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Where do we tithe

Prophecy 13:
Those who support MY Ministries that speak forth MY Word, do it not for their praise, honor and glory, but for MY Praise, Honor and Glory. So that their goodness will be a reflection of the GOD they serve. What a joy you are to ME.

I admonish you, sow your seed only into ministries that preach and teach the entire truth, even if it offends. Pray for these ministers, support them. I am not speaking of man made licenses this world calls spiritual credentials. Many have these and have huge churches also, yet they use them to lead the people astray. Only Almighty GOD YAHUVEH ordains, not man. For I know the Spirit of that man or woman, I know if they are fit to be a spiritual leader. Once again man is playing god. Many are called and few are chosen by ME. So do not let satan deceive. You will be held accountable if you are giving tithes and offering money to a church you know is not preaching the True Gospel of YAHUSHUA. If that pastor is teaching error and leading others astray and you are helping him with your tithes and offerings you will feel convicted even as you read this, and you will know I am not pleased. For in doing so you have helped the enemy to cause MY Children defeat.

I am pleased when you give tithes and offerings to those who daily lay his or her life down for ME. Daily is a servant to the people and ME. Most of the time they are abused, rejected and hated for standing for holiness, and speaking forth MY messages. So many of the ministers are carrying the financial burden alone. Where are MY Children I have blessed? Why do you sow seed in hard dry infertile soil? Why aren't you praying and asking where to plant your holy tithes and offerings? Yes, I have exposed satan's counterfeit who rob ME by stealing Holy tithes and offerings and only use them for their own purposes. The wolves in sheep's clothing are being exposed, and they will stand before Almighty GOD YAHUVEH who they robbed from on Judgment Day. Woe is unto these ministers.

Pray I will show you the genuine to satan's counterfeit. I had a greedy disciple, a son of Hell, yet that does not mean all the disciples were traitors does it? So it is true again. You have asked, "Why aren't I blessed for my giving ten percent?" I will tell you, because you're sowing seed into hard dry soil that is teaching error and leading others astray into the very bowels of Hell. REPENT TODAY! If you're MY Child and you're not giving tithes and offerings then you're not obeying ME. Then why do you say you love ME when you're not obeying ME? REPENT TODAY! So I can bless you like the loaves and fishes miracles. So your prayers will get quick answers.

You have robbed YAHUVEH. Malachi 3 does not change.

Remember the devil has deceived you by using his servants to make you think all pastors drive Rolls Royces, have private jets, and line their pockets with silver and gold. These who do these things rob the tithes and offerings from the ministers who need it and who I have told MY People to tithe and give offerings too. Why am I speaking of this through this prophetic message? It is because you won't hear these truths in the wealthy ministries, they are too afraid to offend man. They won't warn you where the wolves are. They won't tell you sin is sin, YAHUVEH has not changed, man has. The wealthy ministers take the heathen's money and don't even care to tell them they must repent, for they are on their way to Hell.

The ministers I am raising up will speak forth MY Words; they have not the wealth of this world to fear losing. But in these end times they must also have your support. It will be these ministers who in boldness will be like John the Baptist. Many of MY Children think because the rich and famous ministers have churches over flowing, lines standing to get in, on TV and radio the very names famous, then surely the tithe will reap more seed given to someone doing MY work, but are not famous, or have the material possessions listed above. MY faithful ministers support the ministries out of their own finances. They rely on ME to move on the people's hearts to sow seed into the humble ministries. I have spoken to this servant that I now use to convey this message when she has asked ME why I have not sent the fish with the gold coins in their mouths. Thus sayeth the Almighty GOD YAHUVEH to all MY servants and ministers who have asked the same question. I have sent them, I have told them to give, but they would not obey.

Prophecy 21:

When you shut up the mouths of the apostles and prophets telling them they are not important enough to support, you silence MY voice to be heard on this earth in a loud, clear, bold voice. It's the true Apostles and Prophets that lay their lives on the altar daily, who are hated and rejected for MY NAME'S sake yet how few of you even support an Apostle or Prophet. They go in need while you support what you deem more worthy ministries.

