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Prophecy 148

YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH'S BLOOD is for You! One Minute to Midnight

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH

Through Apostle, Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu

Received October 19 — Released November 27, 2019

* * * * * * *

Below is the Prophecy as it came forth

—with Prophet Elisheva's "Holy tongues,” as GOD'S SPIRIT gives utterance (Acts 2:3-4) of heavenly or earthly languages (1 Co 13:1). Elisheva speaks forth in tongues bringing Prophecy (1 Co 14:6).

We use the HEBREW NAMES of GOD:


Additionally, ABBA YAH means "FATHER YAH” and IMMA YAH, "MOTHER YAH.” In Hebrew, the SPIRIT OF GOD is feminine, referred to as "SHE,” and reflected this way in the Prophecy & Scriptural quotes below. All direct references to GOD are uppercase.

Scripture quotes are KJV/NKJV or CJB unless otherwise indicated.

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YAHUVEH'S Warning before the Prophecies:

I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva], not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman. Even before there was a Ministry, I put it in your spirit. For none of this has been done by your hands. None of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, that it has been given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH HA KODESH, your IMMAYAH, that it has been given birth. If it had only been by your hand, it would have failed long ago.

It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY'S WIND that blows across this earth, the HOLY WIND OF REVIVAL. It is not by your breath, or it would have failed. "I AM the LORD YAHUVEH: that is MY NAME: And MY GLORY I will not give to another, Neither MY PRAISE to graven images” (Is 42:8).

(Prophecy 105)

In July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD said add this to warn those who mock:
But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the Wrath of YAHUVEH arose against HIS People, till there was no remedy. —2 Chronicles 36:16

Prophecy 148

This was recorded via audio. Here is the transcription.

Elisheva: This picture that you see is the one and only, original oil painting that I had seen in a vision.

Prophecy Begins:

YAHUSHUA'S Tears of BLOOD HE weeps—HE weeps for Israel; HE weeps for those who say they are HIS, and yet HE will say to them, ‘Depart from me, you workers of iniquity, for I have never known you' (Mt 7:23). HE weeps for what must be done in the Great Tribulation! HE weeps Tears of BLOOD. And you see the Holy angels, Archangel Michael—he's coming up there with his sword to war.

Elisheva: Do you see the picture behind that? Everything there I saw in a vision, and even the clock there. Oh! It's seconds before the midnight hour. YAHUSHUA comes in the midnight hour. And let NO one tell you that it will be on a certain date.

For YAHUSHUA HIMSELF—the FATHER has not told HIM yet when to go to get the Bride. We know the season (Mk 13:28-29; 1 Th 5:2-4; Rev 3:3) because that was [also] in a Prophecy [76].

Prophecy Continues:
And even the Jews know—and they celebrate Rosh HaShanah. And Rosh HaShanah is the date of Creation. Get to know the Holy feasts. But beware! Stay away from anything other than the biblical Scriptures, stay away! Unless you know those so called "Lost Books" are truly backed up with Scripture.

Elisheva: And you can trust the ones that are at AmightyWind.com. For I have read them and you can trust 1 Enoch and 2 Enoch, but [so-called] "3 Enoch" is straight from the devil.

Do not believe a word in the book that is commonly called "3 Enoch"! Do not allow anyone to teach it to you! And NEVER think that you are a god! We are—who are saved by the NAME & BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA—the Bible says that we are scarcely saved (1 Pt 4:18). And what chance does anyone have, who does not have the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA? Washing them clean! With HIS HOLY PURE BLOOD SACRIFICE that ABBA YAHUVEH [has] called THE PERFECT SACRIFICIAL LAMB!

Prophecy Continues:
For without the shedding of blood, there can be no remission of sin (Heb 9:22; Lv 17:11).

O Israel, where is your blood sacrifice? That's in a prophecy [63]. O Israel! The one who will come, and sit in that Third Temple, will be the son of satan. Take a warning. Take a warning now people!

Never accept the mark of the beast!

YAHUSHUA weeps! HE weeps for all of the cowards who will do so [accepting that mark], but your names were not found written in the LAMB'S Book of Life. For YAHUSHUA says HE can not lose one. HE will leave the 99 righteous ones—following HIS commands, worshiping HIM—to go and look for that little lost black lamb that wondered away (Lk 15:3-7). You keep on wandering into the pasture of devil. You keep on going into the wolves' den.

Elisheva: And now you dare call yourself a god? This is kabbalah, now, I'm talking about.

Beware! Beware of this dark mysticism! Beware of anyone who's telling you there's any other god than THE HOLY TRINITY that I have just named. This is in the Holy Scriptures. This is in the Tanakh. This is in the Torah. And of course, it's in the New Testament. It's all through the Holy Scriptures. Oh people!

I know millions have come to YAHUSHUA, (because HE told me, to give birth to this Ministry online, over 25 years ago) […] Ani ohevet—! Ani ohevet—! To all who receive this Ministry and me and those who help me labor in this harvest field, to bring souls to YAHUSHUA, so we could be—meet each other—in Heaven!

More than that. It's for the salvation of your soul, but just remember, to those who get to Heaven, shout out my name, I'll come running. I'll give you the biggest hug and we will rejoice. We will rejoice for the work on earth was finally done and we will rejoice for all eternity! For the PRICE YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH gave with HIS OWN LIFE!

HE was tortured in our place. HE was crucified in our place. And YAHUSHUA gave me a revelation. It's in a Prophecy soon to come. And in those 3 hours that HE suffered so greatly (and HE was mocked and spit upon, and vinegar was offered to HIS Lips when HE thirsted), HE'S seen every name like a flash that I can't even describe—for only GOD HIMSELF could do that; only YAHUSHUA HIMSELF could do that—but every name written in the LAMB'S Book of Life.

Prophecy Continues:
This BLOOD is for you! This BLOOD is for you! This BLOOD is for you! And for everyone who rejects it, HE'S seen you in the Book of the Damned and the Book of the Blotted Out, knowing not even the SACRIFICE that HE gives would be appreciated. Instead, HIS NAME would be damned [i.e. cursed] or they will call themselves a "god," or they would deny YAHUSHUA and only use HIM as—for a curse word.

That picture right there, "One Minute to Midnight"—YAHUSHUA weeps Tears of BLOOD like HE did in the Garden of Gethsemane (Lk 22:44). Do you remember that? That's what this picture represents.

Elisheva: When you see a copy of it on—my reprobate enemies [from the] wall of shame—and you see it on their websites or on their YouTube channel: They do not have my permission to use the picture of IMMAYAH; they do not have my permission to use the "One Minute to Midnight" painting.

This shows that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy (Jn 10:10). And when you see that picture if they are not part of AmightyWind Ministry, and they are my enemy and the enemy of all that is Holy—and only the Holy are part of AmightyWind Ministry—you will know that they are deceivers; they are a deceiver.

They are trying to appear like they are Holy, and they are NOT. You already can go to the reprobates wall of shame. [See it at AmightyWind.com.] And just know this. They are doing just what I said, to confuse the sheep and lambs: "Oh I saw that picture before—oh, these people, they must be Christian...” Well they once had "diaper salvation," but it wasn't good enough. They gave their lives to satan and they gave their souls to satan, and the proof of it is on the "Reprobates Wall of Shame." And again…

Prophecy Continues:
YAHUSHUA HIMSELF said people only want to teach about HIS love, HIS mercy, HIS forgiveness, HIS healing power, resurrection power, forgiving power, but everyone wants to forget, HE warned more about hell than HE spoke about Heaven, and how many want to remember, "Beware of the wrath of the LAMB!" [Prophecy 129]? HE stomps on the grapes, underneath HIS Feet (Rv 19:15).

Elisheva: And only recently in a Prophecy (not even released). HE told me…

Prophecy Continues:
Those are the rotten fruit, the rotten grapes. Those who once tasted the goodness (in Hebrews 6 [v5]), and now they call themselves a 'god'—this is like re-crucifying YAHUSHUA all over again (Heb 6:6).

