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Why should we tithe

Prophecy 13:

You will know you are truly MINE, when you desire to tithe and get excited as you get this into your Spirit. When you tithe you are only storing up your blessings in Heaven to be released when needed and quick answers to your prayers. Test ME and see if I am a GOD that lies. Read Malachi 3 then put ME to the test.

I could make money rain from Heaven to support the ministers' needs, yet I chose to not do this for instead I want you to share in the blessing by being a part of giving your 10% tithe and offerings to support the work of YAHUSHUA.

MY Children know I have promised, the same reward this minister receives in Heaven for ministering to the people, bringing souls to ME, praying, teaching, setting captives free in MY NAME. Speaking out against unholiness and speaking forth MY Prophetic Messages. The same treasure is laid up for whoever supports, encourages, and prays for these Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers those that set the captives free for MY Glory. They will also receive the same rewards stored up for them in Heaven.

I am pleased when you give tithes and offerings to those who daily lay his or her life down for ME. Daily is a servant to the people and ME. Most of the time they are abused, rejected and hated for standing for holiness, and speaking forth MY messages. So many of the ministers are carrying the financial burden alone.

My Children serve ME, and put ME first in their lives, live Holy for ME, and witness for ME, suffer for MY NAMESAKE. MY Children tithe, give offerings to support the work I have commanded other ministers to do, using Holy tithes and offerings.

Some of MY Children I hear now saying, "Oh no, I am not going to give any of MY money to a ministry, I don't believe in tithing" and others will say, "I give to a ministry, I don't like it and I admit I give grudgingly but I do give, not much but I do give." Here is MY answer to the first group who call themselves MINE. Check yourself, for if you're not obeying the Word of YAHUVEH, how can you say MY RUACH ha KODESH is within you? How can you say you love ME and not obey ME?

So you now have your answers. When I don't answer your prayers quickly, you now know why. When it seems as if holes are in your pockets, and the devourer comes and eats your seed so there is not enough to pay your debtors, you now know why. There is a curse upon all finances that do not remember to give the 10% as tithe an offering is anything above that. When it seems everything that can go wrong in your life is going wrong. You now know why.

You have robbed YAHUVEH. Malachi 3 does not change.

I have sent them, I have told them to give, but they would not obey.

So I will rise up obedient servants who will sow their seed into the fertile soul winning ministries. Yes even this ministry for the laborer is worthy of wages. Why is it when a person has a worldly job, everyone thinks, yes they should be paid for the hard work. But when the person works for ME and even works harder. For a minister works every waking moment, and every day of their lives. Yet how few understand these are worthy of pay also are they not? This is what the tithe is for. Did I not command the first tithe to go to priest Aaron? Read all of Malachi 3 and ask ME to teach you why there is a blessing in this, not only for the soil the seed is planted in, but also for the sower of the seed. You who are reading this MY RUACH ha KODESH is convicting and showing whether you are obedient or not.

Invest in souls. You can't take the money and possessions when you leave this earth. I will ask those who have been blessed abundantly, "How did you use your money for MY Glory, for MY Children?" What will you say? Satan has people sow seed into evil works, evil shepherds that twist MY Words, speak forth messages that do not offend less they suffer financially, or lose their tax exempt status. Or who fear offending the heathens and don't fear offending Almighty GOD YAHUVEH. Woe be unto you. I have raised up ministers who have not worldly wealth but in boldness speak forth MY Words, blessing MY People and ME.

I speak unto the hearts of MY People, and say tithe, give love offerings and they act as though they were deaf and blind to the needs of the ministers. Woe be unto you rebellious children. I will take what I have given you away and give it to one of MY Children that are not greedy. The job you have I have given you, not to store up in case you need it someday, but to use it to preach the Gospel around the world. I am speaking to the hearts of those who have worshipped material possessions more than ME. Who have worshipped money more than ME. These things will not spare you when I come again. Build up your treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust cannot destroy them, where thieves cannot steal them. How many of you are doing this? Do you clothe the naked, feed the poor, not in your name but in MY NAME, not for your glory, but for MY Glory.

Tell Them MY Child, Tell Them for ME for I Am Coming Oh So Quickly.
Great will be the blessings I have reserved for all who serve, obey, tithe and who are Holy and Worship ME.

Prophecy 21:

Those that I have blessed financially, when I come back and I find you have been storing up your money for a rainy day and letting the Prophets and Apostles go without that are to speak forth the prophetic words around the world and tell of MY coming and the need to get ready. Woe be unto those that have done this.

Children who hear MY voice I command you to support MY Apostles and Prophets that dare to speak in boldness. Do you think this is not scripture? Did I not ordain a little widow woman with only enough to make a loaf of bread for her and her son for one last meal, to feed MY Prophet of old, Elijah. But she believed that when you bless a Prophet so shall ye prosper. In many ways besides financial did I bless that widow.

I even had Elijah of old save her son's life, bringing him back from death. MY Prophets will not be able to work as you work, for who wants to hire a person who can hear the voice of YAHUVEH? They will fear for their lives, as well as their sins being exposed. So feed MY Apostles and Prophets as you have fed MY other ministries. When you shut up the mouths of the apostles and prophets telling them they are not important enough to support, you silence MY voice to be heard on this earth in a loud, clear, bold voice. It's the true Apostles and Prophets that lay their lives on the altar daily, who are hated and rejected for MY NAME'S sake yet how few of you even support an Apostle or Prophet. They go in need while you support what you deem more worthy ministries.

Prophecy 27:

Never think of yourselves more than what you are. You are a beloved vessel of clay, I have poured forth MY grace and mercy and gifts of the RUACH ha KODESH. You are a willing vessel that does not fight against the Potter's hands. You have allowed ME and will continue to allow ME to mold you the way I want you to be and not the way you choose to be. Everything you have you must put upon the altar and allow ME to remove what I do not want you to have, and give back what I do want you to have. Hold nothing back and trust ME, I will give it back and not only what you sacrifice but give back more than what I am offered. Test ME and see if I will not do as I say. MY Apostle, put all you have on this altar including this ministry, watch what I will do. Be willing for ME to remove anything or anyone in your lives that does not help you, but instead hinders you from being and doing all I command to be done in MY NAME. Do this with everything, even your children. As Abraham, you must believe that I am a good GOD and I will give back all that is meant to be a blessing, and take away anything satan put in front of you to be a stumbling block. Do you dare do this MY Children?