Support the ministries, although they seem lowly compared to the big ones with lots of financial support, do you think I will bless you for giving to ministries that don't need your money. Your money only makes them more greedy and powerful in their own name, for their own fame. I am commanding you to give to the Prophets and Apostles who rely on ME to support them by sending the seed through MY People, the one I am speaking this to doesn't even know where the next dollar will come from, but she trusts ME and I will supply. For daring to speak what I have not spoken forth from any other Prophet thus far, MY Daughter, Sherrie Elijah will be persecuted for speaking it forth, and mocked even from her own peers.

Prophecy 24 part 1:

The Prophets and Apostles' job is neither easy nor popular. MY Prophets get frustrated trying to get people to listen knowing these words are not their words. They give their own finances to preach forth the prophetic messages as I always have a remnant that will hear MY voice and obey. I always have a remnant that will desire to hear what the Prophets are speaking. Yet, how I grieve how few are willing to labor with MY Prophets by their sides, sharing their burdens. Does not MY Word say, "Believe a Prophet and so shall ye prosper," I now say unto you, "Reward a Prophet and you shall receive the same rewards as they do in the Kingdom of Heaven and on earth." When paper currency becomes worthless paper and has no value any longer, I will remember if you helped MY Prophets or let them go in need.

Remember the Widow of Zarephath, if you doubt this. Did I not already know who would be willing to share Elijah of Old's burdens? Did I raise up a woman of wealth to sustain Elijah? Nay, I raised up someone that was in need such as he. They both were hungry were they not? They both had no physical wealth did they not and yet I chose the little Widow of Zarephath for I knew her heart. She was not selfish and though she was concerned, it was her and her son's last meal and then she would die and her son. Yet she trusted the Prophet and believed this Prophet and so she did not go in lack anymore. She put the needs of the Prophet before her own needs. Remember how I multiplied her Cruz of oil and it did not run dry. Remember how I multiplied her meal barrel so it was not empty.

Remember how I asked her to use her faith to give the last of what she had. Remember this MY Children, she had to borrow pots and jars from neighbors and when they asked her what she was going to put in it she had to say her GOD was going to fill the empty vessels. As I did for her so I will do again. Only believe! Faith without works is dead. I will do this for those who believe I will provide for them also as I did the widow of Zarephath for those who bless MY Prophets. You will want ME to bless you when your paper money and cards are worthless. I will remember now whether you tithed and gave alms when I told you to share. Does not MY Word say, "Store up your treasure in Heaven where thieves cannot steal nor rust corrupt." Store up your blessings the way you would store up your treasures. Where your heart is, what you put your trust in, is your God.

I tell you this; anyone that helped Noah was spared. But who labored with Noah? Only his family, so too it shall be again. Only MY True Children will desire to help the Prophets to speak forth and not muzzle the Prophet or tie the oxen feet as they pull the plow. Pray for the Prophets especially the Handmaiden speaking this forth. Satan seeks to silence MY voice on this earth for the Prophets always warn before I send MY wrath or before satan attacks. It is MY Prophets I share MY secrets with. Never do I send MY wrath and judgment until I send the Prophets to speak and warn to REPENT! Satan especially hates the Prophets. The office of the Prophet is not easy. No one is a Prophet unless they are familiar with suffering. They have suffered for the anointing to prophesy.

So now I say, "Bless MY Prophets and I will bless you. Protect MY Prophets and I will protect you. Labor with MY Prophets and great shall be your blessings especially when you're in need. Offer to hide MY Prophets and I will hide you. Share with MY Prophets and I promise you will never starve or go homeless." The time is here when it is dangerous to call oneself a prophet. It is getting more dangerous as YAHUSHUA approaches to come for HIS Bride. I shouldn't have to tell you to what I have spoken, you should know this already. Shame on you for not doing what you know I have spoken to your Spirit to do. Many times I have said, "Help them," and yet you have refused. How can you say you love ME when you don't obey ME? Get into the Ark of MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

Prophecy 24 part 2:

Beware these ministers boast about their Rolex watches of fine gold. Tailor made clothes on their back, take the Holy tithes and offerings and use it for their personal salary and boast about it. The tithes and offerings belong to YAHUVEH. You are to give your alms where MY RUACH ha KODESH leads you and not always where you attend Church. Plant where I tell you to plant. Hear MY voice and open your ears and you will be amazed I am not telling you to pay for bigger and better buildings, redecoration, luxury gifts for the pastor.

