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Spiritual Warefare Tactics


1) What is the source of my depression
2) What kind of effects does depression bring about in my life?
3) Am I myself actively doing something about it?
4) What does YAHUSHUA expect me to do? (No sudden miracle from Heaven)


1) The source of depression in our lives is most likely a spiritual one; we try to obey Our Lord YAHUSHUA, satan sends his demon(s) to torment us and get us to disobey.
2) The Bible says that we have a Spirit of Power, Faith, Love and a Sound mind, The Holy Spirit. The evil spirit of depression that attaches itself to us directly attacks these fruits of the Holy Spirit.
       The evil spirit shapes Power into weakness -) great fatique and exhaustion of body, mind and spirit – no strength, no energy, no desire to do anything for the Lord YAHUSHUA
      The evil spirit shapes Faith into fear -) unbelief, doubts, worries, fears – no hope, no confidence, no rest, no stability, no peace
      The evil spirit shapes Love into selfishness -) jealousy through insecurity, easily offended, little patience – a hard time to fellowship with brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA, not really able to serve or minister unto others in any kind of way
      The evil spirit shapes the Sound Mind into a sinful mind -) no captivity of thoughts for the Lord YAHUSHUA - with all the further consequences of sinful thoughts and acting without Wisdom or Understanding
3) When we ask ourselves the question if we are doing something about it, we tend to say “yes of course, who wants to be depressed? I want help! I need prayers! I am trying! [Etc etc]”

Well, ‘not wanting to be depressed’ is not exactly doing something about depression.

’Wanting help is fine, but do we truly believe and realize that we already have the best Helper and Comforter living inside us, the Holy Spirit?

‘Wanting others to pray for us’ is fine, the Lord tells us to do so. But what do we truly want them to pray, and is that what they pray for necessarily ‘good’? We will find out in just a few moments.

‘Trying to snap out of depression.’ Well, there are two kinds of ‘trying’ to overcome depression; actively trying and passively trying. Let’s make a distinction between the two and see the difference of attitudes.

The active child of YAHUSHUA -)

detects depression and oppression by the evil spirit of heaviness. He understands what this evil spirit tries to do (see answer No2 above). He knows that in his own power, he is no match for the evil spirit. He calls upon YAHUSHUA for an outpouring of HIS Strength and asks Wisdom and Understanding in how to deal with this demonic attack. He notifies his brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA about his struggle and asks them to pray. Then he uses his will to thank and praise YAHUSHUA for the honour to suffer for HIS Sake and does not allow himself to feed this evil spirit on purpose. Instead of giving in to the evil spirit by giving heed to exhaustion and fatigue, he uses his will to get up even an hour earlier in the morning to call upon the Lord for HIS strength and to spend time with HIM. While the active child spends time with the Lord he leaves all his doubts, worries and fears at the Cross and speaks it in faith. While the child has done this he has already destroyed two links of the chain wherewith the evil spirit bound him, in YAHUSHUA his MASHIACH’s Name! The links of weakness and fear are destroyed in YAHUSHUA’s Name and therefore the entire chain of depression cannot stand. Power and Faith are reinstated and as the child calls upon the Lord for HIS Armor and HIS Righteousness, the fruits of Love and a Sound Mind will follow and he starts walking in the Spirit. In YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s Authority and Name he rebukes the spirit of depression agressively and the spirit must leave him. He starts the day being fully equipped and armored in YAHUSHUA His Messiah, there is NO way he can be defeated. With joy in his heart he will desire to serve the Lord and fulfill his calling and tasks for that day.

The passive child of YAHUSHUA -)

detects depression and oppression by the evil spirit of heaviness. He understand what this evil spirit tries to do (see answer No2 above). In his own power he tries to keep on serving the Lord but ends up frustrated, angry and useless as he soon realizes that he is being overpowered. He feels too miserable to even pray and does not notify his brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA about his struggle until much later when the evil spirit has gained much power and has already done much damage. By the time he tries to pray and notifies his brothers and sisters he has become so weak mentally and emotionally that he has self pity and expects a sudden miracle. He prays to YAHUSHUA to just deliver him of depression and asks his brothers and sisters to pray the same. Waiting passively for a miracle that does not come, he gives heed to exhaustion and fatique and decides he needs more sleep. Waking up he is surprised that he is still tired and exhausted, having no energy or desire whatsoever to spend time with the Lord. He feels worthless for the things of the Lord do not get done. Doubts, worries and fear increase. While he is looking at the aggressive waves of the sea of trouble in his life instead of looking at YAHUSHUA His MESSIAH, he falls into sinful thoughts. The chain wherewith the evil spirit binds him remains; he is totally useless for God’s Kingdom and does not bring forth fruit.

The active child and the passive child have only one thing in common, they sincerely ‘try’. However, their spiritual definition of the word ‘try’ is not the same. In fact they do the opposite of eachother. If we take a look at the example of the active and passive child then what should we pray when we struggle with depression on a daily and constant basis? And what should we pray for others who struggle with depression on a daily and constant basis? Should we pray to the Lord to teach us to actively pick up the Weapon HE has given us and prevail, or that HE performs a sudden miracle while we passively cower away in a corner? Should we pray to the Lord to teach our brothers and sisters to actively pick up the Weapon HE has given them and prevail, or that HE performs a sudden miracle while they passively cower away in a corner? YAHUSHUA is not pleased with passivity; HE is a Warrior and expects us to be HIS Warriors. HE called us to be Warriors and not wimps.