Finances included, do not hold anything back for it is MINE anyway. What is thine is MINE, what is MINE is thine. Give it to ME so I can give it back in a greater way. Tell MY People. Write this, not only for your partners to join you, but also to MY People for the same commandment goes forth in these end-times. Tell them, "LAY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ON MY SACRIFICIAL ALTAR." Say, "DARE TO TRUST YOUR FATHER YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH!" Dare to be willing for ME to prune what should not be in your lives. Dare to trust that I will multiply the blessings I give back. Do this now, before I have to take it without your permission. Do this, be it husband, wife, children, finances, home, car, ministries the list goes on. Do this with anything you value business, partnership, churches. You will know what it is.

Prophecy 34:

Did I not tell a man who was doing all he could to please and obey ME and yet when he came and said, "What should I do to be your disciple?" Do you not remember YAHUSHUA said to him, "Sell all you have and follow ME?" I said this for I knew he was a very wealthy man and his eyes were upon his wealth and although he loved ME and obeyed MY laws he had another God before ME and it was his wealth. Does not MY Word say the man turned and walked away for what I had asked him to do he refused to do. This man could have been MY disciple but chose the wealth of the lust of this gold to entice him and put his wealth before the God he worshipped. How many of you do the same thing?

Prophecy 45:

My Beloved Son, do you know you never have anything to fear, for I have given you the strength of a Samson. In the Spiritual realm you are MY anointed Samson. There is no good thing will I withhold from you MY Beloved Son. Trust ME and keep your eyes upon ME. As you sow seeds into this ministry that shall be used to not reach thousands as she thought, but as I have brought confirmation upon confirmation and even showed you MY son this truth what the enemy does not want her to know. You have heaped blessings also upon yourself. As you realize it is tens of millions this ministry shall reach. As you obey ME and defend that which is MINE under MY full anointing.

Prophecy 54:

I tell you this, you must give others the opportunity to bless thee. How many do not know that you are in lack? How do you not know that I will not raise them up? There are those that I have used in the past. How would the widow of Zarephath know that Elijah of Old was hungry if I had not sent him to her to tell her. And the widow of Zarephath would not have been blessed. The widow of Zarephath and her son would not have lived. If I did not send MY prophet with a need so she could have the chance to supply it, so I could have a chance to prove that I AM YAHUVEH, the same GOD, yesterday, today and forever. It is not that you go to them and beg. It is a blessing to them to be able to receive the rewards that come to those who help this ministry. It is a curse upon their heads when I send you to them with your petitions and needs and they turn a deaf ear. It's them that one day will fear as they see no one is there in their hour of need. I've put it upon MY Daughter's heart and today you would not hear. But today now I speak it forth. The ones I tell you to tell. Even your sister Olga would have helped. None of them would let you be without a home. I ask you this, MY Children, when YAHUSHUA fed the 5,000, did HE not say, "What is there at hand?" And there was that little fisher boy. Did the disciples not have to go and ask that lad to share his lunch? And did He not use it to multiply to feed the 5,000 even more? So how much left over was left over?

This is a test. What will they do when I send you? Does not MY Word say, "If you so much as give a drink of water to a prophet, then there is a blessing." So I send you three with these ministry needs. I send you three to test them. Will they hear MY voice? If they do not, in the time of need, I will deafen MY ears to their voice. I send you to the widows of Zarephath though they know they are not a widow. I send you to those who are starving, though they know they are not starving. I send you to those who are thirsty though they know not that they thirst. If they do not care that you are going hungry, then I will not care when they're going hungry. If they do not care if you are to be homeless, then I will not care when they are homeless.

Prophecy 55:

Are you hearing from ME to help this Ministry and are you ignoring what I tell you to do? Whatever they're going to do for ME, whatever they have promised to do for ME, have I laid it on their heart to help this ministry? Have they put it off and said, "Oh, tomorrow or perhaps another day, I'll just come and I'll just read, I won't even contact them." They have gifts and yet they choose not to share because they say, "Oh, on another day." But I tell you this and I speak this forth DEVASTATION IS COMING and whatever they've done for ME, whatever they've done in MY Son's NAME; however they've helped the Good News to be proclaimed, these are the ones I will hear their cry.

Whatever sacrifices they've made, I will take note on that day. I will take note which one's covered their ears. I will take note which ones covered their eyes. I will take note when they've seen you go in lack and even when I put it upon their heart, join hands and become faithful with the ones that spread MY good seed into the harvest field and they shake their head and deny and say, "Oh, no, HE's not talking to me." I warn them now, I will take note for I send her forth as an Elijah of Old. I send her forth to the widows of Zarephath, though they knew it not. I will take note on the day devastation comes.

Did they help feed MY Prophets? Did they offer water? Did they offer an encouraging word? Did they offer shelter? I ask Prophets of Old again and again in the Word that's been foretold and I always sent them with MY message and it was always their choice whether the people would hear or whether they would respond in godly fear or would they chase the Prophets away? Nothing has changed this very day. So tell them, MY Daughter, tell them for ME so they won't say they weren't warned. DEVASTATION IS COMING! Are they ready? Ask them what they have done for ME?

Prophecy 56:

Warn Them MY Daughter. Do not be surprised how few will listen, do not be surprised how many will mock. They see the true ministers like yours, like you and the other ministers. And they see the ministries go in lack. They feed their own faces. They care not of those who are MINE. Now the time is come and hunger shall be in their bellies, no roof shall be over their heads. Maybe not today, but it will be when they least expect. I will deafen MY ears to their cries. Those that MY Sabbath day despise. Warn Them, MY Daughter.

Prophecy 58:

I, YAHUVEH ask you this question since you refuse to help her in her hour of need, "Why will you help the rich and famous ministers that steal MY Glory by putting their names on the ministries?" They are operating under strange fire that is not the RUACH ha KODESH anointing that I have given to this Apostle and another Apostle. They will be a blessing or a curse depending on what they have done with YAHUSHUA and whether they received the Apostles and Prophets as a blessing and not a curse. (Matt 10:41-42) I, YAHUVEH tell you this, to those that have shut their eyes to her suffering and deafened their ears to her cries, I, YAHUVEH am going to do the same to you when you call upon ME for prayers to be answered in MY Son's NAME, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

I, YAHUVEH ask you this, tell ME if you dare, "How many have been saved, healed, delivered and encouraged, how many would have committed suicide and gone to Hell (Luke 17:11-18) if I had not raised up this ministry?" You have personally been blessed and yet so many never have once tried to be a blessing back to MY Daughter and yet again and again she has poured her mind, body, spirit, and soul, pouring out the last of her strength, finances and ignoring her health as she is told to rest and yet does not even know the meaning of rest. Why does she do this? For I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's Glory and for your sakes.