Prophecy 31:

MY Beloved think not I am saying none of you will suffer, for in this world there is pain and suffering but I have sent a way of escape. I am sending MY Son as I have promised. Yet, that does not mean sit back now and do nothing. Now is the time you must gather in the end time harvest while there is yet time. Use your paper and plastic as seed to bring ME Glory. Support with your prayers and alms, ministries I have you intercede for and labor with. Not so these ministries can store up riches on earth, for these ministries that do this, I will personally see to it that all they do become stubble fit only for destruction.

Prophecy 34:

What do MY true prophets have to gain by speaking forth words that the majority refuse to listen to? They certainly are not rewarded financially even by those who deem them prophets for how few will help them when the time is necessary. But these trusted messengers of mine have gained the trust of their creator. The few who have blessed this prophet speaking, I will continue to protect and what is MINE is thine and what is thine is MINE. I protect and bless all that bless and pray for blessings upon the ones who speak MY messages as this prophet is doing now. I will share MY secrets with them and warn before the enemy can strike, so they can move out of the way and warn others to do the same. Holy Scriptures are spoken out of context by false prophets and leaders. READ MY WORD!

Did I not tell a man who was doing all he could to please and obey ME and yet when he came and said, "What should I do to be your disciple?" Do you not remember YAHUSHUA said to him, "Sell all you have and follow ME?" I said this for I knew he was a very wealthy man and his eyes were upon his wealth and although he loved ME and obeyed MY laws he had another God before ME and it was his wealth. Does not MY Word say the man turned and walked away for what I had asked him to do he refused to do. This man could have been MY disciple but chose the wealth of the lust of this gold to entice him and put his wealth before the God he worshipped. How many of you do the same thing?

For those of you who are not doing this I know who prays, Father show me how I can use this money to glorify you? How can I use these blessings you have given ME to glorify you? I know your hearts and they are pleasing unto ME. You have not put the riches of this world above your God and you I call MY disciples. Where your treasure is there your heart is also. You cannot serve two masters. You will hate one and love the other or love one and hate the other. I am not telling you to sell all and follow ME but rather offer it up to ME as a pleasing sacrifice. I will bless you for doing so. Continue to build your treasures up in Heaven and not on earth for one is eternal and the other is temporal.

Prophecy 43:

Remember Elijah of Old was not the one in true need for he blessed the widow more than she blessed him. Elijah never was in true lack for how can one so anointed be lacking in anything? How can you be lacking any good thing when you are blessed with more anointing and gifts than you have yet even realized? Study and read carefully the scriptures I have told MY 'Elijah of New' to give to you. As you have blessed her now she has been told to speak these blessings unto you. Can you not yet discern one another? You two are more alike than you both know. I have chosen to introduce you both for MY purposes and there are no accidental meetings, your ways are not always MY ways, but MY ways are always for your good and no good thing will I withhold from either of you. Both of you stand before ME and both of you have tried to tell the Master Potter how to mold you and use you and both of you have said I am not worthy of such a task.

Prophecy 45:

My Beloved Son, do you know you never have anything to fear, for I have given you the strength of a Samson. In the Spiritual realm you are MY anointed Samson. There is no good thing will I withhold from you MY Beloved Son. Trust ME and keep your eyes upon ME. As you sow seeds into this ministry that shall be used to not reach thousands as she thought, but as I have brought confirmation upon confirmation and even showed you MY son this truth what the enemy does not want her to know. You have heaped blessings also upon yourself. As you realize it is tens of millions this ministry shall reach. As you obey ME and defend that which is MINE under MY full anointing.

You are to help this Handmaiden that will speak forth MY Words that demonstrate manifesting MY full anointing saving, healing, delivering, and resurrection power in MY NAME alone will she accomplish that course I have set before her. But this same seed shall also water your ground and the ministry I have ordained and set before you MY Son. Together you shall plow the harvest field. I send MY minstrels before I send MY warriors out to do battle. Lift up your voice and get ready for I shall send you out together in MY full anointing and in MY Spirit to war as David did against Goliath and in the NAME of YAHUSHUA you shall both be more than Conquerors.

Prophecy 51:

When the enemy comes in, like a flood I will raise up a standard against him. Because you have not yet seen it, do not fear that I have forgotten MY promise to do so. MY Beloved fear not, again I, YAHUVEH say fear not, MY Beloved little ones. I have not raised you up for this hour and endued you with the knowledge that I, YAHUVEH have given you to forsake you now. You are one of MY anointed hidden ones. Now is the time to arise and come forth to aid your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA. I have given you lands, properties, ships, islands, houses and finances. I have secret millionaires; yes even multi-millionaires and you have not been much use to MY Kingdom for you have stayed in the world's eyes and yet tried to walk MY fine line. You have loved and served ME in secret, for you said to yourself, "What can I do for the Kingdom of YAHUVEH? How can I promote the Gospel of YAHUSHUA?" So you stay quiet and hidden, yet pray for someone else to do what you feel you cannot do. Soon, it will be too late to help MY apostles and prophets. Do you not yet understand the price even the one I am speaking through must pay the attacks that must be fended off, not only in the physical realm, but the spiritual realm? Are you helping or are you being a hindrance?

Are you one of these that hear YAHUVEH's voice speaking forth and that will love, and desire to help, and support MY true apostles, and prophets; to open your homes to them, and to help ease the burden to reach MY people with the messages from heaven? MY true apostles and prophets pay the price for the anointing and are accustomed to grief, suffering, rejection, and persecution.

Prophecy 54:

I tell you this, you must give others the opportunity to bless thee. How many do not know that you are in lack? How do you not know that I will not raise them up? There are those that I have used in the past. How would the widow of Zarephath know that Elijah of Old was hungry if I had not sent him to her to tell her. And the widow of Zarephath would not have been blessed. The widow of Zarephath and her son would not have lived. If I did not send MY prophet with a need so she could have the chance to supply it, so I could have a chance to prove that I AM YAHUVEH, the same GOD, yesterday, today and forever. It is not that you go to them and beg. It is a blessing to them to be able to receive the rewards that come to those who help this ministry. It is a curse upon their heads when I send you to them with your petitions and needs and they turn a deaf ear. It's them that one day will fear as they see no one is there in their hour of need. I've put it upon MY Daughter's heart and today you would not hear. But today now I speak it forth. The ones I tell you to tell. Even your sister Olga would have helped. None of them would let you be without a home. I ask you this, MY Children, when YAHUSHUA fed the 5,000, did HE not say, "What is there at hand?" And there was that little fisher boy. Did the disciples not have to go and ask that lad to share his lunch? And did He not use it to multiply to feed the 5,000 even more? So how much left over was left over?

Prophecy 55:

Are you hearing from ME to help this Ministry and are you ignoring what I tell you to do? Whatever they're going to do for ME, whatever they have promised to do for ME, have I laid it on their heart to help this ministry? Have they put it off and said, "Oh, tomorrow or perhaps another day, I'll just come and I'll just read, I won't even contact them." They have gifts and yet they choose not to share because they say, "Oh, on another day." But I tell you this and I speak this forth DEVASTATION IS COMING and whatever they've done for ME, whatever they've done in MY Son's NAME; however they've helped the Good News to be proclaimed, these are the ones I will hear their cry.