That is one of the reasons I never pray for that sudden miracle for brothers and sisters who wrestle with depression. I know that even if that sudden miracle would happen, the demon would soon come back even stronger. Next to rebuking that spirit in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s Name and commanding it to flee from my brothers and sisters I pray even more for YAHUSHUA to teach that specific brother or sister to war and pick up the Only Weapon HE has given us themselves. To teach them to come out of that state of passivity and to actively fight back in HIS Name Only. For although these demons are rebuked and do flee they will come back soon. The brother or sister has to know how to fight these spirits off themselves for many times we have our hands full ourselves to remain obedient and free of demonic oppression. Therefore, although we sincerely pray for our brothers and sisters and love them, the things we pray for them are not always necessarily ‘good’, and certainly not always ‘good’ in long terms. We have to seek YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA’s Will in these prayers.

4) Now, what does YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH expect us to do? I do not want to speak for YAHUSHUA, but I think that the example of the ‘active child’ in answer No3 might come pretty close to what HE desires from HIS Children that struggle with depression. Not in my own life, neither in the life of other brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA have I seen sudden deliverances come from Heaven until after getting out of agreement with demons and go to war in YAHUSHUA’s Name. Even after deliverance it will be a battle to remain free, and to remain free we have to obey YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and keep battling these spirits through the authority in the Name and Blood of YAHUSHUA Our MASHIACH through which we are more than Conquerors! Amen amen amen!

Spiritual refreshment

We all know that we are puny little human beings and come short of the glory of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA Our MASHIACH. That is why we have YAHUSHUA and that is why we have the Blood and the atonement for our sins. This means that especially the passive child will at times and certain days fail to really overcome and conquer depression when he finds out that he has no choice but to fight back and become active. YAHUSHUA is compassionate with us and knows that we are wrestling and need time to adapt. As long as we try our best is what matters, and HE will do the rest. However, because we are human and so weak, we cannot allow ourselves to slumber on in failure for long. We need to refresh our spirits before things really get out of hand. Refreshment is not found in the world, neither in the things that we consider relaxing like computer games for instant. Even that which we consider relaxing is not relaxing anymore when our spirits are not refreshed. Refreshment is also not necessarily found in the works that we are called to do by YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Real spiritual refreshment is only found in close intimacy and communion with ABBA YAHUVEH and Savior YAHUSHUA.

Residing in the shadow of Their Presence while praying and talking to Them, thanking, praising and worshiping Them, reading Their Holy Scriptures aloud with Them while asking Them to show us things we have not seen before or understood before. All these things combined with Holy Communion, of course first preceded by true repentance and turning away from any sins, is the only true refreshment for our spirits. If our spirits are refreshed by the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH then everything else that once seemed to be so hard will suddenly seem and become so easy. It is when our close intimacy with God is truly in order and being put on the first place in our lives and love that YAHUVEH can really bless the rest that we do for HIM and with HIM. Spiritual refreshment is so important that it is like we are sharpening a bladebefore we use it. Everything we do for the Kingdom of Heaven will be more anointed and more effective for it will be done in the Joy of the Lord which is Strength.

Spiritual Breakfast

Spiritual refreshment in the early, early morning is even so much more effective especially to keep depression or heaviness at a distance. The man of YAHUSHUA that really struggles with depression should never purposely skip his spiritual breakfast. For by the time he wants to spend time with the Lord later on that day, the spirit of heaviness has sucked his energy and desire away to spend time with the Lord. Spending time with YAHUSHUA therefore becomes a burden as he slowly but surely becomes depressed again as he started out the day in his flesh instead of the Spirit. The Bible says if we seek the Lord early, HE will be found. I cannot really think of a better remedy for depression then Spiritual Breakfast. When the depressed man merely uses his will to get out of bed early in the morning to get on his knees and earnestly seek the Lord, he has already obtained confidence which will help him to fully put his heart and soul behind his prayers. As he realizes that YAHUVEH honours and blesses his effort and is very pleased that he uses his will, it will build up his character, his willpower and determination to please and serve the Lord. Heavines will be replaced with the Joy of the Lord early on and the man will realize that suddenly he even has more energy and there is no fatique anymore. It is then that he realizes the fact that depression is a spiritual matter and that he truly needs to fight it. Spiritual Breakfast is the foundation of a day. When the foundation is missing, everything else that day will fall, fail or not be as blessed/anointed as could be. The efford might be there, but the performance is not excellent.

No possible defeat for the man in YAHUSHUA Our MASHIACH

I cannot think of any possible way of spiritual defeat in our lives other than willful sin or succumb to temptation on purpose. There is no possible way of defeat in the form of sin or demonic oppression in such a way that we cannot obey YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA anymore or fulfill our calling if we truly apply the Name and Blood of YAHUSHUA on our lives. Defeat is only possible if we allow it. An example of this might be by purposely refusing to build a house with a firm foundation (skipping Spiritual Breakfast) when we know that we need it to spiritually survive that day. (This applies especially to the depressed man) Another example might be by refusing to rebuke satan and his demons in YAHUSHUA’s Name when they attack our mind with sinful thoughts, and start to entertain these thoughts instead of holding our thoughts captive for YAHUVEH. These are all openings for satan to come in and do the damage. Simply disobedience by being lax and lazy both in body and mind.