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Flood, Mudslides, Drought


   Drought To Shut Down Rain Forest Resort
   54,700 Dead Or Missing In N. Korea's Worst Flooding
   Bush Declares El Paso Disaster Area After Floods
   Rio Grande Swelling, Crews On Alert
   China Drought Leaves 17 Million Without Water
   Up to 10,000 Dead, Missing in North Korea Flooding
   Hundreds Feared Dead In Ethiopian Flooding
   Floods Kill 42 In India
   53 Rescued In Port Elizabeth Floods
   Perth (Australia) Rainfall Hits 66-Year Low

   Mass Evacuations In Pennsylvania Due To Flooding
   Heavy Rain Brings Landslides, Floods To Kyushu (Japan)
   Floods Kill At Least 16 People in Eastern U.S.
   Drought Hurts Wheat Crop In Kansas Town
   D.C.-Area Floods Shut Down Buildings
   Floods Swamp Philadelphia
   Romania Official Warning Of Further Floods Issued

  Ohio, Michigan: Streets Turned into Rivers; Tornadoes,
  Hail, Torrents of Water Inundate Area

   Hundreds Killed in Indonesian Landslides, Floods


Deserts Expanding With Jet Stream Shift
Deserts in the American Southwest and around the globe are creeping toward heavily populated areas as the jet streams shift, researchers reported Thursday. The result: Areas already stressed by drought may get even drier.

   New England Floods Force Hundreds From Homes
   Northeast Floods Spark States of Emergency
   Almost 1,000 Evacuated After Dyke Bursts in Romania
   Nine Killed in Northern Afghanistan Flash Floods

   One Killed By Floods at Kenyan Refugee Camp
   South China Province Placed on Flood Alert
   Flooding Causes Chaos in Coromandel, New Zealand
   Hawaii - Makiki Stream Overflows, Stranding People in Area

   Thousands Evacuated in European Flood Alerts
   Meric River (Istanbul) Bursts its Banks
   Heavy Rains Bring Massive Flooding, Mudslides To Hawaii
   Thousands of Australians Stranded by Floods
   Dry Winter Points Way to Summer Drought for Europe
   Scorching Spring Heat to Hit India Wheat Yield
   Scores Evacuated After Flash Floods Hit Malaysia
   London: Get Ready for Worst Drought in 75 Years, Water Firms Told

   Flood Warning Follows Cyclone Clare (Western Australia)
   Flooding kills at least 24 people in central Indonesia


   Drought Threatening Fresh Water Supplies in Southern China
   Winter Causes California Rivers to Swell
   Drought Could Force Fort Smith to Pull Water From Arkansas River
   California Flooding Leaves 1 Dead
   Storn-Socked Northern California Braces For Next Blow
   Drought Threatening Fresh Water Supplies in Southern China
   Torrential Rains Bring Floods to Western Sahara
   Deadly Drought Hits South Somalia
   Kenya: Drought-related Deaths in the Northeast
   Torrential Rains Bring Floods to Western Sahara
   Philippine Floods Kill Two, Affect Thousands

   37 Flood Warnings, 89 Flood Watches After Heavy Rain in Wales, SW England

   Rio Grande To Reach Flood Stage
   Crop-Damaging Drought Prompts Illinois Governor To Call For Aid
   Nearly All Missouri Suffering Drought
   15 Dead, 1.9 Million Displaced In Assam Floods
   Fresh Bangladesh Floods Kill 10, Thousands Stranded
   Flooding Kills 30, Affects Over 460,000
   12 Dead in India's Northeast Assam State From Floods, Landslides
   Drought Draining to Fields and Farmers in Texas

   Bangladesh Floods Kill 10, Houses Washed Away
   Wet Weather Causing Problems in Nova Scotia
   Flash Floods Smash into Sao Paulo
   Flash Floods Maroon 50,000 Villagers in Bangladesh, One Dead
   At Least 8 Killed, Tens of Thousands Displaced as Floods Ravage Kenya

   Severe Water Shortage in China
   Floods Kill Over 200 In Afghanistan
   High Alert For Floods Across Czech Republic
   Asian Drought Affects Millions, Hits Crops, Exports

   Mozambican Crops Lost in Floods
   Pakistani Flood Deaths Increase to 278
   Dam Burst Kills Over 50 in Pakistan
   Venezuelan Troops Rescue Thousands Trapped By Rain

   Flooding Kills 29 in Saudi Arabia
   Indiana Gets Out Sandbags As Waters Rise
   Gondolas Stuck As Venice Waters Recede
   Floods hit Costa Rica and Panama
   Two Dead After California Mudslide
   Relentless Storm Pounds So. Calif., Traps Motorists and Floods Roadways
   Floods and High Winds Bring Chaos, Carlisle, U.K.
   Ohio River Floods In Aftermath of Storm


   Flash Floods Kill 34 in Iran
   Sri Lanka Floods Spread to More Areas, Death Toll Hits Six
   Sri Lanka Floods Kill Two, 625,000 Forced from Homes
   Four drowned, 4,500 Evacuated in Malasian Floods
   One Dead After N.C. Flood Wipes Out Bridge
   Toll Of Dead And Missing From Philippine Storms Tops 1,400
   Floods Kill at Least 11 in Indonesia

   Vietnam Floods Kill 40
   110 Cities in China Severely Short of Water
   10" of Rain Fall on Manoa, Destroy Documents at Hawaii Library

   Tourists, Residents, Wading Through Flood Waters in Venice
   Ireland Battered By Year's Worst Storm
   Western Japan Faces Increased Flooding
   Storms Flood Tennessee As Tornadoes Leave
   Death Toll in India's Northeast Tops 150
   Matthew Sparks Flooding in Louisiana
   54 Dead, Millions Flee Homes as Rains Lash Northeast India, Bangladesh
   Haiti/Tortuga Death Toll Passes 3,000

   Tropical Storm Jeanne Kills Nearly 2,000 In Haiti, 250,000 Homeless