A powerful Dream about the power in the Sacred Name
of YAHUSHUA from a sister in Canada

Note: There is still power in the Name Jesus Christ now, but in the Great Tribulation the Name Jesus Christ will be used by the antichrist and there will be no power in this name in the Great Tribulation when the antichrist is here. Only the Name of YAHUSHUA will there be heavenly power during the Great Tribulation.

* * * * * * *

Dearest Sister (Elisabeth), the real intent of this e-mail was to share with you a dream that my daugher had a few weeks ago. A dream which I believe should be shared to encourage others as well as to GIVE GLORY to the NAME of YAHUSHUA!! In her own words, the dream was as follows:

It was late one night in November of 2007 and I was walking up the hill toward my school. The time was about 11:00 p.m. It was a cold and chilly night. I had never been allowed to walked alone at night out in the streets before and I didn't even know the reason I was going to my school at that hour!

As I crossed from one street to towards the one which led to my school, I suddenly noticed a group of boys heading towards me coming from the direction of my school. It appeared to be at least five or six of them. They were all black. I began to panic and got very nervous. I walked on towards them up the hill, however the closer I got, the more scared I became! A few more steps and I was caught in the midst of them. I hoped to have just brushed shoulders with them on the sidewalk and continued on about my business, however, that turned out not to be the case at all!

Before I knew it, one of the boys grabbed my shoulders and threw me to the ground. One roughly began unzipping my coat and afterwards, all worked at getting the rest of my clothes off. I knew now to my horrow what was about to take place. A gang rape for sure! I laid there on the ground looking up into the their cold, dark eyes terrified of the unfolding scene, totally helpless among a pack of wolves! I began kicking my feet wildly in the air, kicking and screaming"HELP!!" "HELP!" The few cars on the other side of the road that passed, raced up the hill, oblivious to my ordeal it seemed! It appeares as if no one wanted to help me or either no one could hear me. I thought to myself "What had I done to deserve this?" "Why?" "Why?"

The cold night air stung my exposed skin as more of my clothing was ripped away from me. I screamed more desperately, trying to get up and run away but their strength was so powerful that my efforts were all futile! I was no match against my attackers! I couldn't believe their strength! I felt as if I was being crushed under a huge boulder! I suddenly remembered my Lord. "JESUS!" "JESUS!" I yelled. "Help me JESUS!" Nothing happened however! "JEESSSUUUSSS!" I yelled. "I need You!" Still nothing happened! I cried even harder then I thought maybe Jesus had forsaken me as well.

Suddenly, I remembered a prophecy that my mother had shared with me, not too long ago, concerning the importance of using the name YAHUSHUA!! The only true name that our Lord would honour. Using a labourous breath because it was so hard to breathe, I screamed out "YAHUSHUA!!!!" as I cry for help.

Suddenly, the boys drew back so quickly and disappointed almost into thin air at the speed of light it seemed! I then look down at my body and realized I was almost naked! It was at this point in the dream when I was abruptly awaken by my alarm clock at 6:10 am!

Note: I encouraged my daughter to write down the details of this dream to add to your "testimony page" so YAHUSHUA would be glorified and others would be blessed!

Love, gratitude and much blessings to you Sister Elisabeth!

Best Wishes