YAHUVEH Say's, "MY People Are A Stiffnecked People."

A Word Given to Brother Syl
March 10, 2008

* * * * * * *

Be blessed brothers and sisters, today I had a feeling that YAHUVEH just wanted to "talk" IMMA asked me to take paper and a pen, and let it flow. I had no clue what would come out. All Praise, Honour, Glory, Wisdom and Understanding belongs to YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and IMMA SHKHINYAH GLORY

* * * * * * *

MY People are a stiffnecked People,
as the Holy have become more Holy and the evil ones have become more evil,
so have MY stiffnecked People become more stiffnecked.
Stiffnecked people I shall Judge, stiffneckedness I, YAHUVEH abhor.
The stiffnecked man and woman I despise.
The stiffnecked is neither hot nor cold but lukewarm.
The lukewarm I spew out of MY mouth, that they may say; where is your YAHUVEH? where is the God you testify of?
Yea I tell you, the son of perdition will be like a molten calf of gold unto MY stiffnecked people.
I, YAHUVEH shall bring strong delusion over them, yea, them that rebel against MY Commandments.
They shall desire to give praise to that which cannot see nor hear, to give honour to gods they have not known,
and they shall give glory to the creation instead of the Creator.
Knowing MY scripture, that they should not turn after other Christs, neither give heed to the acursed man that speaks;
"Lo, there is the Christ"
They shall seek after a sign and an image, and shall worship the image of the beast which will receive a spirit that is not
of ME.
Be of good courage and accept MY peace, MY Holy Ones, the Ones that keep MY Commandments
and the testimony of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, for I,
YAHUVEH your God take away the sight of them that have eyes but choose not to see,
and deafen the ears of the ones that have ears but choose not to hear,
that they all might be DAMNED, that believeth not the Truth, but hath pleasure in unrighteousness.
I, YAHUVEH will catch these in a snare of strong delusion, that they might believe the lie.
Vengeance belongeth to ME, saith I, YAHUVEH, I will recompense.
Them that make you sigh and weep day and night,
MY ears surely hear and MY eyes surely see,
MY Holy angels surely write, and after The Terrible Day of YAHUVEH the Books shall be opened,
and every man shall be Judged according to his works.
Woe unto the Egyptians that seek to lay false yokes and burdens on MY Holy Remnant, MY Holy Israel.
Woe unto the ones that seek to lay stumbling blocks before MY People,
hindering MY People from drawing near to ME and worshiping ME.
For I, YAHUVEH your God, am a jealous God and MY hand will take hold on Judgment.
I will render vengeance to MY enemies, as the smoke of their torment will ascend up for ever and ever.
I will break carcasses, yea the carcasses of them that break MY Commandments and trample them under feet.
I, YAHUVEH will break carcasses like Moses broke the two tablets of stone.
I AM YAH, besides ME there is no other.
Pray MY Holy Ones, Pray that I take the sight away of them that have eyes but do not see,
that I may give it to the blind that desire to see. The ones that have been with ME from the very beginning.
Look up and watch, your redemption draweth nigh.
Each and every one of you, know in your hearts and spirits who you are in ME.
Watch and pray, for you neither know the day nor the hour of the Lord.
I will render vengeance to MY enemies, and will reward the lukewarm that hate ME.
Strong delusion is what I shall send, to all the ones that will receive the beast and his image.
Pray that you will be accounted worthy to watch this right by MY side in the Kingdom of Heaven, safe and secure.
Do not become delusional about some of your "loved ones", for they will all be without excuse.
I have given them the Prophets, the Messengers,
I, YAHUVEH have exposed the governments inspired by lucifer right before their very eyes,
I, YAHUVEH am showing the world how MY Word gets fulfilled line upon line,
precept upon precept, right before their very eyes.
Are they listening? Are they preparing?
As in the days of Noah, stiffneckedness is what I see, and the stiffnecked will pay.
They are seeking their own lusts and desires a whole lifetime,
desperately trying to fill a gap that I, YAHUVEH created, and only I, YAHUVEH can fill.
Filling that gap with gods that are no gods, and everything that is not of ME, despising all that is Holy.
The ones that love the world, and everything in it, will perish with the world.
I AM no respecter of persons, the lake of fire is what they shall see.
Soon MY Beloved Ones, you will understand the choices I make,
for there shall be no limitations to wisdom and knowledge anymore in your Glorified Bodies.
ALL secrets will be revealed to MY Faithful People.

* * * * * * *
*Syl is one of the Holy Prophets YAHUSHUA uses in Amightywind Ministry, www.amightywind.com and www.almightywind.com. We encourage you to share these Prophecies but these words must be attached. We do not casually just post any Prophet's Words. Amightywind ministry must know which fruit it comes from and these Prophets have been tried and tested and proven to have good fruit. We do not have just ordinary prayer intercessors as other ministries. We have Holy prayer intercessors because, "The prayers of the righteous availeth much." (James 5:16)