Stop trying to tell ME what gender I can use to deliver these messages and teach and use as MY Apostles and Prophets. (Gal 3:27-29) The RUACH ha KODESH anoints who I decree, not who you decree. I do not chose MY Apostles and Prophets without first putting them through tests and who are you to say whether it be a man or a woman? Have you not read MY Word? Do you know more than I, YAHUVEH, it is I that anoints MY Vessels and I pour forth MY anointing oil and Living Water without measure. Now I speak to those that have taken and never gave anything to this ministry or minister, not even a word of encouragement.

I, YAHUVEH sent Elijah of Old to the widow of Zarephath for I, YAHUVEH knew ahead of time that the little widow woman was making her last meal for her son and then she and her son would have died, if I had not sent Elijah to multiply her cruse of oil and meal in the barrel. She had to obey and recognize the anointing in the Prophet of Old Elijah and she did. Elijah had the anointing to call water from Heaven to fill the stream that went dry, but I, YAHUVEH did not allow it, instead I sent Elijah of Old to test the widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:8-24). Although the scriptures say there were many widows, Elijah of Old was sent to that one particular woman (Luke 4:25). I am using her like an Elijah of Old. I, YAHUVEH instructed her to write and speak her needs and how few have passed the tests. Millionaires have come here and scoffed now they won't have the millions much longer, for I am telling you use the paper and plastic cards while you can to help this Elijah of New, not for her sake but for your sake.

I, YAHUVEH am only speaking this to those that recognize MY voice through these Prophetic words written here and recognize the RUACH ha KODESH Wildfire Anointing that is upon her. I, YAHUVEH want to bless the people but they have denied MY blessings and this Handmaiden I have anointed to speak forth MY blessings as the Elijah of Old. When your paper money is worthless and the credit cards are worthless, and the stocks and bonds and CDs are worthless and you are facing poverty, starvation, homelessness, sickness, you will remember when you were asked to be a blessing like the Widow of Zarephath who sustained MY Elijah of Old. You would have been blessed and protected like the Widow of Zarephath and chose to turn a deaf ear to YAHUVEH's warnings to bless this Handmaiden MY Elijah of New.

I am YAHUVEH and I anointed Elijah of Old as I have anointed MY Handmaiden who I call MY Elijah of New. You will be held responsible whether you are a blessing or a curse to her. I am anointing her to speak forth Prophetic messages that few would dare to speak in fear of ridicule, but those who dare to mock and deny this is 'I AM' speaking know this, you have stuck a finger in I, YAHUVEH's eye. Don't believe ME just wait and watch and see if what I have Prophesied comes to pass, then it will be too late, for those that curse and deny her now, woe unto those that dare to test I, YAHUVEH! 'I AM' knows you read the Prophetic messages to your congregations and lie and say, "YAHUVEH speaks it to you!" You have not paid the price for the anointing like she and others have and yet you dare to speak forth the words and not even invite her to come and speak them forth in the anointing I placed upon her and others when I spoke it to them under the anointing. You are no better then a thief and a liar.

I have anointed MY Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah to be a blessing unto you and not a curse, and there is no in-between. She has a mandate to not bless what I, YAHUVEH have cursed and not curse I, YAHUVEH has blessed. What will you do with the words you have read this day? I am YAHUVEH and I will protect the few that have heard MY voice and will be a blessing unto her in YAHUSHUA's NAME. As I blessed the widow of Zarephath in a time when you think not, in a way you think not, I will sustain you with miracles.

Prophecy 59:

I have made MY True Apostles and Prophets go in lack to test the people. For does not MY Word say, "When you so much as give a cup of water, in YAHUSHUA's NAME, so you have done it onto ME". Did I not command you to feed and to clothe the poor? Did I not say, "When you do this for MY Children, in MY NAME." I am not telling you to do this for the heathens, I am telling you to do this for MY Children, your sisters and your brothers. How can you say you love ME and let them go hungry? How can you say you love ME and let them thirst? How can you say you love ME and let them wear rags? How can you say you love ME and let them go homeless? How can you say you love ME and let them go in need? You will answer at the Judgment Day for each time I put it upon your heart to be an answer to prayer.

Does not MY Word say, "Those that preach MY Gospel, should be able to live off that Gospel." But how can you say you love ME when you're selfish and you're greedy and all you think of is your own needs. This Handmaiden pays a price, her husband pays a price, all MY Children who are anointed, the greater the anointing, the greater the suffering in this world. The greater the attacks of the enemy and if you're not there to protect them, to intercede and fast for them, I will want to know why and I ask you now, "How can you say you love ME?"

Prophecy 60:

So now, MY Children, get ready. I remind you, you are your brother's keeper. For those of you who have cared when you've seen your brother or sister go in lack, just remember that I've taken notes and someone will be raised up when you are in lack. For those of you that closed your eyes and ears to a brother's or sister's cry, just remember this, your very cries, one day and prayers I will despise. You have been tested, and I know those who have passed the test. Ohhhh, but how I grieve for those of you who claim they belong to ME when I tested your love and compassion. And I've used this ministry time and time again as well as others to do so and yet you were found wanting, greedy and selfish, only caring for your own needs. And now you will find out what happens when you pray and Heaven will not listen to you when you plead.

Prophecy 67:

I, YAHUVEH, tell you, no longer shall you know each other by name, but by the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH, MY HOLY SPIRIT! I am commanding you to join together with those you called strangers and now I join you together to support one another, for you shall recognize each other not by earthly names but by MY Anointing. You shall travel with my anointed ones and one's needs shall be all's needs and you shall share what you have with one another as I YAHUVEH bless you.

Woe be unto those who have refused or stopped supporting this ministry, for you say you are not Jewish, nor want to support a Messianic Jewish Ministry. Oh, but I will rise up others to take your place it will be them that receive the blessings and rewards that would have had your name on it. (Deut 28:1-14) Now instead curses of YAHUVEH as it is written in (Deut 28:15-68) will be your lot.

Prophecy 69:

How many of you are running from your callings and will listen to this Apostle speak and say, "I stand behind this ministry but our tithes and offerings we shall still keep." Do you not yet even realize talk is cheap? If you're not helping, you're hindering, taking the words that I speak, and you shall stand before ME on Judgment Day and I shall ask you, "Did you help her in anyway?"

