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America, Betrayed By A Kiss

Given to Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah
August 31, 2008

Here’s the dream and it’s not good for America.

I was watching a lady from afar off. The first thing she did is she went into this private building that says, “Private, Chanters Only”. (I know nothing about chanting guys so I’m going to have to ask other troops to know what this means.) I saw this lady press her face against the window. The window didn’t have any curtains on it and she pressed her face against the window with her mouth open and she appeared to be screaming. I said, “Wow, I wonder what’s going on in there, but I can’t go and see because it says, ‘Private, Chanters Only’”.

Then I watched this lady and she left the building after awhile and she was between walking and jogging down the road and a car stopped. In the car was her husband who had gone away on a business trip and had been gone for a long time. He got out of the car when he saw her. She walked up to him and kissed him and he said, “Why don’t you take the car back home because I want to just walk home, I need the exercise.”

She said, “OK.” She opened the car door and as soon as she sat down, “Boom!” The car blew up and the man was watching all of this, her husband was watching all of this. Then I woke up because when the boom went there was no more lady anymore. No car. No lady and the man was watching from afar and he wasn’t even surprised and he didn’t show any emotion.

* * * * * * *

When I woke up and I was telling Niko I didn’t have any discernment in this. Now I have some discernment on this. The lady is America because, of course, the Statue of Liberty represents her. America believes that she has close relations with another country. America trusts this other country but this other country is going to betray America and is setting her up to be attacked. I’m going to turn to somebody who knows what chanting is because it starts out this lady is chanting and it appears she seems to be screaming out a window but of course I can’t hear any screams. I just see her mouth open and yelling so I have to find out why it starts out with her chanting. America, it’s truly like one of the Prophecies given to me, “Betrayed With A Kiss”. Then I see our beloved little Stephen R., he was reading a Prophecy today, it was “Betrayed With A Kiss,” because that’s exactly what happened, the woman was betrayed with a kiss. The woman thought she could trust her husband but she could not.

So that’s on August 31, 2008, my first dream warning from Heaven, as Gustav makes it way towards New Orleans and hurricane Gustav we believe is Judgment of YAHUVEH because they were going to hold this depravity, is that what I called it? Depravity? Decadence, Decadence Parade (“Southern Decadence”), big humongous gay parade, the kind that’s “In YOUR face YAHUVEH”, mocking all that is Holy. But when I think of the word decadence, I hear from Heaven, “depravity, evil, perverted” and we will see. The last time we heard a million were evacuated from New Orleans. I don’t know when those who are in New Orleans, those who are practicing vampires, voodoo, and this depravity, will know, when they’re going to learn. I guess it’s when New Orleans no longer exists and becomes a Sodom and Gomorrah.

Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Depravity: a corrupt act or practice
Depraved: : marked by corruption or evil; especially : perverted
Kathrynyah’s comment: Chanting is done as a religious practice; Gregorian chants are Catholic; there are also Hindu and Buddhist chants. It seems to me the reason they do chanting is it bypasses the logical, reasoning mind. A person is more receptive to the words done in chant. Being a form of meditation, it is similar to hypnotism, putting a person into a receptive spiritual state. Is America in a trance? Under some sort of spell? Just a thought…

Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Chant: from the Middle English chaunten, from Anglo-French chanter, from Latin cantare, frequentative of canere to sing; akin to Old English hana rooster, Old Irish canid he sings.

Date:14th century
intransitive verb1: to make melodic sounds with the voice; especially: to sing a chant

2: to recite something in a monotonous repetitive tone transitive verb1: to utter as in chanting

2: to celebrate or praise in song or chant

Buddhist chant

In Buddhism, chanting is the traditional means of preparing the mind for meditation; especially as part of formal practice (in either a lay or monastic context). Some forms of Buddhism also use chanting for ritualistic purposes.


Chant as a spiritual practice

Chanting the Name of God/Spirit is a spiritual practice that is commonly used. Chants form part of many religious rituals, and diverse spiritual traditions consider chant a route to spiritual development. Some examples include chant in African and Native American cultures, Gregorian chant, Vedic chant, Jewish liturgical music (chazzanut), Qur'an reading, Baha'i chants, various Buddhist chants, various mantras, and the chanting of psalms and prayers especially in Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran and Anglican churches (see Anglican Chant). Tibetan Buddhist chant involves throat singing, where multiple pitches are produced by each performer. The concept of chanting mantras is of particular significance in many Hindu traditions and other closely related Dharmic Religions. For example, the Hare Krishna movement is based especially on the chanting of Sanskrit Names of God. Japanese Shigin (??), or 'chanted poetry', mirrors Zen principles and is sung from the gut — the locus of power in Zen Buddhism.

[edit] Other uses of chant

Chants are used in a variety of settings from ritual to recreation. Supporters or players in sports contests may use them (see football chant). Warriors in ancient times would chant a battle cry. They are also used on protests, and are widely adapted with only a few words changed between topic. Chants are the main form of communication used by Auctioneers in the auction industry, in what is known as the auction chant or bid calling.

Recently, musical genres such as Hardcore, Grindcore, and other aggressive forms of music have adopted this concept. Many times during a 'breakdown' (the segment of the song where the time signature is half counted or significantly slowed in some way). The singer will recite a chant, the object of this is to get everyone involved and create a feeling of passion throughout the room causing overall reaction to the music, including pits, to be more intense. Rap music, which is primarily spoken rather than sung, depends heavily on a highly rhythmic delivery with many elements of chant, particularly in chorus sections. Chanting is also popular in film and Video Game scores, such as the The Lord of the Rings film trilogy by Howard Shore, Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace by John Williams, Ghost in the Shell by Kenji Kawai or King Kong vs Godzilla by Akira Ifukube, or in the case of games, the Halo (series) of First Person Shooters by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori.