Tenderheart Lion - A prophecy from YAHUSHUA, spoken to Brother Syl

Explanation of how this Word of YAHUSHUA
came forth is written by Syl
(Partner and Minister of Amightywind Ministries)

The following Word of YAHUSHUA you are about
to read was given to me on January 12, 2008 at 11:45PM

* * * * * * *

I am going to try to give a short explanation as to how and why this Word came forth. Most of it will speak for itself. Although the first part of this Word seems to be directed at me only, this is not the case as YAHUSHUA told me that HE spoke this Word for all of HIS Children to read. The ones who are going through similar tough phases in their lives in particular. This Word has been spoken by YAHUSHUA to sooth the hearts of HIS Children and to show the ones that do not know HIM yet what a Loving, Tender Savior HE is for the ones that have accepted HIM in their lives and follow HIM wherever HE goes. HE also gives us new insights and revelations about why HIS True Children grieve so much in this World, and how we should cherish these moments and look at it from a different perspective.

For the ones that do not know YAHUSHUA and have been led to this Word, know that the beloved Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) has led you here to come to the knowledge of the Truth, YAHUSHUA is the Truth. Therefore I hope that you will not only come to the knowledge of the Truth, but that you will receive the Love of the Truth (YAHUSHUA), for the Truth shall set you free.

Some of you know who I am, as you read my testimony which I wrote a little while ago. In the last part of my testimony I wrote which callings YAHUSHUA has placed on my life. First and foremost I have the calling of a messenger, to reach my country with the Prophecies spoken through Elisabeth Elijah. Secondly I came to know that I have a prophetic calling, and some of these prophecies you can read on the ministry site. And thirdly I have been called to be a future youth minister of this ministry and I am glad to say that YAHUSHUA's time is approaching fast to give re-birth to YAHUSHUA's Youth Ministry which will be led by fresh Ruach ha Kodesh anointed little ones of YAHUSHUA.

Now let me get one thing straight, it is not important who I am. It is by YAHUSHUA's Grace and Mercy that I am called to be a Prophet. Without YAHUSHUA I am nothing and can do nothing. I always say; all that I do good, is because HE does it through me. However, I want this explanation and the following Word to encourage the ones that are going through very tough times. For I want you to know that all Children of YAH, from the first to the last, from Prophet to Toddler, are going through the same tough times. This Prophet right here, actually got deceived by lying spirits these last couple of weeks, and was thinking about "giving up/quitting." This is proof how weak we all are in the flesh as human beings, without the anointing we are less than a piece of bread.

As my obedience to YAHUSHUA has increased greatly, the attacks from the devil on my life and mind have also increased greatly. I'm not going too much into details as it is not important. Just know that the attacks on my life and mind became so heavy, that I said to YAHUSHUA; "That's it YAHUSHUA, YOU make the decision, for I do not seem to have what it takes." A spirit of heaviness had been upon me for 2 weeks and I couldn't really snap out of it and regain my strength. Something was keeping me down big time and I simply could not do the things what YAHUSHUA called me for. And even if I did, I did it with the wrong motivations as the devil kept telling me; "You are no good, you are nothing, you are a loser, you are a failure, you won't succeed." So I began fighting and doing things out of fear of YAHUSHUA's rejection. I thought I wasn't good enough for HIM and failed to rebuke the lies of the devil.

Late at night, the same night this Word came forth, the spirit of heaviness came upon me again. And I was exhausted spiritually, broken, grieved and at the same time I was bitter and angry. Not knowing what to do, I just went outside for a walk and decided to go to eat something somewhere. I was just walking down the streets in the direction downtown, very depressed and all, and as if my misery wasn't enough, I got mocked by 4 young Moroccan men even before I got in the restaurant. I hadn't even opened the door! I discerned that they were talking about me and mocking me, for YAHUSHUA gave me the gift to look into the hearts of men, and I understood some of the words they spoke in their native language, and I saw in the reflection of a window how their snake eyes were fixed on me.

I didn't pay attention to it, but had a hard time doing it for I became angry, agitated, but also intimidated as it were 4 of them. I just ate and drank, and as soon as I got up to pay, the mocking began again. I just let it go and tried to not pay attention to it. As soon as I got outside, and walked away to get home, I got angrier each step I took and was considering to go back and confront them for I felt humiliated. But I knew I would be getting into a fight with 4 snakes and I just said to myself; "Don't be dumb." (Later I heard from Elisabeth that satan sent these young men there to attack me, and YAH revealed to her that one of them was carrying a knife. I praise YAHUSHUA as I used Wisdom to not get into a fight with them.)