Prophecy 58:

You mock the Apostles and Prophets for they don't have a church. Yet the church is not the building, nor the pastor, the church, MY Temple, is the Body of YAHUSHUA, and that is MY People who hear MY voice and obey and love and put I, YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH first in their lives. Even before the wishes of their families, even though it means a dividing sword separates them from their loved ones that deny ME and MY Son YAHUSHUA and the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH. Woe be unto you if I did not send MY Apostles and Prophets to intercede and warn you like I am doing now. Woe be unto you for I send MY Apostles and Prophets to warn before I send MY wrath and judgment. But how few even bother to thank them? How few have even cared to try and help sustain the one even now that types MY Words.

 I, YAHUVEH ask you this question since you refuse to help her in her hour of need, "Why will you help the rich and famous ministers that steal MY Glory by putting their names on the ministries?" They are operating under strange fire that is not the RUACH ha KODESH anointing that I have given to this Apostle and another Apostle. They will be a blessing or a curse depending on what they have done with YAHUSHUA and whether they received the Apostles and Prophets as a blessing and not a curse. (Matt 10:41-42) I, YAHUVEH tell you this, to those that have shut their eyes to her suffering and deafened their ears to her cries, I, YAHUVEH am going to do the same to you when you call upon ME for prayers to be answered in MY Son's NAME, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

I, YAHUVEH ask you this, tell ME if you dare, "How many have been saved, healed, delivered and encouraged, how many would have committed suicide and gone to Hell (Luke 17:11-18) if I had not raised up this ministry?" You have personally been blessed and yet so many never have once tried to be a blessing back to MY Daughter and yet again and again she has poured her mind, body, spirit, and soul, pouring out the last of her strength, finances and ignoring her health as she is told to rest and yet does not even know the meaning of rest. Why does she do this? For I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's Glory and for your sakes.

I, YAHUVEH ask you this, think carefully for I will hold you accountable for what you say and do, "What is the price of your soul, your health, who would have ministered to your wounds if I had not had anointed her to speak forth MY words?" How many are blessed with this ministry? Do you think I will allow this to continue without holding you accountable? You who come and mock and send her messages that a woman is not to teach a man. Do you not yet realize it is satan that speaks forth out of your mouths to discourage her and other women with similar callings? Hand chosen by 'I AM'. Do you not realize those who think they know the scriptures and yet do not, the letter killeth and the Spirit giveth life? (2 Cor 6:3)

I am YAHUVEH and I anointed Elijah of Old as I have anointed MY Handmaiden who I call MY Elijah of New. You will be held responsible whether you are a blessing or a curse to her. I am anointing her to speak forth Prophetic messages that few would dare to speak in fear of ridicule, but those who dare to mock and deny this is 'I AM' speaking know this, you have stuck a finger in I, YAHUVEH's eye. Don't believe ME just wait and watch and see if what I have Prophesied comes to pass, then it will be too late, for those that curse and deny her now, woe unto those that dare to test I, YAHUVEH! 'I AM' knows you read the Prophetic messages to your congregations and lie and say, "YAHUVEH speaks it to you!" You have not paid the price for the anointing like she and others have and yet you dare to speak forth the words and not even invite her to come and speak them forth in the anointing I placed upon her and others when I spoke it to them under the anointing. You are no better then a thief and a liar.

REPENT, turn away, warn and run from such ministries, for you are only encouraging these ministries that do this to continue on offending ME and blessing them at the same time. Woe unto anyone that rewrites MY Commandments and teach MY People to break them and lead others astray with false doctrine and only applaud the Apostles and Prophets that speak soothing words like honey so they can slide smoothly down their throats and in their ears and not offend. When you are truly MY Apostle and Prophet, you will fear 'I AM' being offended more than any person on the earth. 'I AM' the one you are held accountable to. 'I AM' has warned you this day, be grateful and bless MY Handmaiden that has a mandate to help prepare the Bride of YAHUSHUA for the Bridegroom doth come sooner than any of you think.

