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Robert Schuller

11.13.2002 Updated Message From Elisabeth

Robert Schuller admits he is a feel good religion he will not preach on anything controversial like homosexuality or Abortion. Robert Schuller refuses to call himself a Christian, instead he insists he is a Follower of Christ so he doesn't offend other religions including Muslims. Robert Schuller appeals to the masses that want to only hear of blessings and not warn of obedience and Holiness and the consequences of sin which includes Hell.

Robert Schuller has been seen with the recent politicians including Clinton and Bush and yes even Arafat! He never speaks of sin nor repentance nor warns of hell. Robert Schuller is a new age minister.

Robert Schuller has the favor of the rich and the famous of this world including the Pope. Robert Schuller will one day answer at the Judgment seat of Christ for how can he say he is a follower of Christ and not teach Holiness and Obedience? Robert Schuller is a one world religion and his Crystal Cathedral stands for beauty without any substance.

How many people in America could 20 million dollars feed and give shelter too? Now Robert Shyster Schuller is building up all surrounding land to build onto his empire. Robert Schuller is a lukewarm minister that transfers that spirit onto those that support his lavish lifestyle fit for a king. Shame on any Born Again Christian that has helped feed his appetite for greed for money, power and fame.

Robert Schuller laughs and mocks true Born Again believers and followers of YAHUSHUA our LORD Jesus Christ. Robert laughs all the way to the bank. I watched a program about him on the biography station a few nights ago and listened and watched as he boasted on his wealth and accomplishments in building the Crystal Cathedral, even how a man in his congregation who was 90 years old and bought a ten year bond. Robert laughed for how foolish was this man to think he would live to collect it.

I have seen a vision of Robert Schuller and the glass building he built come crashing down upon his head. Robert was standing at the pulpit in a purple robe and as the earth shook the glass started falling from the top of the ceiling he lifts his arm up bending it at the elbow to shield his face with a look of horror. Is this vision to be taken literally or spiritually I can't say.

I know this he won't be smiling in hell nor the lake of fire. How many souls could have been saved IF he really would have been a minister and not sold out to this beast system? Only YAHUSHUA knows. A true minister is willing to lay down his life and all he owns for the sake of the sheep and lambs if heed be. Can you even imagine Robert Schuller or his family going without even a meal to give to others? A servant is not greater then his master the Bible says. When you look at the Crystal Cathedral you know this man does not worship nor serve the same LORD JESUS CHRIST our YAHUSHUA as we do. The Bible says man cannot serve two masters, else he will hate one and love the other. Mammon or money is what Robert Schuller worships and he has compromised the true gospel of JESUS CHRIST our YAHUSHUA.

Robert Schuller will find out the hard way that this Apostolic prophet has seen his future if he doesn't repent. California was given to me as one of the 5 states to warn of coming devastation. I don't think it is coincidence that the Crystal Cathedral is in California. Please read again or listen to Prophecy 64 and realize that HOUR OF POWER has NO anointing Power of the Holy Spirit! The Crystal Cathedral is a monument built to the Churches of Babylon that the people have been told to FLEE before it comes crashing down.

One thing the HOLY SPIRIT told me tonight was to tell the congregation reading this,  "When you flee the churches of Babylon, do not think this means you are to sit idle and not reach souls for our LORD JESUS CHRIST OUR YAHUSHUA. In fact you have a greater responsibility to go out and bring souls to YAHUSHUA ha Mashiach. We are the called out ones and we have a greater responsibility to be our brothers keepers, for the only YAHUSHUA someone may see is the way you treat them with love and kindness. What greater kindness can there be then sharing the truths of the Holy Scriptures even if it offends them. We must love them enough to warn them there is a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun. 

Anyone not worshipping YAHUVEH our Creator and YAHUSHUA (Lord Jesus Christ) our Messiah, is serving satan the devil. There are only two choices and our job is to be the finger that points the way to Heaven and YAHUSHUA! The Robert Schuller's of this world will not do this! Will you help me to do this? The harvest is great and the laborers are few.

Love and blessings in the name of YAHUSHUA
Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah