KM's Dream - The Lambs

Posted 2/22/2006

Confirmation of Prophecy 80


Beloved Family in YAHUSHUA

I want to share something that is so precious to me. I know this young girl who is 17 years old and her name is KM. She is one of the most anointed people I know and most commited to living a life of holiness. KM has been asked to help our Youth Minister and she accepted. Now we just have to find the time to get the Youth Ministry off the ground.

I love KM as if she is my spiritual daughter. I would have been honored to have had a daughter like her. Her parents are not even saved and yet this young woman is so anointed, especially through dreams.

When I am attacked by my enemies she comes at them like one with the Spirit of a King David and she is a mighty prayer intercessor.

When KM read Prophecy 81 she wrote me the below and already had it posted on her site.

Please Holy Ones keep KM in your prayers. I truly believe she is one of the Bride and the youngest one thus far that I have seen such an anointing in. She has a love for YAHUSHUA unlike any young teenager that I know. KM does not know I am doing this, but I feel strongly that in doing this she will realize how much she is loved by YAHUSHUA! as well as someone who feels like her spiritual mother.

She has taken much persecution from the enemies of this Ministry for defending me, and she is called all manner of evil names, and this is my way of telling you KM I am honored to know you and call you friend and if you don't mind KM, I think of you as my spiritual Daughter in YAHUSHUA.

Those with the gift of discerning of dreams please send your interpertation to me so it can be shared with her.

* * * * * * *

This dream is for this appointed end time hour on January 14, 2006, I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, awoke Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah and I told her after a human enemy came at her while she slept trying to kill her through the spiritual realm, to pray to me and ask me to send her reprobate enemies to MY wine press of wrath also called My Meat Grinder (from proph 80).

From KM

I had a dream a few months back and I was feeding baby lambs after putting scorpions and frogs and snakes into a blender ...I think I actually called it a meat grinder.. or heard a Voice call it a meat grinder!! heehe

Monday, June 20, 2005
Subject: Dream from last night
Time: 4:10:00 PM EDT
Author: KM

last night i had a (strange, somewhat disgusting) dream:

I dreamnt I was in my bedroom and I got a present from someone. So, i opened a box or a basket or something.. and I pull out three lambs, (baby sheep). [In the dream, I was calling them puppies and I have no idea why. That was very weird]. The first sheep was white and seemed very healthy and it seemed to trust me alot; it wasn't scared of me at all. The second sheep was white with brown patches?? I know i do remember this one being scared and maybe sick. One of its eyes was covered. The third sheep was all black (it may have had some lighter or more brown areas??) I don't remember its reaction but i think it was like near dead or something..

For some reason i thought the lambs were hungry; I decided to feed them. They were so young that i knew they had to be fed by hand (with a bottle). So, for a little while i was wondering what to feed them. Then i open a box that has a bunch of aquariums and terrariums in it. I take each one out one by one and line them up on my bed. In each of theses terrariums there are different creatures: like worms, spiders, bugs other vermon... At some point, (i don't remember when), I just know or realize that I'm suppossed to feed the lambs with these creatures... I don't know how, though. So i do research (online... lol). I find instructions: I am suppossed to puree (basically, grind up in a blender) the creatures, put them in a bottle and then feed to the lambs. [In the dream the website I found with the directions was really extensive: there were all kinds of creatures listed that were all sorts of sizes and shapes and colors etc].

Then i hear a voice; (i hear a voice but i don't see a person). The voice says that as the lambs mature they will eat snakes and rats etc. (as compared to worms and little spiders).. end of dream


When i first woke up, i really didn't know what it meant. But I've been asking the RUACH HaKODESH (Holy Spirit) about it during the day. So, this is how he answered me:

-Today, while I was washing dishes I put on a CD (that i haven't listen to in weeks) called 23 minutes of Hell. It is a guy, named Bill Weise, talking about how God allowed him to experience hell. (He went there in the spirit or something). I'll post a link later so you can here it for yourself.... I'll also transcribe the part of it that concerns my dream. He says that he say likea row/line of demons and he describes them... some of them are like rats, spiders etc [like in my dream].

The Holy Spirit also put this on my mind that i had been reading a few days ago:

The MEAT (FLESH) of pure Golden Eagles is SERPENTS. Why? I hear you say. As I, YAHUSHUA's MEAT is to do My Father's will, so your meat is the same: to do My Father's will. As My Father have sent Me, so have I sent you. As I, YAHUSHUA, came to DESTROY (IE RENDER POWERLESS) the works of the devil, so you shall go forth and do likewise. The MORE serpents you consumed, the STRONGER you shall become for meat (protein) is your body building food.

So you can figure out what the dream means with that stuff... Jesus told Peter to feed His sheep and His lambs before He ascended. [I didn't know until a few minutes ago that there was a difference between sheep and lambs; lambs are baby sheep]. So, basically in the dream God was showing me that He wants His sheep and lambs fed and that in the process the wiles of satan are found out and the powers of darkness are rendered powerless.