I have anointed MY Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah to be a blessing unto you and not a curse, and there is no in-between. She has a mandate to not bless what I, YAHUVEH have cursed and not curse I, YAHUVEH has blessed. What will you do with the words you have read this day? I am YAHUVEH and I will protect the few that have heard MY voice and will be a blessing unto her in YAHUSHUA's NAME. As I blessed the widow of Zarephath in a time when you think not, in a way you think not, I will sustain you with miracles.

Prophecy 59:

Does not MY Word say, "Those that preach MY Gospel, should be able to live off that Gospel." But how can you say you love ME when you're selfish and you're greedy and all you think of is your own needs. This Handmaiden pays a price, her husband pays a price, all MY Children who are anointed, the greater the anointing, the greater the suffering in this world. The greater the attacks of the enemy and if you're not there to protect them, to intercede and fast for them, I will want to know why and I ask you now, "How can you say you love ME?"

Prophecy 60:

So now, MY Children, get ready. I remind you, you are your brother's keeper. For those of you who have cared when you've seen your brother or sister go in lack, just remember that I've taken notes and someone will be raised up when you are in lack. For those of you that closed your eyes and ears to a brother's or sister's cry, just remember this, your very cries, one day and prayers I will despise. You have been tested, and I know those who have passed the test. Ohhhh, but how I grieve for those of you who claim they belong to ME when I tested your love and compassion. And I've used this ministry time and time again as well as others to do so and yet you were found wanting, greedy and selfish, only caring for your own needs. And now you will find out what happens when you pray and Heaven will not listen to you when you plead.

Prophecy 71:

I, YAHUVEH sent MY Holy Ones to fight on top of Hell, to fight against satan and all that is unholy. To be a witness for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's Glory and to prove MY Children are more than conquerors through YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH the NAME and the Blood of MY only Begotten Son. Many say they care but how few prove they care. I told this to MY Handmaiden when she and her husband where praying and asking ME why the majority of the people who say this ministry and the prophecies and teachings I, YAHUVEH speak forth is a blessing and yet many don't do anything to help lift the heavy load or be a blessing in anyway.

Prophecy 75:

What will be your excuse when you stand before I, YAHUVEH in the not too distance future? You have been warned; those that bless this Jewish Handmaiden bless not only her but I, YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA. Elisabeth is the one I call MY Elijah of New. I, YAHUVEH have sent her to the widows of Zarephath and they know it not. You who refuse to help in this worldwide harvest field have no financial needs now, but you shall. I sent Elijah of Old to be a blessing to one widow, though the land was full of widows from the drought and famine. I knew in advance of a widow that would need a blessing and was willing to share her last meal with a Prophet named Elijah even though she believed she and her son would eat it and die. She lived and was financially blessed and her cruse of oil did not run dry. I, YAHUVEH desire to do the same for you. It is no accident you have come to this Ministry and are reading these words now.

Prophecy 84:

Only what you do for MY Son, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is going to count. What you do with the money that I have allowed you to have. Only the words you speak with your mouth next to your confession, your repentance, your praise and your worship, only your witness, only your witness as you warn others what I have spoken will count, only your witness to the price MY Son YAHUSHUA paid, with the words I, YAHUVEH say will count. When you stand before ME and you brag and say, "I gave to that charity," was it based in ME? Did you feed MY Holy ones? Did you help MY Prophets out or did you let them go without? Those are the questions I'M going to ask you. Even those of you who are called by MY NAME, even those of you who put YAHUSHUA first in their life and their love, I'M going to ask you, "What did you do to help this ministry speak forth these words? You heard MY voice, you believed ME. What did you do?

