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Prophecy 146
YAHUSHUA We Wait For You To Come Rapture Us!

Written/Spoken under the Anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH)
Through Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu
Received 2000 | Released Oktober 3, 2019

We use the HEBREW NAMES of GOD:

Additionally, ABBA YAH means “FATHER YAH” and IMMA YAH, “MOTHER YAH.” In Hebrew, the SPIRIT OF GOD is feminine, referred to as “SHE,” and reflected this way in the Prophecy & Scriptural quotes below. All direct references to GOD are uppercase.

Scripture quotes are KJV/NKJV or CJB unless otherwise indicated.

* * * * * * *

YAHUVEH’S Warning before the Prophecies:
I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva], not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman. Even before there was a Ministry, I put it in your spirit. For none of this has been done by your hands. None of this has come forth from your mouth.

It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, that it has been given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH HA KODESH, your IMMAYAH, that it has been given birth.

If it had only been by your hand, it would have failed long ago.

It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S WIND that blows across this earth, the HOLY WIND OF REVIVAL. It is not by your breath, or it would have failed. “I AM the LORD YAHUVEH: that is MY NAME: And MY GLORY I will not give to another, Neither MY PRAISE to graven images” (Is 42:8).
(Prophecy 105)

In July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD said add this to warn those who mock:

But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,
and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the Wrath of YAHUVEH
arose against HIS People, till there was no remedy. —2 Chronicles 36:16

And from Prophet Caleb:
I warn you all—those who are coming against this Ministry AND THESE PROPHECIES and Elisheva and I, all the Ministers of AmightyWind Ministry—I warn you now, ‘Touch not YAH’S Anointed and do HIS Prophets no harm’ (Ps 105:15; 1 Ch 16:22) lest the Wrath of the Rod of YAH come upon you. But for those who are blessed and are a blessing for this Ministry, and faithful, and who receive the Prophecies, much blessing will come on you—all to protect what belongs to YAH in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA.

* * * * * * *

…Father God, this biological germ warfare, diseases Father. You know, Father God, ohhh if it was only a bullet that seeks to take their lives, Father God. But Lord God, there are so many ways to die. And Father You know the evil ones God, You know the way they torture, You know the way they want someone to suffer. You know Halloween's coming up, You know it's a Satanic day. It's the highest unholy time. There's nothing holy about that day. It's the most unholy time, Father.

But You said, Lord God, You said Father God that every day we are to rejoice and we are to know it is You that wakes us up each day, it is You that gives us the strength to go on. So we thank You and we Praise You. Because, You know what, we need only one rock in our hand to slay Goliath. That's what You're telling me right now, we need one rock in our hand to slay Goliath. And that is the Living Rock, THAT IS THE LIVING ROCK! And we have the Living Rock and we hang on to the Living Rock. It is You, YAHUSHUA HaMashiach. You are the Living Rock.

You are the cleft of ages, and we just give you the Praise, Honor and Glory right now. For You will protect your people and You will be used to slay this Goliath that comes against us.

They think they're going to slay all those who believe and trust in YAHUSHUA HaMashiach and You, Father God, YAHUVEH. But they have a rude awakening, for Goliath came to David too and he called him a dog, and yet what did David say back to him? "This day, the God that I serve is going to deliver your head into my hands."

So Father, I cry out for all the Christians. Father, for the Pakistan ministers, Father, that we are going to have to post his wife's plea that thinks we have some way to be able to get a message to George W. Bush, as if he's going to listen to us, Father.

But Lord God, she's there, she's in Pakistan and her husband and her and all the Christians while these evil Muslims that we can't even call evil because I supposed I'm going to be accused of a hate crime if we would do that Lord. But they are in terror, they're hiding in their houses and the Christians are being slaughtered all over, Father, just because in America we sat here, God, and we didn't see this.

Oh, forgive us, God, as we closed our eyes to what was going on around the world, for now it's hit home and we see the danger in our own land. But Heavenly Father I cry out right now. I ask right now and Wendy agrees with me, God, send a barrage of angels from Heaven. We spot the barrage of angels, the warring angels from Heaven, legions upon legions of legions to go forth into this world right now, to protect your children right now. To protect those that cry out in the name of YAHUSHUA HaMashiach, that cry out to the name of YAHUVEH. Protect them, protect them, protect them.

Oh, I thank You and I praise You for the domes, the domes that are over all the houses, Father, who belong to You, not just on the door posts, God, not just any ol' lamb's blood, no, this is the Lamb of God, YAHUVEH. This is the Holy, Unblemished, Spotless Lamb that was slain for us and rose again. This is You, YAHUSHUA HaMashiach.

