Holy Thundering Hooves on the Move

Joel: 2 Army
Given to Prophet Gayl

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One of the Holy Prophets YAHUSHUA uses in Amightywind Ministry, www.amightywind.com and www.almightywind.com. We encourage you to share these Prophecies but these words must be attached. We do not casually just post any Prophet’s Words. Amightywind ministry must know which fruit it comes from and these Prophets have been tried and tested and proven to have good fruit. We do not have just ordinary prayer intercessors as other ministries. We have Holy prayer intercessors because, “The prayers of the righteous availeth much.” (James 5:16)

1.15.08 “Thunderous hooves…” I hear in the spirit the sound of thunderous hooves approaching/riding…I hear, “Child of the righteous spring forth into the enemy camp to do battle – to vanquish those who seek to do you harm.
None will stand in MY sight! As the enemy seeks to spring forth and do battle against MY Babies, MY Bride, MY Chosen Ones in whom I live and reside. Take no heed to the thoughts of the wicked for it’s your destruction they seek but they serve another master. They do not serve I YAHUVEH! Claiming back MY own am I. The wicked shall not stand in MY hearing. They shall not come near MY dwelling, the hearts and minds and souls and spirits of the righteous whom I call MY own. MY Little Ones, vanquished may their enemies be as I devour these enemies before them, those who seek to slay the wicked.” (HE’s referring to HIS Little Ones seeking to slay the wicked).

Oh ABBA DADDY I can hear in the spirit the thundering of many horses riding, thundering as they take the enemy camp. Thank YOU ABBA DADDY for the victory over YOUR enemies who are also our enemies.

“The righteous have no enemies MY Child. It is I who slay their enemies, the enemies of MY Name.” FATHER when the enemies come against us like flies, hurling their insults, spewing forth vomit out of their mouthes, are they not acting as our enemies? “I devour your enemies for you stand for righteousness. And I will defend MY Name. Holiness.”

ABBA YAHUVEH is really angry!

“Hurl insults upon you will they! I slay the wicked! I defeat their plans! They shall have no other gods but ME for I am the ONLY GOD OF CREATION! I serve no man! I serve no master! Bow before ME heathen children. I command you to bow! How dare you insult MY Little Ones? How dare you thrash about as if you knew anything? You evil, foul, despicable worms, festering on/in the earth. For MY anger is righteous anger! I am righteous indignation! I bow to NO MAN and NO WOMAN! Foul, evil, despicable worms! Creatures of the dust, of the night. I will send MY winnowing fork and dig you up out of the pit you hide in. I will expose you before the world as the worms, lowly dust that you are! Now! I command you, be gone from MY sight! Away with their heads! Satan seeks to destroy MY Babies.

Lay low MY Little Ones. Do not expose yourselves to the enemy’s, danger is at every corner for it isn’t safe out there. The world is becoming less safe each day as the night stalkers come.” (I see them coming above ground, walking on sidewalks. It reminds me of the vampire movies where they walk the earth. Dull, lifeless but danger none the less because of their evil, their sinister nature.)

“Hear MY Words I speak forth now MY Little One, MY Child of YAH who seeks to do MY will at every turn. Harbor not hurts in your heart. Let not the enemy touch you there for that is the place reserved for ME, for MY Love, MY Anointing, MY touch, none other. That’s why I’ve given you your beloved, to share love with for he sees you as a woman after MY own heart just as you see him as the man I have chosen for you. Oh MY Little Ones, cherish ME above all else. I am a jealous GOD. I serve no master. I serve no man.”

FATHER, create in me a clean heart, oh GOD and a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from YOUR presence oh LORD and create a clean heart within me…

“Tuberous Rose I call you MY Little One. You and I are one MY Precious One, MY tender shoot of YAHUVEH. I am your FATHER, no earthly man gave birth to you! When you opened your heart to YAHUSHUA and asked HIM to reside there, you became MINE once again for yes, I birthed you into creation. I breathed and you were born. But now I’m claiming you back wholeheartedly for you chose ME again! You said to ME, ABBA DADDY I want to come home. I want to live, move and have my being in YOU DADDY. And I honored your request. I turn MY children down for nothing. Their wishes burn in MY heart until I may grant them.”

What about when what we desire isn’t YOUR will for us ABBA? Such as Daniel now? He’s in rebellion, living out what he thinks he wants, yet YOU ABBA, YOU use it for YOUR plans and purposes don’t YOU? YOU allow us to make mistakes to teach us and show us we don’t really want what we think we want when we allow our flesh to take over. The flesh is so earthly, not spiritual, not eternal, yet it can lead man astray till it is vanquished, put down.

“I allow what I allow….talk to ME of love MY child. Tell ME you love ME above all else. (I do so.) For no two hearts could beat more as one as ours do. MY passion is your passion. MY desire your desire for you desire to see the wanton destruction of the earth cease as I do… but… I must let it play out. The evil will have their day and then it will be night for the earth for the darkness that befalls it. The darkness will replace the light. The earth will be thrown into spiritual darkness with only pockets of light throughout the land. But I can see in the dark! I will consume MY enemies. The choices they make will not be MY choices. They will see their plans come to fruition and see them wantonly fall, fail, for no man can conquer this earth. No man or woman knows how to rule as I do. Man is a sinner steeped in blood, conceived in blood, born in blood, blood gushing forth at his death. His blood flows on the ground as MY SON’S shed blood on Calvary blessed the earth, touched the earth with MY Holiness.”

FATHER I believe the thunderous hooves is YOUR army riding into battle. Crushing the enemies’ heads. If they could only hear as I am hearing, the thundering, “take no prisoners’ command” we obey. We seek to settle the score that has been wanting in the balance for generations! Even as the evil ones are coming to earthly power, YOUR power from on high will thwart, will destroy, will defy all their evil plans and schemes. Oh satan’s time of rule will be horrible, such an unGODLY mess, corruption, scandal, confusion, vying for power, for attention, devils ruling, hating one another as they scramble to the top of the power chain in which there is no power just deception, “empty promises”.

“They are all seeking ‘empty promises’ satan has made to them. He can deliver nothing. He has no goods to deliver, only lies, cheating, scandal, defeat, sound thumping, humiliation, degradation, he has no gifts to offer. Only in humble servitude can man be exalted, only in MY power can man rise up. These who allow beezlebub to control are in for a great fall, banished from MY Kingdom.”

(I see machines breaking, planes not working. He, the devil, can’t run anything.) “I have electrical generators. I could light the whole world up with the electricity of MY pinky” (finger). (actually the fingernail on his pinky finger is what I see.) “If I choose to have the electricity run in one place for no explanable reason who are you to say I can’t? You know about MY electricity.” (Perhaps HE has a way out then for the time they use electro magnetic energy to destroy electrical power.) “When the enemy comes in like a flood I raise up a Standard against them! I know where the energy is stored! I know where they keep it. They can’t run with no electricity. Look at the grids in the U.S.” (you get power in one state from another) “Think I won’t know how to deal with that? To keep ‘MY’ power plants running?” (I tell my beloved what I’ve been hearing from ABBA YAHUVEH. He says FATHER has power that’s above electricity, than can destroy electricity. And I’m reminded how satan always goes before the LORD, trying to steal HIS thunder. ABBA YAHUVEH may well steal/destroy the evil ones’ electricity with HIS own power from on high.) "Satan roams about to rob, kill and destroy but I’ll not have him doing so to MY Little Ones, those whom I call children of YAHUVEH.”

End of Word

Beloved LORD, I thank YOU for speaking to me. I thank YOU for watching over those YOU call YOUR own. Thank YOU for lighting our way in the darkness of this world. In YOU we live, move and have our being and in YOU there is no fear, only Love, Trust, Mercy, Truth, Kindness and Joy. We love YOU ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and MOMMA SHKHINYAH GLORY. All Praises, Honor and Glory be YOURS now and forever.