Prophecy 70:

I, YAHUVEH have been taking note of who is blessing this ministry and sowing financial seed now and who is hindering you by only watching to see if and when I perform this financial miracle for the miracle bus. I, YAHUVEH tell you this, I have used this as a test to the people who know that I, YAHUVEH speak forth from you as my anointed vessel. This ministry has been there to comfort and encourage and warn the children who call themselves MINE and now when this ministry needs encouragement and blessings I am taking note who is blessing you and who is not. How few have even joined you in this prayer and anointed fast when it is for their sakes also you do this, as well as standing in the gap for the nations and for MY mercy to delay MY wrath. I have watched those who are watching and not helping this ministry financially or even offered up a prayer in your behalf.

The time is coming oh so quickly when those that sat back and watched and did nothing will see I YAHUVEH sit back and watch and do nothing as calamity comes knocking on their doors. For those that help this ministry and have helped it when calamity comes knocking at your door, I shall have MY angels guard and protect and cover you with MY anointed dome where evil shall not touch you. I have said many times I use this ministry as a barometer how well people are listening to MY RUACH ha KODESH MY HOLY SPIRIT.

Some reading this think they are wealthy, have no need of anything but I tell you that you are wretched and naked before I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's eyes. Some reading this say, "I have my treasures here on earth, possessions, real estate and bank accounts," but I tell you that you are bankrupt in Heaven. Some build up there credit here on earth, but I tell you that you have no credit when it comes to the evil times ahead and MY ears shall not hear you call out to ME, it shall be in vain.

I have anointed this Handmaiden to call forth the assembly to fast and pray for a greater anointing and protection for the evil times that are not far off. Those who hear MY voice in this ministry are obeying and going hungry in this fast, but those who knowingly eat and have their fill now, when I have called forth a Holy fast, shall go hungry, while these that go hungry now, I YAHUVEH shall feed when the time of need comes. Those that hide their wallets, purses and checkbooks now, are stingy with what they can see with their eyes, will find that when the time of need arises I shall also give you back what you have given.

MY Daughter again I remind you, I use you as a Jeremiyah 6: 27-30 test. I know it is not easy but MY will shall be done. I shall bless you and all those that have been obedient and sacrificed and not just watched, but joined in this anointed fast and prayer and sowed Holy seed into this ministry need. Those that do not help MY Ministry and Ministers are against MY Ministry and Ministers. Again and again you have heard, " The harvest is great and the laborers few", and yet still you do not come forward. Be warned, I am watching who are merely watching, be ye doers of the word not merely hearers or readers of it.

Prophecy 71:

Where are the Holy people I, YAHUVEH have blessed abundantly with the wealth and possessions of this world? Who will help the few remnants like this Handmaiden who sounds the trumpet? Who will assemble together on this wall? Remember you will be held accountable for what you do with the blessings, talents and gifts I, YAHUVEH have given you.

Satan gives wealth to his servants who are his seed to deceive the masses of people. Where are MY Holy ones that I abundantly blessed? Why are you not raising up for such a time as this? Why do you not join hands with this ministry and other ministries who I, YAHUVEH use as MY mouthpieces? Do you not yet understand I, YAHUVEH blessed you with your jobs, with wealth and your possessions and lands, homes, for it to be used not only for your needs but for the Kingdom of Heaven's Glory, to speak forth, to fight, to rebuke and warn all that is unholy.

I, YAHUVEH do not give you the wealth, land and possessions to build up your treasures on earth where fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and thieves can take it away in seconds. I admonish you now, to use your income and possessions to bring I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA Praise, Honor and Glory. Build up your treasures not on earth but in Heaven, for I warn you, do you not realize how many reading this now, should you make it to Heaven, will find out in Heaven it will be as though you were bankrupt, your storehouses and vaults are empty.

I, YAHUVEH sent MY Holy Ones to fight on top of Hell, to fight against satan and all that is unholy. To be a witness for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's Glory and to prove MY Children are more than conquerors through YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH the NAME and the Blood of MY only Begotten Son. Many say they care but how few prove they care. I told this to MY Handmaiden when she and her husband where praying and asking ME why the majority of the people who say this ministry and the prophecies and teachings I, YAHUVEH speak forth is a blessing and yet many don't do anything to help lift the heavy load or be a blessing in anyway.

I speak this again through her; you must put action behind your words. You must not only say you care, but prove you care. Rebuke and warn those who do abominations and love and support those that are putting action behind MY Holy words. Faith without works is dead. Woe be unto a creation who doesn't worship the Creator of all. Only the Potter has the authority to destroy His clay vessels. Some vessels were created to bring ME Glory; some were only fit for destruction. Look around you, even the sun explodes with MY fiery rage like never before.

Prophecy 74:

Even 'I AM' ashamed, for I have blessed some of MY Own Children with wealth and they say they follow me, they even come here to listen to the words that I give this Ring Maiden of MINE and yet they hoard and they store up the wealth that I have given them. They say it is for a rainy day. I have given them the ships, I have given them the lands, I have given them the planes, I have given them the gold, I have given them the silver and I have convicted them again and again. For they store up their treasures here on earth, their antiques, their bank accounts and yet in Heaven's storehouse they are bankrupt. Need I remind you of one who would have been a disciple of YAHUSHUA for he followed the Torah, he followed faithfully everything MY Son YAHUSHUA said, but when he came to YAHUSHUA and said, "What more must I do?" Did not YAHUSHUA say to him "Sell all you have and give it to the poor" and the man went away sadly shaking his head, no.

For you see, MY Children, he had made the wealth of this world more important than the GOD he claimed to serve. So too nothing has changed and for this I grieve. Oh, where are the children with the Alabaster Boxes? Oh, where are the tears? Who will wash MY Sons feet? Where are the ones who will grieve, weep and lament at the sins of this world, that brings ME so much grief? Why do you only cry over your own soldiers? Why do you not cry over others? Your enemy is not that which your Government says is your enemy, your enemy is Lucifer. Your enemy is anyone who calls themselves MY enemy. Your enemy is against all that is Holy. Your enemy tells you that what is wrong is right. I am watching, MY eyes go to and fro across this earth, to see who truly cares and I know this MY Children, for you will be lifting this up in prayer. Your enemy is those that rip the innocent babes from their Mother's wombs and throw them in a garbage can or grind them up and put them in cosmetics. These are your enemies.

Prophecy 75:

Will you be a help to her or a hindrance? To those who read this and the other words I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA have spoken forth and have been blessed as they learned from this Apostolic Prophetic end time Ministry. Yet do nothing to be a blessing back unto her and this Ministry. You have become a hindrance and I, YAHUVEH will hold you accountable for making her job harder and the burden so heavy. How many of you ask her to lift your name before I, YAHUVEH and ask for I, YAHUVEH to bless them and intercede for them. As she does this I, YAHUVEH look upon the names she mentions in prayer and I, YAHUVEH take note. Did they take the time and offer sacrifices that would be a blessing unto this Ministry?

How ashamed I am to see how few offer to help in any way. They take the time to ask for blessings and yet don't even so much as ask what they can do for her. For each time know this, every time she has prayed, "Please send us partners to help us in this Ministry," and you were able to help her in some way and you refused, making excuses. This is how many prayers I will deny you when you ask of I, YAHUVEH. Each time you heard the needs of this Ministry and you turned a deaf ear and some I have sent to this Ministry have the riches of this world and yet you turn a deaf ear to this Apostolic Prophet of MINE, you cause her to weep, so I shall cause you to weep as I, YAHUVEH deny your petitions brought before ME.

How many of you put your children in your wills or spouses, family and yet care not about the Ministry that feeds you? How many of you reading this now have the luxury of a job, more than one home, lands, property, antiques, boats, planes and incomes you just store up for greed's sake to satisfy yourself. Does not MY Word say, "Where your heart is your treasure shall be?" You have showed ME where your heart is. Everyone led to this Ministry could do something and yet how many do nothing. Why is it you so causally tip a waitress who serves you physical food and give nothing to the one who suffers, to have the anointing I have given her to feed you this Spiritual food. What is more value to you? Physical food that only satisfies you for a few hours and then you hunger again or Spiritual food that you will always remember and savor, especially in times when you need to be delivered or encouraged.

What will be your excuse when you stand before I, YAHUVEH in the not too distance future? You have been warned; those that bless this Jewish Handmaiden bless not only her but I, YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA. Elisabeth is the one I call MY Elijah of New. I, YAHUVEH have sent her to the widows of Zarephath and they know it not. You who refuse to help in this worldwide harvest field have no financial needs now, but you shall. I sent Elijah of Old to be a blessing to one widow, though the land was full of widows from the drought and famine. I knew in advance of a widow that would need a blessing and was willing to share her last meal with a Prophet named Elijah even though she believed she and her son would eat it and die. She lived and was financially blessed and her cruse of oil did not run dry. I, YAHUVEH desire to do the same for you. It is no accident you have come to this Ministry and are reading these words now.

Prophecy 83:

Those of you who have hoarded gold and silver, those of you who I have blessed with gems, what good is it going to do you, when it is left behind? I have abundantly blessed, financially and in all ways and yet some of you who are the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH have never even written this Ring Maiden. Yet you have grown in secret with knowledge and gotten spiritually fat as all the knowledge and anointing you have hoarded and you have not shared and yet I have given you no lack. I will hold you accountable what you do for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Remember Elijah of Old? I sent him to a widow of Zarephath. Although there were many, many widows in that land, I hand picked one. Who this Ministry is sent to, who I send MY Elijah of New to, what you have done to them, so too you have done to ME. And I tell you this I, YAHUVEH tell you this, anyone who has touched or harmed this Ministry in any way, MY Ring Maiden in anyway, it is as though you have touched and put a sharp pointed stick in the pupil of I, YAHUVEH's eyes and I will take vengeance, and into MY Winepress of wrath you will go and I shall crush you in seven different directions and that's all they will hear as I crush you in everyway, mind, body, spirit and soul. [Prophecy 80]

Prophecy 84:

Only what you do for MY Son, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is going to count. What you do with the money that I have allowed you to have. Only the words you speak with your mouth next to your confession, your repentance, your praise and your worship, only your witness, only your witness as you warn others what I have spoken will count, only your witness to the price MY Son YAHUSHUA paid, with the words I, YAHUVEH say will count. When you stand before ME and you brag and say, "I gave to that charity," was it based in ME? Did you feed MY Holy ones? Did you help MY Prophets out or did you let them go without? Those are the questions I'M going to ask you. Even those of you who are called by MY NAME, even those of you who put YAHUSHUA first in their life and their love, I'M going to ask you, "What did you do to help this ministry speak forth these words? You heard MY voice, you believed ME. What did you do?

Did you compromise? Did you share what you had? Did you offer a place of sanctuary? Did you so much as give a drink of water to a Prophet in MY NAME? In MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME? Did you just say, "God bless you, I will pray for you" or were you a blessing? These are the questions I'M going to ask you when you stand before MY throne. Did you take these words; did you take them to the Sunday churches so the pastor would be held accountable for what he knows? Did you go in as a Jeremiah's army, at least two by two? Did you go to the congregation and explain to them about the Sabbath feasts? What did you do? Did you teach MY Hebrew NAME? Did you teach the power and the anointing in the sacred Hebrew NAMES of I, YAHUVEH of MY Son YAHUSHUA?

This goes for every nation around the world that hears these words. What did you do? I'm going to ask you. Did you help this Ring Maiden in any way? Did you help her fight the enemy? How many times did you pray? I'm going to ask you. When you know and you read Revelation and you know how many martyrs there are going to be, did you pray for them ahead of time? Are you praying for them now? I'm going to ask you. When I command you to pray for the Two Witnesses, that they will believe and receive who they are, I'm going to ask you, were your prayers amongst those who prayed for them? I'm going to ask you. How many souls did you lead to Heaven? How many times did you witness YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH? The price HE paid at Calvary and how HE arose again on the third day so for eternity you could be set free? How many times did you tell people that they must be Holy, that they must be obedient? I'm going to ask you.

Prophecy 85:

But for those of you, who are to remain in America and Canada, I give MY peace that passes all understanding and I have MY Holy who are to remain, this is where your faith must remain strong. But you better know that you know that you know I told you to stay and not go. I thank you for allowing ME to use you as a blessed gift to this ministry. And as they walk in a greater anointing and are blessed and protected, so too are you anointed, blessed and protected. The chess pieces are on the board now, everything is in place. To MY enemies and the enemies of this ministry, now very shortly I, YAHUVEH will be saying, "CHECKMATE!"

As you see the prices go up on the fuel in America, you will see a fear come upon the people that they have not yet known. For you see, the oil companies say, 'It's you that they own" and they are going to crush you. How do you think your finances are going to be crushed? As you see the prices in everything go up. Only what you have done for YAHUSHUA will stand, this is the only way I, YAHUVEH will multiply your financial blessings. To those who put your faith in something called oil, black liquid gold instead of putting your faith in I, YAHUVEH in MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH's NAME, you will know fear like you have never known it before. I am speaking to those who call themselves Christians. You should have been praying and asking ME for protection. Instead, you put your faith to protect you in something called Homeland Security instead of believing in GOD YAHUVEH I will trust. Now, oh America, now, oh Canada, now you're only fit for ME to crush.

Elisabeth, you will find a way to get on that Internet. There is one that wrote you and you are to contact her right away, for it is in MY NAME she continually prays. There is a German Bride you are to call forth; they contacted you once before and now you must find them again. YAHUSHUA has an Italian Bride and when I speak of Bride, I speak of more than just one. Italian Bride of YAHUSHUA, come forth. Send your invitations now and introduce yourself to the Ring Maiden. Are you willing to share what you have with this Ministry? Will you cover them with your prayers and love?

In the future days, prophecies will come forth for Europe and other nations. America, you refused to listen. Canada, you refused to listen. When MY Daughter left along with her husband and son, they shook the dust off their feet and I gave them their instructions. Do not enter in again, for that would be as Lot had entered back in to Sodom and Gomorrah when I told them to flee. I will remember favorably all who have been a blessing to this Ministry, all who helped make this way possible to gather with the International Bride. The more you have done, the more protection I will give you, the more mercy for you shall share the same blessings as this Ring Maiden that is speaking forth.

The ones who refuse to support this Ministry, you do not know it, but you only rob blessings from yourself, blessings that I had reserved for you. These are the words MY Children, that you are to put up along with the words I gave you in the Seattle Airport before you left for Europe.

Robin C. in England along with MY other Holy ones that sacrifice financially so I can use this Ministry to minister around this world your names are written in a book of blessings along with Adam, Marie, Tricia and Joseph W. in Hong Kong who have been faithful for so long. I call forth your names to encourage you. Great, Great, Great, Great, your blessings shall be for wherever their feet go, in the spirit so shall thee. In Heaven when rewards are given out for the souls this ministry has led to YAHUSHUA, you all shall stand right by their sides. Without you to be a blessing to them, who would I have used to be an answer to their prayers? I use people to bless one another, the more you bless others, the more I, YAHUVEH will bless you.

There are those who I have not spoken forth your names and you have financially sacrificed for the sake of this Ministry. Be assured the same blessings are reserved for you too Beloved Children, for I know who you are. Oh, Beloved Daughter Sharon M., over these many years you have been a blessing again and again. You are as the widow of Zarapeth and you share the little you have to make room for more blessings. Your faith and obedience honors ME.

I have sent the wealthy to this Ministry and you know MY voice and yet you stand afar off, never even introducing yourselves, and yet it is the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH that draws you here. Are you willing to share what I have blessed you with to help labor in this harvest field with this Ministry? Do you not yet realize that your wealth will not heal or sustain you in the Great Tribulation? Do you not yet recognize that the truths you learn here will feed you and will sustain you? And when you need faith to go on or wonder what will happen next, I have already prophesied it. Have I not convicted you time after time, to be a blessing to this Ministry, so that I can be a greater blessing to you?

Do you not yet realize that when you bless others who are used as I, YAHUVEH's mouthpiece you bless I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and you store up blessings and treasures in Heaven? Does not MY Word say, "If you so much as give a Prophet a drink of water, you shall receive a Prophet's reward?" Why do I tell you all of this in the midst of a prophecy? Because so many of you want to know why your prayers are not being answered? Why isn't the anointing growing stronger? There is a price to pay for MY blessings and it is called OBEDIENCE.

It is sad to say but there are MY Children who are reading or hearing this and you say, "I recognize the voice of YAHUVEH, I come here to see what HE says but I refuse to support or encourage this Ministry in any way." How many of you started out to be a blessing and then turned into a curse, compromising what you know to be true? You have cried out to ME and said, "Where are the answers to my prayers, where is my deliverance and my healing? Why is my soul mate being delayed?" This is your last chance to be a blessing and obey.

Do you not feed on these anointed, spiritual, green pastures and grow in wisdom and revelation? Just because others pay the price to freely feed MY Words to MY Lambs and Sheep and to all who care to hear around this world. Do you think there is not a price that this Prophet I use to speak forth doesn't pay along with her husband and son and all those who stand by their side and spiritually intercede in warfare and prayer, and yet they continue to do MY will and way. How few of you reading this who proclaim their love for YAHUSHUA would be willing to pay the price it takes to speak forth these words that are not for itching ears, to support a Ministry that refuses to compromise.

Elisabeth [Elisheva], everything I have given you, you left behind for others. All you took was your suitcases and not even the vehicles I gave you. As you leave the gift of a vehicle of your dreams behind, oh, but I shall bless you. Not one good thing will I withhold from you. I shall speak to the Holy people's hearts and you who are reading and listening, it is you who know that you are called and you are chosen to stand together with this Ministry. You have been given the gift of helps. I have blessed you in your work. Together you are called to labor in this harvest field to take forth MY truths across the nations around this world. I speak the same blessings unto you. No good thing will I withhold and you shall be invisible to the enemies who seek your destruction.

So Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, I speak to those in Europe now. Are you willing to share what you have with this Ministry? Bring your brightly lit spiritual lanterns together and be a blessing to one another and bring them as the five wise virgins did. The lights shall grow as a lighthouse beacon light and your anointing shall grow and together you will become one in ME. Oh, the signs, wonders and miracles you shall see in YAHUSHUA's Holy NAME if you will but just have faith and believe. I, YAHUVEH shall be Glorified, for the Glory of MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

I speak forth these words now. Do not fear, oh Bride in Israel, and think I do not care for I shall send them to you also. This is just a stepping stone to get them there. Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH in Israel, come forth. Introduce yourself to this Ring Maiden, for it is part of this Ministry's job to pray blessings and protection on the Bride of Israel. You are one with her as she and her husband are one with you. Are you willing to share what you have with this Ministry? Now is the time to start inviting her and start praying and interceding for this Ministry to come and bless the Holy in Israel, to pray the enemies will run away in seven different directions. Judgment will fall on the wicked and they will fall into the Winepress of I, YAHUVEH's wrath. Pray, oh Israel Bride and Bride of the Middle East, who belong to YAHUSHUA for the anointing on this Ministry to be increased so your anointing will increase also.