You cannot bring a reprobate back to repentance (Heb 6:4-6). With their words, with their mouth, they may speak that which is Scripture (Mt 15:8), but their hearts do not belong to YAHUSHUA.

Elisheva: I had to say all of this, because... When you look at that picture, you see those little angels there? There's little angels there too—there's all different kinds of angels in Heaven, but Archangel Michael is the main one that protects Israel, and the main one that I have seen, physically touched the wing (which is in another testimony), in 2005, of Archangel Michael.

Prophecy Continues:
He protects this Ministry. He wars against the enemies of this Ministry. And YAHUSHUA is the ONE WHO sends him. This is why Israel will always be there. And even the New Jerusalem that will come forth out of Heaven (Rv 21:2) will be in Israel.

O Israel, there is a warning. The Great Tribulation is coming. It's you who will build that Third Temple and you who will allow the son of satan to sit on that throne, until he does an abomination that even—you will hide your face in shame.

Elisheva: I know what that abomination of abominations is. Again, it's in a Prophecy not yet released because I'm so backed up in Prophecies— but praise YAHUSHUA, it will be released in HIS timing.

Prophecy Continues:
So again, when you see this picture [of this painting], if you don't know that they are part of AmightyWind Ministry, then realize this, they're of the devil, out to deceive you. And that goes for that picture of IMMAYAH also. […]

Elisheva: This picture is an oil painting. It has always been with me. Oh so many years! It is an actual vision I had [while] on the phone, just praying on the telephone. It was an open vision. YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH bless all those who worship YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH in SPIRIT and in truth; and strive to obey HIM, and will repent of their sins—not just in words, but in actions. Shalom.

Happy Sukkot! And happy birthday BELOVED YAHUSHUA!—when you were birthed on this earth during this time of Sukkot and this is also called the Festival of Booths. And I want to explain to you—as they put up that temporary tabernacle—in the Old Testament, the Old Blood Covenant, as I said, it was just a shadow of what would happen, when YAHUSHUA said, "It is finished" (Jn 19:30).

These bodies of ours are the temporary tabernacles right now (2 Cor 5:1) and they're waiting to put on those glorified spiritual bodies (2 Cor 5:2-5).

Prophecy Continues:
Do you understand? When you read the Old Blood Covenant, remember YAHUSHUA said HE did not come to cancel the Law and the Prophets, HE came to fulfill them (Mt 5:17). HE came to say, I've given—I'm giving you a better way. And HE said, "It is finished" (Jn 19:30). And when HE said, "It is finished," it was finished. There is no more sacrifices (Heb 10:1-10). There is no more burnt offerings that will please YAHUVEH (Heb 10:1-10). For Moshe warned of that (Dt 18:15-19)—Moses warned. That's Moshe's name [Moses in Hebrew]. He warned. YAHUVEH said no more animal sacrifices would be covering of any sins (1 Sa 15:22; Ps 40:6; Pr 15:8 & 21:3; Is 1:10-12; Jer 6:20; Hos 6:6). And Moshe warned, there was a NEW BLOOD COVENANt coming (Dt 30:1-2, 6)! To wash the sins away!

And it is YAHUSHUA THE HIGHEST OF THE HIGH—PRIEST—IN THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK (Heb 5:6; 10; 6:20; 7:11, 15-17) because HE is & HE was 'Melchizedek' (Heb 7:3) [in Hebrew, MALKI ZEDEK, MY KING OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (Gn 14:18)]. And don't let anyone else tell you different. Please people. Study and show yourself approved (2 Tim 2:15). Stay humble and walk in humility, and pray you will not be deceived.

Elisheva: For those we once thought we could trust, we can't anymore. They've gone astray. They call... a demon, "goddess"—"Urea."

Prophecy Continues:
Can you imagine? Do you know what's going to happen? If they continue to believe that lie?! To mock the RUACH HA KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT? With the name "Urine"? And say that's HER "daughter" in Heaven? YAHUSHUA'S "sister"? That's who's hanging on the "Reprobates Wall of Shame" and every name is there, [but] only more will be added. Those are the ones ABBA YAHUVEH said will burst into spontaneous combustion, with one exception—and that man's name was Erez [Ezra Caleb], although ABBA YAH doesn't call him by those names anymore—only Erez. He's one toe away from hell. One toe.

