Vision, Knight on Horseback


I want to share a vision I saw the other day and ask if any others have seen such a thing.

I was looking up into the eastern sky and saw the profile of a medieval knight, in armor and on horseback. He and the horse were the same color, greyish silver. The horse and rider turned east and rode off. I believe I was being given a glimpse of something "important".

I believe it was the "pale rider" described in Rev. 6 and signifies the Lord is releasing him to bring death to 1/4 of the earth's population. (I had seen in the past 1/4 of the world disappearing.) We know the evil men who manipulate world affairs are trying to rid the earth of 1/4 of the poorest of the poor through plagues, birth control, abortion and anything they can throw at them.

But, I pray only YAHUVEH's will be done and only in His timing will the horseman do as YAHUVEH wills. Please share if anyone else has any revelation about this.