Before YAHUSHUA commanded me to share this Word with the world, I thought that I would only have to share it with some partners of Amightywind.com. For it is so personal and I do not feel too comfortable sharing this. But YAHUSHUA commanded me to let others drink of HIS Living Water also, so I'd better obey HIM. HE gave this Word to encourage multitudes and reveal a little bit of HIS Loving, Tender nature. The following is a part of the explanation I wrote to the ones I already shared this Word with, and this is about after I decided to just walk home instead of going back;

I was unstable spiritually, and I was just looking around and realizing what kind of a stinking hole we live in. I told YAHUSHUA how much I hated my days, and couldn't wait to get out. I said some hurtful words to myself, and I passed by a lantern that suddenly went out. The light got dim all of a sudden. Prophetically, it represented me as the Light in me was dimmed.

I got home, and I just tried to get to sleep but as soon as I lay down, I broke down inside and I had to cry. So much pain inside, I hadn't felt that for a long time. Grief, sorrow and anger came out. And I thought, "Well that's it, that's it for me." I wanted to tell YAHUSHUA that I was about to give up, for I couldn't snap out of this mess and I had become useless. I told YAHUSHUA these words; "You make the decision YAHUSHUA. I'll understand. If I don't have what it takes to be your man, your warrior, your bride then get me away from these frontlines. If you want. I'll understand. Everything I want to be for you, I am not. Everything I try to do, I fail. My whole life is a failure" I ended with the words "What an embarrassment… what an embarrassment."

I rolled myself around, and closed my eyes. As soon as I closed my eyes, I could feel the Ruach ha Kodesh moving in me very much, and SHE was comforting me. Her Shkhinyah Glory Light started to shine and I experienced that big bright shining light again in the Spirit which I talked about in my testimony. Suddenly I knew that YAHUSHUA was standing right next to me, I felt HIS presence specifically. I saw in the Spirit that HE stretched out HIS hand to me, and then I raised up my hand and took HIS hand. I felt HIS touch, and I asked "What do you want YAHUSHUA?" The anointing got stirred up in me very much and I was seeing the Spirit move inside me with my eyes closed. Then HE said; "I want you, I want you to get up." I asked HIM, why? HE said, "I want you to prophesy."

I thought "What in the world..?" I asked HIM, "Are YOU serious?"
HE said "yes, just get up and get behind your laptop and let it flow"

* * * * * * *

Word given to Sylvester

* * * * * * *

Let it flow, let it flow forth MY son, and trust ME.

Who am I? And what do I want? You are going to tell ME MY business? You are going to tell ME what decisions to make? Save your breath, and do not waste your time and your energy. For you are going to need time and energy. I will not let you go this easily, for you are MINE and you are part of MY will. You are caught up in MY will. Let it flow, what are you doubting? -As if you were ever of this little faith. Let it flow forth, these Words I have to speak. Let it flow MY son so others may taste the Living Water also, MY Words are like Living Water. And those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life can testify of that, as they regularly quench their thirst with the Words that proceed out of MY mouth. MY Words are Truth, and Truth you will not find in this world. Living water you will not find here on this earth. So what are you searching for?

When I see you stumbling outside on the dark streets searching for the food of this world and the drinks of this world? When I see you walking into one of the restaurants in town, and even before you get in you get mocked by the children of this world. For they know not the One that shines bright through you. You do not think people can see YAHUSHUA in you when you are in this state? Why do you think you got mocked by the pigs in the pigpens of this world? It is because I, YAHUSHUA am with you always, even unto the end of the world. I keep MY promises to you and all of MY Children. Who are you to doubt ME and think that I am not with you each step and each minute, yea even every second?

You want to know what the greatest embarrassment has been? You want to know what the greatest humiliation has been? Your lack of faith and trust in ME, that's the only embarrassment that I can think of. For you have no clue MY Son, what I see, and who I see when I look at you. You watch certain movie characters and get inspired by it, not even realizing that man is just an actor and you are more like that character than that man will ever be. You want to get inspired? Look in the mirror MY son and there you will have your inspiration; a Holy man filled with MY Spirit, filled with MY Glory, filled with MY Anointing, filled with MY Word, filled with MY strength, filled with MY courage, filled with a heart after MY heart; a heart that is like MY heart. I, YAHUSHUA call you a man, what think ye? You are MY man, you are MY man, you are MY man! What think ye? That you could have done and still do all this if you are not one of MY Mighty Warriors? How dare you say that about yourself? That you do not even feel like a man because of the heart that you have? That your heart is too tender? Too sensitive? And too soft?

I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH am the Lion from the Tribe of Judah, and although I will come back for my enemies with the Roar of a Mighty Lion, I shed tears every day over what I must do very soon. For MY heart is tender, MY heart is sensitive, and yes MY heart is soft. Be careful, be careful, be careful, first I weep, then I am angry. I put this same Roar in you! Be careful, be careful, be careful, for when the time is right, you will Roar against your enemies at MY command. At MY perfect timing your Roar will shake all of hell, for now is not the time yet. I am having MY way with you, as I AM raising you up personally. Why do you think satan is after you that much? Why do you think satan wants your head? Why do you think he is right there to hit you where it hurts when your guard is down for one single second? Why do you think he is seeking your destruction day and night? Because you are YAHUSHUA's wimp? Do not ever associate your tender heart anymore with the lie, "I do not even feel like a man," for you are insulting ME unaware.

It is the tenderheart that I, YAHUSHUA gave you that keeps you that close to ME. How often in times past, when you lived in sin before ME, did you ask ME; "YAHUSHUA, why are YOU so good to me?" For I surprised you many times in the middle of the night. Didn't I when I woke you up to just hold you in MY arms? I will tell you what caused me to do this: the same tender and loving heart that you are trying to get rid of! You fail to realize the Power of Love. I knew that your Love for ME would get you where you are at now, I knew beforehand: you would make all the sacrifices for ME that you needed to make, because the Love for ME, that was needed to make these sacrifices, was there.

You will see, the Righteous Roar of the tenderhearted lion is 7 times more powerful. For when the tender lion gets pushed to the limit, and his patience has run out, his anger will come out that has been build up like a raging inferno, MY Raging Inferno. Each moment of your grief, every tear you shed, builds up more and more fire of determination in your bones, MY Fire. I am storing up this Holy Fire and Fury in your bones for the right time, to come out. MY TIME. Each tear you have shed over this evil world, I have shed with you. For those are MY tears that roll over your cheeks to begin with! Why do you think this world pains you so? Why do you think you feel sorrow and hate when you merely look through the window at what's happening outside? Isn't it the grieving of MY Spirit that you are feeling? Isn't it MY hate that you are feeling as you cannot see darkness with your physical eyes but still see the darkness with your spiritual eyes?

To whom much is given, much is expected. I have given you so much MY Son, and unfortunately there are also some consequences for it on this earth. For each time you see a stranger, you not only see that stranger's face, but I gave you the anointing to look straight into the hearts of men. When you look at someone, you will see what I am seeing, when you listen to someone, you will hear what I am hearing. Not always pleasant is it? For I chose you MY son to share some of MY burdens with, to share a little bit of MY grief with. I gave you this gift so you would understand ME better, so you would love and appreciate ME even more.

For how often do these words reach MY Throne? "If even I, an imperfect and sinful human being grieve over this sinful world, then how must all this mess be for YOU YAHUSHUA? For YOU are Holy and Perfect in YOUR ways, how broken must YOUR heart be?" You have not even understood MY son, why I AM using you this way. For you appease a DADDY'S anger with words like these when DADDY is about to lose HIS patience and HIS temper. It is words like these, MY little one, that sooth the ravaged hearts of YOUR Daddy YAHUVEH and YOUR Messiah YAHUSHUA, and yes even your Heavenly MOMMA SHKHINYAH that lives in you. You are interceding for the world unaware MY son, for your upright prayers appease ABBA'S Anger just before HE is about to strike this earth and all its inhabitants with HIS Rod of Wrath.

MY Children, I speak this to all of you, from the first to the last, from the mature to the little one, cherish the tears you shed and all the moments of grief and sorrow over this evil and perverse generation. For each tear you shed is MY tear and each tear I shed is YOUR tear. It is this way MY Precious Beloved Children, that you are comforting your Abba YAHUVEH and I YAHUSHUA your Messiah when WE need it. You think WE do not need comforting? Why do you think that MY Precious SPIRIT, the Glory of YAH, is called the COMFORTER? For your Heavenly MOTHER comforts and nurses your ABBA YAHUVEH in Heaven, and even I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH her Heavenly SON. This is what I reveal to you this day MY Children, MY Precious Ones. MY Children shed tears on MY behalf in this world, to make the burden that I carry lighter. Do not think that YAHUSHUA does not carry a burden anymore, for just like I carried MY Cross on earth for mankind, so am I carrying MY burdens now here in Heaven for the sake of mankind until all gets fulfilled. Burdens of grief, sorrow, anger, rage and fury that need to be held back. It is this way, that I share MY burdens with you so I can hold MY Rage, MY Fury back for another day, another week, another month, but be watchful Beloved Ones, for I will not guarantee you another year.

Keep your garments clean in MY Blood, and keep striving to obey ME in all things. Live each day for ME, as if it's the last. I said this many times before but I am saying this again, for some of MY Children have still given heed to the lying spirit that whispered softly and smoothly into their ear; "YAHUSHUA will not come yet, so do this sin one more time and repent later." All lies, lies and more lies for it does not work that way. When you hear these lies being spoken to you, rebuke it in MY Name immediately for satan seeks to steal your crown. He will steal it if you allow his lies to enter your mind without rebuking it in MY Name. For he either wants your soul, or at least your head. Do not allow him to take your head, and the way to do that is to use your head, NOW!

Now is the time for you MY Beloved Children, do not postpone MY purification in your lives, for you do not know how long this will take. For some it takes a short time, for some it takes a longer time, so use the little time you have Wisely and give that little time to ME so I can save you from the coming Wrath that is to come upon this earth.

There are many more things I have to say, but now is not the time yet. Be patient MY Darling Ones, if you could only comprehend MY Love for you. MY TIME IS THE ONLY TIME!