Prophecy 86:

Do you know how many still smoke cigarettes? Do you know how many still get drunk behind closed doors? Do you know how many still read porn? Do you know how many have lust in their hearts and yet they say, "I want to be part of the Bride." Away from ME you disobedient so-called Bride! When I tell you to lay everything down, when I tell you to lay your finances down, when I tell you to join together with the others, to depart from the unbelievers, when I tell you that lightness and darkness do not go together. Instead you keep going trying to find a Prophet for your itching ears. Well, you're not going to find it here.

MY Bride comes together and they say, "What is it that I can share? What is it that I can do for you?" They love each other with a love that is oh so true. These are MY Bride. I have warned and I have warned again, I said, "Give up your sin." I am not saying that you are not saved. But I am saying you are not worthy to be called MY Bride. Oh, but these gathered here, oh what a love you have for one another. I sent you forth to call the European Bride and the other Nations beside.

How many care when you have a need and you put the need out? The Bride will not let you down. The Bride will be generous, they will know that your need is their need. Just as surely as I sent Elijah of Old, and told the widow of Zarapeth to share with Elijah and he said, "Share with me your last meal, so it will not be your last meal." So too, I send this Elijah of New to do the same thing. I send her to the widows of Zarapeth that say, "I have no need." Oh, but so very quickly you shall see, you will have desperate needs. It is because you deafened your ears when MY Ring Maiden called, I shall deafen MY ears when you call.

There are those that are meant to be here (in France with us). They haven't just let you down. They let ME down. They put their jobs before ME, they put an unsaved loved one before ME, they put their children before ME when I told them that their children would be fine. They put the money and luxuries that they wanted. They don't care that you left everything behind. They don't care that you don't have a home. They don't care that you don't have a vehicle, they don't care that you left everything for others.

How many of you are obeying? How many lift this Ministry up? How many help it in anyway and yet you still claim your MY Bride? Again I say, "Away from ME you who call yourself MY Bride, who are in disobedience." It doesn't matter what you call yourself. I know MY Bride. If you're not helping, you're hindering and if you're hindering, you're not of ME. For those of you I raised up to give sacrificially again and again, Oh, how you have built up your treasures in Heaven. For truly I say unto you, MY Bride would do this and those whose names are found in the Lamb's Book of Life.

This is what is on MY heart this day. I will answer your questions MY Beloved ones, I will answer your questions MY Beloved Bride, but right now this is on MY heart. This is how it (disobedience) has affected you, when you cry out to ME and say, "Which direction do we go? Where do we live? What do we do for a car?" and yet I say, "If those who are disobedient would have listened and obeyed you would not be crying out now. So I just raise up new ones to take the place of those who refuse to obey.

Propehcy 88:


Blessings, blessings, blessings on everyone who has been a prayer covering for this ministry. You have wondered what has been wrong. For Elisabeth's voice has been silent since the last prophecy. How few even wrote for they were in such fear. Other letters have been stolen, so the encouragement she could not hear. How many of you heard MY voice and tried to donate to this ministry? Yet your credit cards were blocked but why did not any of you inquire, why?

You have been unable to support this ministry as you did in the times past. Why do you not go the extra mile? Why do you not say, "There must be another way?" Do you not know that the powers that be in this world seek to strangle her? For she has refused to take the tax-exempt status, she has refused to be muzzled as a Prophet. You say this ministry means so much to you. You pant for the next word and yet why have not any of you, except for a select few, gone the extra mile to say, "Is there another way we can get finances to you?"

Now I speak unto those that I had told to give and your finances returned back to you. Now you shall give again pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men heap treasure to her bosom. For it is I, YAHUVEH who handed a decree that you are to be a helper and when one door is shut, always seek to see where there is another for you know the words that come forth are of ME.

You know this ministry is for the, 'Last Chance Destiny.' As you are a blessing to this ministry, so too I shall be a blessing unto you. For those of you who are a curse unto this ministry, who have listened and done nothing to help, who have fed off of it, grown fat spiritually and yet have been no help. I speak forth now, out of this message, you are held accountable.

There is more than one way to get finances to her. You see them in a foreign country. You see them do what you should have done. But you would not give up the comfort of your homes, of that of your family, so I raised up another one. You know not and you cannot even conceive the price that they pay for the anointing you have heard this day.

The only reason I have not sent MY SON YAHUSHUA yet to gather for HIS Bride, there are things that still must take place. There is still work to be done. That is why the powers that be, the American government, seek to take this ministry off the internet, to strangle the finances. But where one door is shut, I only open another. How many of you will hear and how many of you will listen? How many of you will contact her and not just stop at one mail but bombard Heaven until you reach her and say, "I must help you, I have a mandate to help you.

See, this ministry is for all the Holy. It carries no name of no man, no woman. These words are not hers. This anointing is unlike any other. If you want to share in this anointing, if you want to share in the blessings, if you want to know you're protected like I protect her and the others of the Bride, no longer stand idly by. For the churches of Babylon are whores; they take the tax-exempt status. They allow themselves to be muzzled. They refuse to speak against abortion, homosexuality, they refuse to speak against what their governments do, but not this ministry. There is no price tag on it, for it belongs to Heaven and who dares try to muzzle 'I AM' YAHUVEH? Who dares try to muzzle MY SON YAHUSHUA? Who dares try to muzzle the RUACH ha KODESH? You shall surely pay.

Does not MY Word say, "If you so much as give a drink of water to a Prophet you shall receive a Prophets reward?" I have her pouring forth the Living Water. How few of you return it back to her. They pay it out of the finances (ministry expenses), the price keeps going up. How few of you even care? So I speak forth out of her.

I pronounce MY blessings to the faithful, to those who refuse to compromise. Not one thing that you have gone through will be wasted, will have been in vain. Remember this Bride, you need one another, so no longer shake your heads and say, "Oh well, I can't find a place to donate." Go the extra mile. Go through the open door. Contact her. Contact her husband. Pound on heaven's door for books are being published. Some are just now in the process of being written and these books will be handed out (by others) during the Great Tribulation. Ask how you can help for the publishing costs are great.

How few of you even care of what living expenses it takes to go where I say go and do what I say do? I could just pour it forth from heaven, the finances, but how would that be a blessing unto you? The harvest is so great and the laborers are so few. Those with spiritual ears to listen know that I'm speaking to you. All others you are MY enemies, remain deaf, none of this message except that of judgment, is meant for you.

Prophecy 90:

The servant is not greater than the master, and if they all had received YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH when HE walked the earth teaching and doing miracles for I, YAHUVEH's Glory, then they too would receive you and the truths I speak forth through this Ministry. You speak forth the words that I, YAHUVEH has spoken, that YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH have spoken, and now you have been given the unique gift to hear your MOMMA SHKHINAH speak forth to you. This unique anointing will come forth on other Holy Prophets who will believe and receive these truths and cover you in prayer, supporting you with their love and doing all they can to be a blessing unto this Ministry.

Prophecy 102:

Oh how much I love you. As you long for ME to come, how much more do I long to come to you! I catch every one of your tear drops. When you cry out to ME because you're persecuted, the vials are stored here in Heaven and I catch every one of your tear drops! Golden vials encrusted with jewels and each one of you have a different one. Each one has a different beauty. It depends upon the suffering you've done for ME, how you've been willing to be persecuted, called all manner of evil names, how much you have suffered and been willing to do it for MY Glory. This is how beautiful your vial is. How much you have sacrificed for ME. How those of you who have given your widow's last mite to this Ministry, do you not understand? Nothing has been wasted.

This Ministry lays everything down, every finance down, sacrifice upon sacrifice in ways you cannot begin to comprehend just to reach one soul in ways that none of you will know. How many of you have helped? How many of you have even given a widow's mite? How many can say they have a part of this Ministry? How many of you even come back to say, "Thank you"? It is no different as I healed ten lepers, only one came back to say, "Thank you." You see when I tell you to support this Ministry so it can continue to do what I've called it to do I don't do it just to be a blessing unto them, I do it because I want to bless you! You who read all this, you who listen, you've not had to sacrifice, you've not had to pay the price, for with every Prophecy spoken through Elisabeth there is a price to pay, for the greater the Anointing the greater the price is paid. True Prophets know what suffering is.

Prophecy 103:

I speak to MY First Fruits. I speak to those that are the 144,000. I grade by the percentage, not "if" you obey ME, but how quickly you obey ME. Not "if" you obey ME, but by what attitude you have that you obey ME; how quickly you obey ME and the degree of the performance, how fully you obey ME.

Do you do things in your time? Or do you do things in MY time? When I tell you that you are to do something do you do it with a cheerful heart? When I tell you to support this Ministry do you just throw them your leftover change like you would tip a waitress or a waiter? Do you make sure that the prophets that minister to you, that feed you are fed and lodged? For this ministry travels the world. They only stay in one place until I, YAHUVEH, tell them they must move on. Do you know how many times they've had to leave everything behind? How many of you could live a life like this? How many would be willing to leave their loved ones behind? Back behind in a country they'll never see again because I, YAHUVEH, have said so. It is not by MY hand they shall ever return. Everyone, everyone, everyone, who accept YAHUSHUA as your MASHIACH, everyone who calls YAHUSHUA the Only Begotten Son of YAHUVEH, should each day be striving to please I, YAHUVEH.

Every time you write that letter of support out, I judge you and the percentage. When a Word comes forth that offends the flesh, just like this Word is going to do, I judge your heart. Do you thank ME? Do you thank the Messenger? Do you put action behind your words? Do you do anything to help this Ministry? I, YAHUVEH, judge you for you see, the Holy Scriptures say, you're held accountable for what you know. (Are you) afraid of offending your loved ones' flesh, your neighbor's flesh, stranger's flesh more than you are afraid of offending I, YAHUVEH?

In closing, I remind you of the rich man who could have become a Disciple of YAHUSHUA, who believed he was worthy to be the Disciple of YAHUSHUA. YAHUSHUA said to him, "Go and sell everything you have (and give it) to the poor and come and follow ME." But I judged his heart. I looked upon this rich man's heart for in truth his love for his riches was greater than YAHUSHUA. His desire to follow after material things was greater than YAHUSHUA. He was not willing to lay everything down for YAHUSHUA, your Beloved MASHIACH, and he went away sadly, for man cannot serve two masters, he will hate one and love another.

Prophecy 104:

I am YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH and all these words apply to all who consider this Ministry a blessing, and to MY beloved ones that bless this Ministry by being a helper. I speak a word of love and gratitude especially to those called YAHUSHUA's demon stompers, MY front line Holy prayer intercessors like none other.

I speak a word of love and gratitude to those who support this Ministry faithfully with their tithes and offerings. You who are a blessing to this Ministry shall be blessed in a great measure. As you lift up the name of this Ministry and pray blessings on all who minister in it and are mighty warriors in MY Name and fight on the front lines, rebuking the liars who slander, and do spiritual warfare against the enemies of this Ministry, and defend all that is Holy. Great will be your rewards that will follow you to Heaven.

Prophecy 106:

Do you want ME to love you? Do you want ME to comfort you? Do you want ME to mentor you? What do you really want? Do you want to be like Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego as they walked and were tossed in the fiery furnace? (Daniel 3) Yet, I did not even allow that which bound them to be burned. I did not allow their clothes to be singed, their own clothes that bound them for you see it was the enemies that got burned up. It was only that which tied and bound their hands that was burned up. Do you want to be like a Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego? That walked in the fiery furnace but the 4th man was there and that 4th man is YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH.

Do you want to be as Daniel when he was thrown in the lions den? He was not eaten though the lions were ravenous. (Daniel 6) It's your choice. Do you want MY protection? Do you want to be like the widow of Zarephath? (I Kings 17:10) The one I sent the Elijah of Old too. When it comes down to your last morsel of bread, do you want ME to multiply it for you, so you will never go hunger? So you will live to Glorify ME.

In this year how man marks time, they say it is 2009. You see I don't only ask these questions to you, I ask these questions to all those that believe the Truth comes forth from this Ministry and that I speak forth. What do you want ME to do? Do you want ME to open the Red Sea again so you can safely cross over as the enemies pursue you? (Exodus 15:4) Do you want these enemies to be drown so they can not harm you? What do you want ME to do?

I am YAHUVEH, and by your actions will be the amount of (your) protection. I am not playing games. Do you want to hide under the shelter of MY wings as psalm 91 says? You say you love ME and I only speak to those who say they love ME. I only speak to those who say they are washed in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, MY only begotten Son. I do not speak this forth to the heathen whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life. You're only fit for judgment. You're only fit for hell. You are reprobate. You're rejected silver.