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Some of the sins of the world

Prophecy 13:
This world will NEVER embrace MY Children. This world is sinful and a stench in MY nostrils. The sin stench in America and in these nation leaders and of this world is gagging ME and from this stench I will be free. That's why I am coming to get MY Children safely home quickly. Then the judgment of YAHUVEH will fall on this earth in a way that has never been dreamed of nor ever will happen again and it will happen to this heathen land. But if the world is embracing you when I come, then know this and beware for you're not MY Child, you belong to satan, and your name is not written in the Lamb's Book of Life under the heading redeemed. You are only fit for the judgment and wrath of Almighty GOD YAHUVEH. Hell is what you will see.

Prophecy 32:
'I AM' is not in the popularity of the ministries you seek autographs from for shame. MY Servants are to serve the people and instead they are enticed to sin with bribery to stay silent from the government's who give tax exempt status and warn you if you speak you will pay for it financially. For the sake of money you muzzle yourself. You prove what God you serve when you do not speak that homosexuality is sin. Abortion is sin! This war is sin! The ways of the world is sin! Anyone who is a friend to this world is not a friend to 'I AM' or MY Son YAHUSHUA, BEWARE!  

Prophecy 34:
Man thinks they can control the atmosphere and they seed the clouds with poison. They seed the air with poison, they seed the water with poison, they seed the food with poison, even your clothes carry the poison to sicken you and you know it not. Even the detergents you use, the cosmetics, toiletries carry poisons. Even the doctor's poison those who they are suppose to cure. The doctors now kill what I gave them the wisdom to save. Satan the god of this earth poisons you in all ways and you foolish ones do not even see what he does with the leaders of this land as your minds, bodies, spirits, and souls are poisoned. Your church leaders poison your spirits leading you astray with poisoned lies and twisting of scriptures and false signs, wonders and miracles. How few will desire to hear the truth that could set them free.  

Prophecy 60:
Oh, how many times I have repented that I have made man. Yes, I know what is going to happen. That is because I am all knowing, I am omnipresent and I am omniscient. That does not make it easier. Ohhhh, how many times I have repented that I have made man. I look upon this world that is MY footstool. I look into the hearts and the souls of every creature on earth. I look into the secret places of their hearts. I see the evil within, even those that fill the churches, even those that fill the temples. And I look upon their hearts and ohhhh how many are so far from ME.

Judgment has come, away with your hypocritical prayers and praise. How few of you have bowed your knee to ME to repent for this, for the sins, the sins of the countries you live in. I speak to the world, not just to America, but to the farthest corners and the recesses of this earth. Sin is no respecter of a person. The sin is in all the nations, from the smallest country, providences, cities and towns. Some so small they don't even have names and yet the sin remains the same.

Did anyone listen? Did anyone wonder why? I stand by and I watch man's inhumanity to man. Know this MY Children; you will not go through the Great Tribulation, those that can trust ME. But this does not mean that you will not taste the tribulation of man, man's inhumanity to man. Man that is power hungry and greedy and evil to the core, that wants to wipe righteousness off the face of the earth, that wants to wipe MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME off the face of the earth.

Since the beginning of time there's been a war and it is satan that wars against all that is Holy. His time's coming but until that time, all flesh will be tried. You already have been tested. How many of you have been in a fiery furnace in many various ways and before the crowd of witnesses you still kept your love and faith. As the evil grow more evil and the women breed with the demons and the soulless ones come forth full of evil. You cannot even begin to comprehend, for they will have no consciences, no concept of right or wrong, no love for anything or anyone. You call this a clone, but it is not a clone, for a clone would have to be a duplicate of ME and you cannot duplicate, for you are not a Creator. It is satan that is the imitator through these clones.