this. So beware Joyce Meyers, Marilyn Hickey, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Jan Crouch, Paul Crouch, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Jessie Duplantis, Joel Osteen, among countless others both women and men, you once were so humble, filled with MY Spirit, and now are ready for a great fall. Because of your pride you shall be knocked off your pedestals and if you do not repent from your wicked ways, that which has been done in secret shall be shouted from the housetops and you shall be buried under your own pedestals.

Prophecy 94:
The rich think only they're going to survive. They believe the lies that satan tells. But MY Word says, "The meek shall inherit this earth," the humble, not the proud and the haughty and the rich. You are rich through your faith in ME. You are rich through treasures that others can't see. I gave you a protection that no money can buy. I am the wings that under you hide. I am the one that encourages you. MY shed blood at Calvary is the only thing that saves you through MY Name, through MY Blood, you have the witnesss, you have the testimony. Even for those who on this earth their life is snuffed out, it's only a shell they're talking about. They cannot kill that which is meant to be eternal. To be absent from the body is to be present by MY side, for those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Prophecy 108:
Now is not yet the time to speak forth Words of FIRE MY daughter. Be patient. I just give these few words of encouragement to you. That I your Abba YAHUVEH am pleased. I am pleased with MY spiritual Israel, those who walk in the footsteps that I ordain for them as holy, those whose ears are inclined to every word I speak. MY Children, MY Babies, MY Bride, MY Chosen Ones and MY Elect, you who take no pride in who you are or what you can accomplish but your pride is in what I, YAHUVEH do, what I, YAHUVEH accomplish through MY Son YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH.