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Angie Ray


Voodoo Priestess Masquerading As A Deliverance Minister Put Many Victums Under Satanic Bondage! Are You One of Them? If So, You Are In Danger and Need To Be Set Free From The Bondage This Evil Woman Put You In!

Posted 12.16.2005

To those millions who joined Angie Ray in fasting praying for my [Elisabeth's] death, your prayers have only been boomaranged back against you and the first one to fall--as far as I know--has been Angie Ray hereself. She died on December 10th, 2005. I am still trying to find out how and where she died. Perhaps someone reading this who knows the circumstances surrounding her demise will contact me so the details can be posted here.

Angie Ray Ministries was also referred to her as ARM. But her ARM couldn't save her from the ARM of YAHUVEH'S vengeance.

I can only wonder if she died suddenly while sitting in her huge wooden throne during services at her church and toppled to the floor dead in front of her congregation. I wouldn't be surprised, for when YAHUVEH'S judgment comes down like a hammer on someone like her, He makes a public display so there is no doubt that He is the one behind it. Remember how Goliath fell. Right there in front of his own men and also their enemy, the Jews. A young boy named David with one small stone from a sling shot put a that blasphemer on his back long enough for David to take off his head.

Well, he decided to go to her site again, and suddenly there it was, an on-line memorial for Angie Ray, complete with sweet background music and an elaborate cyber memorial book filled with acculades and praise for this evil woman. She masqueraded as a Christian and had many undiscerning people fooled who did not know, or maybe couldn't believe she was a servant of Satan who did not help people get delivered from demons, but was responsible for demonizing people who walked through the front doors of her church.

Ray's lawyer sent me an email shortly after this information was posted, threatening a lawsuit for what I related had been spoken from my friend. The disclaimer I put up as a result of this has been removed so the page is as it was originally posted.

I have learned from this to NEVER run FROM my Goliaths, but to run TOWARD them, because my Shield and Buckler Almighty YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA will protect me as I proclaim the Truth. And, as in the case of Angie Ray, send the curses and demons they are trying to destroy me with RIGHT BACK INTO THEIR FACES and give them what they tried to put on me.

YAHUSHUA told me years ago, when I was used to expose Angie Ray and her church, and my life was threatened because of that, David didn't run AWAY from Goliath, he ran TOWARDS Goliath.

YAHUVEH has roared and those of you who send death threats and curses against this Ring Maiden and His servant--or against any of those who love Him and belong to Him--you had better repent while you can before He devours you with His Wrath.

I am now praying for the deliverance of those who were demonized by Angie Ray and/or her daughters and associates. Even if you were among those who fasted and prayed for my death, if you have truly repented of your sin, I forgive you.

Angie Ray is the first of many dominoes set to fall, the enemies of this ministry who are calling for my death, who are sending demons and curses against me and my family. You will reap what you are sowing and YOU will be the ones to experience first hand what you are trying to throw upon me! For you aren't fighting against just a woman...you are going up against YAHUVEH Himself. And He NEVER losses a battle against those who oppose Him!