Did you compromise? Did you share what you had? Did you offer a place of sanctuary? Did you so much as give a drink of water to a Prophet in MY NAME? In MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME? Did you just say, "God bless you, I will pray for you" or were you a blessing? These are the questions I'M going to ask you when you stand before MY throne. Did you take these words; did you take them to the Sunday churches so the pastor would be held accountable for what he knows? Did you go in as a Jeremiah's army, at least two by two? Did you go to the congregation and explain to them about the Sabbath feasts? What did you do? Did you teach MY Hebrew NAME? Did you teach the power and the anointing in the sacred Hebrew NAMES of I, YAHUVEH of MY Son YAHUSHUA?
This goes for every nation around the world that hears these words. What did you do? I'm going to ask you. Did you help this Ring Maiden in any way? Did you help her fight the enemy? How many times did you pray? I'm going to ask you. When you know and you read Revelation and you know how many martyrs there are going to be, did you pray for them ahead of time? Are you praying for them now? I'm going to ask you. When I command you to pray for the Two Witnesses, that they will believe and receive who they are, I'm going to ask you, were your prayers amongst those who prayed for them? I'm going to ask you. How many souls did you lead to Heaven? How many times did you witness YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH? The price HE paid at Calvary and how HE arose again on the third day so for eternity you could be set free? How many times did you tell people that they must be Holy, that they must be obedient? I'm going to ask you.

Prophecy 85:

But for those of you, who are to remain in America and Canada, I give MY peace that passes all understanding and I have MY Holy who are to remain, this is where your faith must remain strong. But you better know that you know that you know I told you to stay and not go. I thank you for allowing ME to use you as a blessed gift to this ministry. And as they walk in a greater anointing and are blessed and protected, so too are you anointed, blessed and protected. The chess pieces are on the board now, everything is in place. To MY enemies and the enemies of this ministry, now very shortly I, YAHUVEH will be saying, "CHECKMATE!"

In the future days, prophecies will come forth for Europe and other nations. America, you refused to listen. Canada, you refused to listen. When MY Daughter left along with her husband and son, they shook the dust off their feet and I gave them their instructions. Do not enter in again, for that would be as Lot had entered back in to Sodom and Gomorrah when I told them to flee. I will remember favorably all who have been a blessing to this Ministry, all who helped make this way possible to gather with the International Bride. The more you have done, the more protection I will give you, the more mercy for you shall share the same blessings as this Ring Maiden that is speaking forth.

Adam, again I sent you forth, you came from Vancouver to go to Seattle at great expense. You came in MY anointing, you came in MY love. I knew that I could trust you, for you are the one I sent as they left Seattle and went to Alaska. So I knew I could trust you again and, Adam M., you never let me down and oh, how I am blessing you. And there are two Kathy's. You know your last names. As much as you are a blessing to this Ring Maiden, you are a blessing to I, YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA. MY Dearest Beloved Daughter Kathy A., you labor to get all the prophecies I have given Elisabeth released in books which will be as a hidden valuable treasure house of faith during the time of the Great Tribulation. Kathy A. you who have gone the extra miles and sacrificed in all ways, again I say before the world, "You are such a blessing." I decree your name is greatly honored in Heaven along with your prayers and tithes and offerings.

I have sent the wealthy to this Ministry and you know MY voice and yet you stand afar off, never even introducing yourselves, and yet it is the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH that draws you here. Are you willing to share what I have blessed you with to help labor in this harvest field with this Ministry? Do you not yet realize that your wealth will not heal or sustain you in the Great Tribulation? Do you not yet recognize that the truths you learn here will feed you and will sustain you? And when you need faith to go on or wonder what will happen next, I have already prophesied it. Have I not convicted you time after time, to be a blessing to this Ministry, so that I can be a greater blessing to you?

Propehcy 88:


Blessings, blessings, blessings on everyone who has been a prayer covering for this ministry. You have wondered what has been wrong. For Elisabeth's voice has been silent since the last prophecy. How few even wrote for they were in such fear. Other letters have been stolen, so the encouragement she could not hear. How many of you heard MY voice and tried to donate to this ministry? Yet your credit cards were blocked but why did not any of you inquire, why?

You have been unable to support this ministry as you did in the times past. Why do you not go the extra mile? Why do you not say, "There must be another way?" Do you not know that the powers that be in this world seek to strangle her? For she has refused to take the tax-exempt status, she has refused to be muzzled as a Prophet. You say this ministry means so much to you. You pant for the next word and yet why have not any of you, except for a select few, gone the extra mile to say, "Is there another way we can get finances to you?"