You are the One covers and protects our home. We give You the Praise, Honor and Glory. Not just for Wendy and I but for all my brothers and sisters around the whole world. I know You will have martyrs but I praise You and I thank You God that You will have more that You will protect than more that will die in Your Name. I believe in faith, Father God, for how can the enemy say that we are different than anyone else that could slaughter, Father. If You do not show the kind of miracles You did in the times with the children of Israel, when the evil Pharaoh chased them.

If You do not show, Father God, when back in the times of old, Father God, again and again, you proved with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego thrown into the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lion's den. Oh, Halleluyah, Father God, we praise You and we thank You, the same God that spit Jonah out of the belly of a whale. You're the same God Father that Noah and his family were spared when everyone in the whole world died. You're the same God, Father.

That did all of these things even though the waters covered the entire world, Father God. If the Mississippi river is going to overflow and all of these horrible things, God, and I'm told Lord the very states will be underneath it, Father. And Lord I just give you the Praise, Honor and Glory. You got an ark, You had an ark for Noah. You'll have an ark for Your children for…(she starts praying in heavenly tongues).

For You're a God that promises to deliver, You're a God that promises to save. How can this bring you Praise, Honor and Glory if we just die and show the enemy that Goliath can slay a David anytime he wants. So I thank You for placing the Living Rock in our hands, I thank You YAHUSHUA HaMashiach it'll be You that slays these evil men. For they think they come against mere Christians and Messianic Jews and those that call out to You, but they do not realize that they stand against the God of creation, you Father God YAHUVEH, You YAHUSHUA HaMashiach and You precious Ruach Ha Kodesh the Spirit of the living God YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

So we give You the praise, honor and glory right now that the protection is on the people. That not one solitary, born again, Holy Spirit filled Christian, Messianic Jew, whatever label you want to call it as long as they're born again, not one of them Father God will be affected by the gases, not one of them will be affected by the diseases, not one of them will be affected by the anthrax, not one of them will be affected by the smallpox. Not one of them will be affected by any of these so-called weapons Father God, germ warfare Father God, biological warfare Father God, not one of them Father God.

I believe, I believe, I believe and I decree this day that YAHUSHUA HaMashiach Your Blood, Your Blood that covers and protects us is going to cover and protect us. I believe, I believe, I believe Father God with all that within me that you have set up a standard against this evil one, though we cannot see it and although we'll hear the U.N. speak and we'll hear all that they intend to do to claim that they're going to protect us. We thank You and we praise You that our protection will lie not in their arms. Our protection will lie in the strong arm of the Lord God YAHUVEH. We praise You and we thank You that the evil pharaohs are going down and all of their troops.

I don't just cry out for America, I cry out for Israel and I cry out for all over the world. O Father there are even Christians sitting there in Afghanistan Father. They call them the infidels but it is they who are the infidels.. Father God I thank You and I praise You for protecting the ones that are our brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA. We give You the Praise, Honor and Glory right now.

O', if You would but come and gather Your Bride and take us home YAHUSHUA. O', we waited and we longed and we stand underneath the chuppah waiting for You. We wait for our Groom we've got our wedding gown on Father, even the tiaras on our head. So we're waiting for You, we're waiting for You. We've got the oil in our lanterns, the lamp wicks are trimmed and we're waiting for You and we're awake and we're waiting and we're waiting. And wherefore art Thou? Wherefore art Thou? YAHUSHUA HaMashiach, we wait for our Groom, we have love for You, we wait for You. Our arms are outstretched and we're looking in the north, east, south and west and we're saying, "YAHUSHUA HaMashiach, You are our Groom, we are Your Bride!"

We wait for You!. We don't only call out because we're afraid. No, we have something far greater than that for the reason that we wait for You. It is because we love You, we worship You, we adore You, our very heart beat is for You, we're willing to lay down our lives for You, we need You, we want You, we pant for You, we thirst for You, we hunger for Your appearance. Can You not hear Your Bride? Are You going to stand her up at the altar for another day. We wait for You. Wherefore art Thou? I cry out Father God in the name of all the Bride. Let my voice Father God stand for whole entire Bride. We cry out for You, we weep for you.

Let my voice Father God stand for your whole entire Bride. We cry out for You, we weep for You, we feel the enemy troops stand all around what is to be our wedding day. Where is our Groom? We see the guns pointed at us. We see the grins on their faces. They think they're surely going to kill us, to wipe us from the human race.

And so we look for our Groom. We see the evil ones, they're laughing at us, for they see not the Groom coming for the Bride. So how long before You come? When will you gather us by Your side? We are Your companion, we are Your beloved. Father God YAHUVEH! When will You send Your Son? When will we hear the words, "Come hither!"? When will we hear the voice of our Lord God Almighty YAHUSHUA with the voice of an archangel. Where are You?

Tears come down our cheeks. We wait for You. We long for You. We love You. Come, come, come, O' please Beloved. Our heart and our spirit cries out, our mind and our body cries out. Come get Your Bride. Make us one, make us one, YAHUSHUA, make us one. O' look at them, look at them, look at them, look at the evil ones, they aim their weapons at us, their weapons of warfare.

They try to shoot at us, the bullets fly over our heads to the left and to the right, but Halleluyah, their weapons of warfare are carnal. For we use spiritual weapons back. And we don't even try to understand the power in our spiritual weapons, they are more powerful than any man. Even David did not use the weapons of a man, for he could not wear the armor that was given to him by man. He put his armor of God YAHUVEH on that day. He threw down the weapons of man. He picked up five smooth stones and it took only one to kill Goliath that day. Then he used a weapon of man to cut off the head of Goliath that day.

But this was just for one reason and that is because of proof, that You did what You said You would do that very day. So let's have the heads of the enemies just as surely as the enemy took the head of John the Baptist. Let US cut of the head of Goliath with the double-edged sword. For now you know I have a new vision. I look and, lo, what do I see?

But the double-edged sword is in every bride's hand, and on the very blade, I see it's been dipped in blood, but it's the Blood of YAHUSHUA HaMashiach that protects us with that sword. I see us, we're swinging to the left and the right as the enemy's trying to stand. But now they know they come up against not just any woman or man. So that's what we're going to do as we wait for You on this wedding day. We're just going to continue to fight. In Your holy and Your righteous and Your anointed YAHUSHUA's name.

For you see, we don't just wear any wedding gown, but we stand in the full armor of God YAHUVEH. And I look all around and now I not only see the enemy running away but I see the angels, legions and legions of angels that You've sent this very day while I pray. They are the ones that cause the enemy to run in seven different ways. And so we'll stand here, for Your Word says when you've done everything you can do, you just stand, and so we'll stand here and we'll wait for our Groom no matter how long it takes. We know You're never too early nor too late.

So we're going to stand here. We're not even going to fall asleep. We're not even going to sit down. We're going to stand our ground though they laugh and mock. We're going to stand here and wait for our Groom who is called the Living Rock. But we've got the tears. And although we still battle the fears, no matter how many years, we're going to stand here with the oil in our lanterns. And with the wick trimmed, and we're going to stand here and wait for our Beloved to come.

We love You, we love You, we worship, we adore You. Our heart wouldn't even beat if it weren't for the fact You cause it to. We long for You, we pant for You, like a person that thirsts in the desert. Thank You for Your Living Water, but it cannot take away the thirst that longs for You, that pants for You, that we weep, "Where is our Groom?

Will You come real soon? Will it be today? Will You come and take Your Bride away? We're standing underneath the chuppah and we're still looking to the north, east, south and west and we're going to try to put a smile on though we feel in such distress. But it's not just from hearing the bad news, for let us remember, who's report do we believe? This time we're going to put our trust in the blessed Hope and know that very soon, with our Groom we will be caught up to meet Him alive and we will be leaving oh so very, very, very soon.

Thank you, Thank you beloved YAHUSHUA HaMashiach, thank you for allowing me to speak for the Bride this time. Thank you for hearing every one of our prayers. O' we worship You, we praise You, we love You, we adore You. We thank You for forgiving us of all our sins, for never looking on them again. Just let us hear Your voice, just let us hear Your voice, just lead us and guide us and tell us what to do is all we're asking of You. Let us not go before the cloud of Glory, let us not go behind it, let us always be right under it. Use the pillar of fire, the Ruach Ha Kodesh fire, to light our way. Never let us be in total darkness, but use the pillar of fire when we cannot depend on electricity on that day.

You be the One that warms us so we never get too cold. You be the One that cools us so we never get too hot. You be the one that feeds us. You be the One that we hold on to, the One we call the Living Rock. You be the arms we fall asleep in, You be the arms that hold us tight, You be the One that calms us when fear attacks us in the night. You be the Peace that passes all understanding when in this world we can hang on. O' Father God YAHUVEH, I call upon YAHUSHUA, Your only begotten Son.

Please protect us from these evil ones. Let this prayer bare fruit this day. And let the Bride be encouraged in a special way. Let them feel your love, that they are not forsaken. We only wait for You because we know You will come, for this world is not our home. Ohhh, we long for our Heavenly home. But we're going to stay here and occupy and accomplish the purpose You put us here for even though it means some shall live, some shall die. Thank You, thank You my Beloved YAHUSHUA. Thank you.

Do you know that our armour is white? You know, people think of us in our bridal gown, but we really...I see a vision and we stand in our armor sparkling white. Thank You, thank You, thank You. Read Ephesians 6 for the armor of our God YAHUVEH is what we stand in. Halleluyah. Halleluyah. For Your Glory we'll stand despite the persecution of man. Your Glory. We'll wait. We know You're not too early and know that You won't be too late. To know that You want to be with Your Bride just as much as we want to be with You. And so we'll stand. And so we'll wait. Thank You Father.

Okay. Can you remember all that [speaking to Wendy on other end of line]?

Wendy: I'll try.

I see a vision of armour it is before I always pictured it…in a flowing, white silky gown like you get married in. But you see that's not practical for being His bride. That's what the Lord is telling me right now. That is not practical. That's earthly armor like my son said, that's earthly armor. We have a spiritual armor. Ephesians 6 says…and everyone needs to read what's in Ephesians 6. You'd better have every single piece of your armor on, you'd better not take one piece off. But I see this armor and it is sparkling and it looks like it's got gold coming off of it. It's a different kind of material that you would ever find on earth. It is something that no weapon can penetrate and yet, at the same time, it is still so light weight that you don't even know you have it on.

And it's not clumsy and it's not a big kind of armor. It's very, very beautiful and it's very…I guess, I'm going to say it because I don't understand it Father, it almost looks iridescent [producing a display of lustrous, rainbow like colors], it's like an iridescence, it is so beautiful. I don't know. I hear the word iridescence. I'm going to have to look up the word iridescence. I don't know what iridescence is.

Wendy: It's like…you know, like a sea shell. Kind of like pearlized…like nail polish, you with all the color in it.

I love that kind of nail polish…

Wendy: Where you can see all the different colors in it.

That's what it's doing. So people need to understand and the men need to understand this. What it is, it's men who are called the bride always wondered how they're going to look in a bridal gown. Alright, God, you call me a bride. But the Lord is doing this so the men can understand. The garment is something that looks good on the men and women just the way that it fits us. It fits us different than it does the men because of the curves. You know, we're shaped different, let's face it. But it's of the same material and it's absolutely beautiful and when the sunlight hits it, it just glows, so I thank You and I praise You.

And Wendy, you know what? I won't see night even though it may be dark outside…it's 9:10 by the way so I don't know what time that message started, but we really need to start remembering the times…but it's 9:10 p.m. right now and…what day is it? Is this September?

Wendy: October.

We're in October…October 9th. We're in October 9th and it's after 9 o'clock. Nine is the number of deliverance from what I hear. Wow. Well anyway…but anyway, the main thing is they need to understand that and I think it's going to bless them to know that they're not standing there, waiting in a flimsy white night gown. It's the armor of God in Ephesians 6 and it's absolutely beautiful.

I started saying, it is so nice, even though it's nighttime, there is no night. I've seen the sun come down and it hits that armor, so even though it may be night and even though He comes at the midnight hour, even though we're waiting, around us it will still be, appear to be light, for we'll be able to see clearly when our Master is come, that's what the Lord said.

This symbolizes thou I come in the midnight hour, the light all around you, because you will not be caught in darkness. You will not be caught as a thief unaware. He said you will have light all around you. Not depending on the light. But that's what the light is, it's the light of God. And as He comes closer it only gets brighter, and you will ask the Lord any weapon that going to be raised up against the enemy, He's telling me right now is exactly this. We are going to see more clearly and have pure revelation, clear actions, quicker words for him, we have weapons that have been given to us.

This is brand new and no one's going to be able to stop this. They can take a lot of things away, but they can't stop Him, the voice of YAHUVEH. Though the Lord's saying right now, let the people know, when they see these things come to pass and they hear more clearly, see more clearly.

But when there appears to be darkness all around in the midnight hour, clearly we are going to have the light of GOD in a mighty way on that day I pray in the name of YAHUSHUA. Amen. Okay.

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