Elisheva: And yet I've asked everyone to continue to pray that he comes out of this, that he comes out of agreement and he realizes, that one he thinks 'that' is a woman—disguised as a woman—is actually channeling the demon-goddess "Urea." What I mocked, I no longer mock. It truly is a demon-goddess. And that man's listening—he knows now—I cannot stay silent. My soul still loves him, because YAHUSHUA loves him. It is not my love [that] has continued to battle for him. It's ABBA YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA & THE RUACH HA KODESH!

Prophecy Continues:
And YAHUSHUA weeps Tears of BLOOD for that man who once was a blessing to AmightyWind Ministry, in 2016, 2017, small part of 2018. HE weeps Tears of BLOOD and HE says, "This BLOOD'S for you!" Come back! Realize you've been deceived! You were on the borderline of insanity! Come out of the mysticism! Come out of the sorcery! Come out, you who are so deep into the darkness of the occult—believing your third eye must be opened—ask YAHUSHUA to close it with HIS SHED BLOOD! Repent. YAHUSHUA weeps Tears of BLOOD for you. If you are not a reprobate serpent, there's still hope for you. [...]

Elisheva: Remember when you read the Old Blood Covenant, it is history—it's a foreshadow of everything YAHUSHUA did for us as that PERFECT BLOOD ATONEMENT for sin. For no one [who] had ever walked this earth was perfect in a form of a human except for ONE and it was YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Everyone needs to repent. For none of us are perfect.

Prophecy Continues:
For those who belong to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, they will not premeditate sin. They fear the RUACH HA KODESH, WHO some call the HOLY SPIRIT, because you do not want to blaspheme the HOLY SPIRIT (Mt 12:31), (RUACH HA KODESH SHEKHINYAH GLORY). If SHE leaves your soul, you are damned!!! Do you hear ME? You [would be] reprobate! And WE already have the WALL OF SHAME for the reprobates who once had diaper salvation. But this is a celebration, and what I have to say is woe be unto those that fall under HE WHO SITS ON THE THRONE and the wrath of the LAMB, which is a warning in Revelation 6.

Elisheva: Please people! Repent! I am a Jew, but I wasn't born in Israel, so I am "of the tribe of Ephraim.” And I wait for "my Judah” to come to join with Ephraim again. I don't know where he is but I do know this—YAHUSHUA did not start a good work and not finish it. We are sent to Israel.

Prophecy Continues:
The RUACH HA KODESH books, Secrets of the RUACH HA KODESH, took 7 years to put together all the proof of who Eve was made in the image of and the Jews already have that knowledge. They already have it. They already know the RUACH HA KODESH—even the NAME—is feminine [in] gender. They already know.

Elisheva: But it took someone like me, for Prophecy 89 & 90 to go out on that shaking limb, who did not know whose image Eve was made in until that Prophecy. Oh my beloved AmightyWind congregation and you visitors come and watch and celebrate how we honor our MESSIAH, THE ONE AND THE ONLY.

Prophecy Continues:
And woe be unto Israel if you don't accept the ONE WHOSE BLOOD is still drenching your soil that now goes around the world and to everyone who acknowledges and says: Please forgive me YAHUSHUA of my sins! Wash me clean with YOUR BLOOD! I repent of the evil that I have done, and I confess my sins to YOU. Thank YOU for forgiving me! Thank YOU—for taking those sins and putting them as far as the east is from the west (Ps 103:12). Thank YOU for putting YOUR RUACH HA KODESH inside of my soul! Thank YOU! Like the prayer that David said, the RUACH HA KODESH 'please never leave my soul' (Ps 51:11). This is his prayer. This should be everyone's prayer. That the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH, the HOLY SPIRIT only gets stronger in you each and everyday.

End of Prophecy
Elisheva: People! Please realize—Israel wake up! The MESSIAH'S BLOOD is still in your soil. HE was born a Jew from a Jewish virgin woman. The miracles that [did] take place that are recorded happened in Israel.

O Israel, we love you! O Israel, come back! Come back! YAHUVEH has promised to remarry you! Come back in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! The Shema is still [about] THE ONE TRUE GOD but there are THREE [IN ONE]: YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF YAHUVEH) & THE RUACH HA KODESH, SWEET HOLY SPIRIT. When you see the celebration, it doesn't matter whether or not you've known this before. I speak to the Hebrews all over the world. It's not too late. Come into the Arms of YAHUSHUA.

And look forward to our next coming videos because next is going to be Hanukkah!—which we call the Festival of Lights because YAHUSHUA IS THE ETERNAL LIGHT. That was when YAHUSHUA was conceived! We celebrate Hanukkah—yes I know the Old Blood Covenant, says it was—for the rededication of the Temple. The Temple was defiled. Dead bodies laid all around it (1 & 2 Macc). And there was not enough oil to be able to light the lanterns—the menorah. There was a miracle that happened, and once again, it happened in Israel, but it was history. It was a shadow to come of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! The ETERNAL LIGHT that will never go out!

And when you have the RUACH HA KODESH inside of you, you have an Anointing inside of you (1 Jn 2:20), an ETERNAL LIGHT that will never go out—as long as you prove that you have accepted YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH as MESSIAH, SAVIOR what other name [title] you want to call HIM. HE loved us so much. HE said if there had only been one [HE would've laid down HIS LIFE]—everyone whose name is written in the LAMB'S Book of Life, could only come in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH also called JESUS CHRIST. HE should be the LOVE OF YOUR SOUL. For HE is the LOVER OF YOUR SOUL.

You should be celebrating [the Biblical holidays] and woe unto you, mainline Christian churches. For I was first saved in a Pentecostal church. You don't even teach the Jewish feasts. You don't even tell the people the true birthday [of YAHUSHUA]. And it is NOT Dec 25th… Come out of agreement with satan, mainline organized churches. Line up with the true Holy Scriptures. HE is "THE KING OF ISRAEL.” And they could not take that—those Words that were above that cross HE was crucified on. But hallelu YAH! On the third day ([from his death] after HE said, "It is finished”), HE rose again. HE was resurrected, came out of that tomb. And we know this—for those who have died and those who belong to YAHUSHUA, "to be absent from the body" is "to be present with the LORD," YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (2 Cor 5:8).

Stand on the New BLOOD Covenant Scriptures, called the New Testament. Read the Old Blood Covenant, the Old Testament, but see that YAHUSHUA is there—EVERYWHERE—from Genesis to Revelation. And do not believe any other doctrines. For they could be doctrines of the devils—and there's so many out there right now. Do not believe that there's more than THE HOLY THREE, CO-CREATORS: HEAVENLY FATHER, HIS SON YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [&] THE HOLY SPIRIT / THE RUACH HA KODESH. Please, you want to go to Heaven. You truly love YAHUSHUA?

Scripture says that YAHUSHUA said, ‘Why do you call me LORD and not obey ME?’ (Lk 6:46). Another version says, ‘how can you say you love ME and not obey ME?’ (Jn 14:15; 1 Jn 2:5).

If HE'S really THE GOD OF YOUR LIFE, you will—with all your mind, body, spirit and soul—want to have a testimony like unto Enoch and be found pleasing YAHUVEH (Heb 11:5). For HE did not die. His body was translated into a glorified body (Gn 5:24; Phil 3:21).

For flesh and blood cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven (1 Cor 15:50). It was not created for flesh and blood. It was created for our spirit-bodies that are oh so beautiful. People there is no way to Heaven, except through THE NAME & THE BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA. That's why we say, "Happy Sukkot! Happy birthday!" Our BELOVED, ani ohevet—we worship YOU! We worship YOU! We worship YOU YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! All of us celebrate! All of us celebrate, and to AmightyWind congregation and those who visit, come back and see for yourself and taste and see the fruit of this Ministry is good (Mt 7:16). For you will never hear anything that doesn't line up with the Holy Scriptures! Shalom.

End of Prophetic Sermon
So it has been spoken, So it has been written


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