Now I speak unto those that I had told to give and your finances returned back to you. Now you shall give again pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men heap treasure to her bosom. For it is I, YAHUVEH who handed a decree that you are to be a helper and when one door is shut, always seek to see where there is another for you know the words that come forth are of ME.

You know this ministry is for the, 'Last Chance Destiny.' As you are a blessing to this ministry, so too I shall be a blessing unto you. For those of you who are a curse unto this ministry, who have listened and done nothing to help, who have fed off of it, grown fat spiritually and yet have been no help. I speak forth now, out of this message, you are held accountable.

There is more than one way to get finances to her. You see them in a foreign country. You see them do what you should have done. But you would not give up the comfort of your homes, of that of your family, so I raised up another one. You know not and you cannot even conceive the price that they pay for the anointing you have heard this day.

SSee, this ministry is for all the Holy. It carries no name of no man, no woman. These words are not hers. This anointing is unlike any other. If you want to share in this anointing, if you want to share in the blessings, if you want to know you're protected like I protect her and the others of the Bride, no longer stand idly by. For the churches of Babylon are whores; they take the tax-exempt status. They allow themselves to be muzzled. They refuse to speak against abortion, homosexuality, they refuse to speak against what their governments do, but not this ministry. There is no price tag on it, for it belongs to Heaven and who dares try to muzzle 'I AM' YAHUVEH? Who dares try to muzzle MY SON YAHUSHUA? Who dares try to muzzle the RUACH ha KODESH? You shall surely pay.

Prophecy 90:

Does it not say in the Holy Manuscripts and proven by the Prophets of Old, 'YAHUVEH shares HIS secrets with the Holy Prophets,' this is a secret I have now released through her, to be a blessing unto those who have desired to know the NAME of the HOLY SPIRIT and have a greater intimacy and love with ME. There will be those reading this that are filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT and they will realize thus far they have done nothing to help this Ministry, or encourage this Prophet, but in gratitude from hence forth they will do all they can to be a blessing unto this Holy Prophet and this Ministry. Great will be their blessings as they labor together in this Harvest field.

Prophecy 92:

WWoe be unto those reading this that give finances to the Mega Churches. I, YAHUSHUA, will hold you accountable where you sow your seed, whether it be in fertile ground with uncompromised truth where you are nourished, or if it be in barren ground with manmade doctrines, where only the Pastors get fat off your tithes and offerings.

Prophecy 98:

FFor those of you who think you can attack, you have only fallen into satan's traps and he laughs at you for he knows what I will do to you. To those of you who say, "I will give you land. Here Amightywind, here Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah, here I will give you land. I will give you houses. I will give you islands. I will tithe forever into your Ministry, just do it my way." Away from ME! There is no strings attached to any gifts you give this Ministry! All you have done is taken a rope and hung yourself! Every, every, every Prophecy that I have spoken forth from this Ministry, ought to be transcribed into Afrikaans and others of Africa for I have placed in the very midst of you Prophets that you do know their spirits.

Prophecy 99:

MY darling I anoint you this day to speak forth the words in boldness to these men so they can remember what a man is supposed to be! They are to please ME before they please any woman, before they please any child and for the women who are unequally yoked in a marriage, I remind you of the spirit of Deborah! You are to please ME. You are to please YAHUSHUA! Before you try to please any man! Before you please your children. Obedience, obedience, obedience is better than sacrifice! Take away your tithes and take away your offerings and take away your praise, if you are not obeying ME! For if you do not obey ME now, what makes you think you will obey ME in the Great Tribulation when it will be rare to hear a Prophet speak as this? Learn to obey now! How do you prove that you love YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH? Does not MY Word say, "If you love ME, you will obey ME."ン/SPAN>How did YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH prove that HE loves YAHUVEH? By obedience to every Word I say. Do not make promises to ME that you never intend to keep.